Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check - 12-29-17- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, December 29th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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This morning you are gonna have to break out those eyes straight first we also have the report of freezing fog in some areas out there. So watch out for slipped by us this morning traffic updates from Canadian assets radio on jet came first. They get that car bumpers on the phone Jack was called ricin Jenkins it's on already 3.5. I'm not a concept Dario. Frighten us and place. Natalie I'm Sheila Evans Collin Wells Fargo called into investigate fraud that you might have experienced. Yet and I didn't look it lands on the what happened. Well. I was selling item of mine on Craig list and basically this man bought it from 300 dollars and currently check for 300 dollars plus another thousand on the stock is not. Aren't there you see he sent you a check or gave you a check for 300 dollars. And then an additional check for a thousand dollars what was that thousand dollars for. He told me bet the exit out it was city cape Q and the birds that were coming to pick up that I am. Their kicking at multiply in an area Monmouth the last. I was okay movers or their work. Then he told me that the number already accepted that money packed cars are familiar with those like a gift card. Yet even about money on your it. So he told me don't load that thousand dollars on a card into movers. So I did that even the chaplain number sport everything can be claimed that app slide it. Britney to track and the support they even get good jobs. And then next thing I know that fact that he set out and that basically gave them a thousand dollars of my own money. Okay you know this sounds a little bit down right. I'm aware. Camp where where'd you go to school around. What to what institution you daunted institution of buffalo Murray apparently and I know you think it's funny but we have the deal at this. Yeah no I'm not I don't appreciate you really treating it like that because it's kind of thing happen. People all the time yeah count. Haven't ignorance not not the level headed anchor a pass on next time someone tries to need to write them a check. You don't do that. When someone wants a purchase they pay you for and the story. You don't turn around and give them their money back. Yet no I didn't get their money back aching knees checked carried out well at stake. My pass it. Don't be a do things. I try not so true I'm sorry but you know if something happens to people all the time and I know that I made a mistake but acts do. Well that's not the day. I feel bad for our future the youth of this world are they really yeah I'll really need to wake up. Yeah I guess so I mean that's a killer or let and can't tell our people it happened so they'll keep that trigger. Man because got kids are up on that Red Bull. You know thank Red Bull in the marijuana as a you do. Not do that he had does shut up. It does. You may end up well I can't tell you because you just been found checked. A you just check it and get unchecked power and many want a phone Jack Downey who would it now all the time that power not a 35 dot com. He's done. Nobody leaves you.