Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 19th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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Think yeah present them. Arisen Jenkins is on powered heavy frequent flyer. Oh yeah another option for I don't. Well are desperate to miss Henderson plays. It's time money in his arms nine Gail Collins from downtown high bank. Aurora Ariel. Antacid were calling about her birthday reservation for this Saturday. And wanted to know if you've filled out all the waivers for all the children that are going to be attending. Or ice it okay did you senate not to the parents and the parents individually and amount. I didn't score 00 and did call you about the procedures on how things work in our right rules and regulations. No like that that we went there when I write for the part. Yes I didn't know there is and two armed kind of system put in a play because we had some incidents this year that we had to deal with the we have some new policies that kind of roll bar. OK first and foremost we still make it mandatory that the kids Wear socks okay hang don't have any chat com barefoot. Because some of the fungus that has been found on the bounce apparatus. I yes ma'am we have some foot in mouth. Found that that is been developing. We had to go through cleaning inspection but we got that at Caro. More now. Yes yes don't worry about that one child was hospitalized. With. An upper lip sponge. That kind of aim. I would Schaub was but it's that's what happen and we are currently going through that last situation we wanted to make sure that every parent comes in your nose. A lot you can you plan to bring my children your establishment. This should you by coming we know about all I. Now I understand that's why I'm calling you now. Now but abreast shirt we we we have one of my employees go to Costco and gets as many bottles of forum on as he could and we. RO UUS car go to clean your published on that little kid play in every day. Larry cleaning crew began coming in you know everything we can match that got funding. Man like I said we have 409 in the lemons and his lemon is the double down on one and importantly. Excuse me man. Am out here we're calling it monetary that's on the rules and regulations but we also mourn its number we are willing to reimburse her. Up five dollars child. And maybe thrown a cookies and cream cake you don't want your mind. That's why we got our own time and wiped everything down early. Well not argue with. Yup final night. Is that a product out five or not gonna look at that we're is that you know what her. Even her new book and all we're you're provider I know what I don't and it. Eric is that I got my industrial. You know what I'm not I wanna talk to the manager. I wanna talk to you owner. Okay what I. I can put all wrong right now but the owners just gonna tell you that you've been phone checked. You just kind of I'll check. Many 1006 tell me who it is now all the time that power not a 35 dot com.