Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check 12/22/17 - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, December 22nd

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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They get that car. Is it Jenkins is on already three point far. So I'm kind of bond chef Mario. The ocean holes are calling from the city Circuit Court spousal maintenance and honesty to place. Calling because we want it taught you about some interest in paperwork that has been filed by. And. You know pang. In regards to spousal maintenance she applied for the life long payment option. I that means that you will be paying spousal support to the full amount what you did hang for a period of ten years. Why. She's she's famous she deserved it and that. There is issues in the relationship. That prevent us are working. Right. Well I you don't have to fight is gonna have to have some kind of evidence the prove that that you did financially take care Hernandez she had she is willing and able to work. But were calling because we have paperwork it is my responsibility and that is being final. I'm right. Where I yes. No reasonable. How much and unplug your back Michael yeah she. You know it's been I haven't quite come they may come on my ability I'm just aren't debacle my feet. I'm trying to make my own life are much do you know what had the quote come to press the company nick articulate. She's a good argument she says that you flat all the time. Are OK you know up until you know kind of collect all have a ultra Cabrera I don't know you walk you on the just played her WY you know what the cops. What company that must build on what I guess I'm. I don't know what I'm delicate. But it will you know what about the court company actually red and yellow yeah. Yeah yeah. You know I know -- over the local pool I don't see my kids I'm not what do you know why not pick somebody who might not negotiable. How. Are now public what company actually I don't wanna argue why aren't out of your hot you're. Probably don't know. I couldn't trying to imply again Beckham might be are you coming at you like him you know my paycheck but now won't know what I'm trying to get back on my life now you know what she's not gonna. And I can and cannot figure out what. And principal. Dot. Well let's not tell her that for sure just you gotta do me a favor and tell your new fiancee that you just been found check. A couple of political. You don't check. You don't check dot com. What does it tell me who it is now on. I have power another 35 dot com.