Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check with The Hitman and Carla - 4/20/18

Friday, April 20th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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They get that car bumpers on the phone Jack was Clarissa Jenkins it's on power ready frequent flier out. Oh yeah another option brio. Lemon the team. Hi owls and amateur speak to your bingo coordinator Tony. Obama moment certainly. So this guy is running a clean Nazi bomb with the DGL I put the death Danks says that America okay. Can I do for apple will organ donors Avant. It is this part of the Def jam death gangsters association boom in one of the activities that these technologies like to do is like bingo I hope. But it Christians can't be that some of the deficit algae found which you have interpreted it a sign language. Not best well that's why we are common for do they do assign. Yes what would it all in gang signs it brought a gang signs gang sign yes carded an elf. The pretty much the whole past two years. But they haven't picked a side yet not yet there they do things in Morse code like they get being a bit ago. That means bingo probably dark did you get my name I know I did okay. Voted against Queen Latifah queen. Yeah brought peace but it will launch go to authentic marsh code do you have a counter an area off if you hit it three times fast. I dealt and then twice slow Yelp. Except that the hot dog like a lost count I. Our that your dog didn't but it made caller Richard though that means a don't have the Barton not thing. Did you guys are you a smoking facility. I yes we are focused at kids and soak up some are Bengie about Ryan there we have both smoking and nonsmoking OK yeah because the kids are gonna give them some loans that bring down there I watched. But when I do that here. Oak ankle can lead to. Do you shouldn't. Now I does that then you bet they'll upgrade. Speaks to have a good week now. Yeah. Many want a phone Jack tell me who it is now all the time that power not a 35 dot com.