Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check with The Hitman and Carla 2-12-18

Monday, February 12th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at

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They get the car bumpers on the phone Jack was called ricin Jenkins bit on power 93 point far. Oh. Top chef Mario. Well I'm as a share of Perkins calling from promotion parolee was big and raised. And I don't you gotta moments baker an hour. Are they are now kind of to talk to about the this small amounts law that have been on the fifth. Grew up the mouth slob that took place on the fifth. And Sam smoke I do you want tell me anything. And now. Yeah I'm giving you a chance and I just an assignment. No ma'am. And while again traces of Ecstasy. In amounts all they want and don't play dumb I'm not land com am. You again traces of Ecstasy and bacon bacon. Are you do wonder but the new thing is now the bacon wrapped X and think very America. I don't know seconds are. Okay when you get someone on the right now this is high on Ecstasy ads on top and it was an amount swap them all there aren't that XP. In my mouth swab. And a sentiment and they are good tests on right now. Are. On top full cavity everything. With a plunger. He probably a drug and you are well. But Barack Obama is on hold run on them now if you don't find anything just plans why. He sounds like he's the plunger exploration. So are yeah I'm gonna go my PR right now I know what's going on. Do what you gotta do but I'm Tanya run out when we come over there were numerous charts and is going to be lag going into a bat cave with a Jesus scandal. We'll watch and make sure your how was there to. Bashir director urgent. But you know. You've just been phones checked many courtesy of your wife I don't all right Jack I'm not gonna commit. Gentlemen it and I'm checked out and many want a phone six tell me who it is now all the time that power not a 35 dot com.