Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check with The Hitman and Carla- 1-12-18

Friday, January 12th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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They get that car bumpers on the phone Jack was called ricin Jenkins it's on already 3.5. Oh yeah another option for Dario. I have an industry to channel Gary. You know dairy. Is. Not. Is that handled very efficient now let black channel Mansoor. CAJ in the AL. OK hold on one minute Maria are. What could detect. Is on it is big to us now planes at their whole Bill Murray. You're there every man I got things to do. Do you mean as I said oh boy you're say in a hot you're telling me the whole how every up. I need to find out about unpaid water bill okay that I'd pay water bill was paid. I'll wind it's. Well let me go right back okay not a can be called that. A part of our I'm not talk. And when fighters to volume and less than a year that I play is real I'm chasing down. Until May I talk to channel gay area. Net say that nobody batted named Chet don't give every Monday mission now like in the candidate information. Area. Know we're thank you talk a joke that you had entrapped. I and another. And you can't talk to you right. There. Oh. Yeah you lobbied for a moment I am not all of don't you go down the damp there's nuggets cigarettes. They do lose. I don't honestly to channel Gary we were disconnect and it not handle it sitting Belle isle downs aren't look like or what are the problems. Who is who is who and you come up. All that work and unpaid water being built up there it was hey yes they might it is as well. Didn't consummate cinema right here I read it out. Their voice. Number. Read it now. Kona and up. No out of there soon narrow soon kill slalom race were read this hour until now you want me to. Really well playing OK yeah. You know who they are brought to every. And I hate. It every BP America now down on saying. Oh. I don't. I got a lady called in my house. Cops have. Did you expect every up sure every out so Hershey she said that you called her profane name aren't you got out heavy out. Every out. Yeah I why don't you come down unbalanced get a kick out and see it'll crime nobody out. Every out every yup I'll cable cannot call you on that one bank. The top economic. I don't wanna talk you know more OK can I tell you. Had Tito more Maggie is let's talk till way. Where department not so. And you talked to Steve Bush because he just sets you up his own stagnating. Call them all of. I did yeah yeah yeah. And yeah I don't know. Yeah. Yeah and. You just check. Many want a phone chick tell me who it is now all the time that power none of 35 dot com.