Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check with The Hitman and Carla 6-19-18

Tuesday, June 19th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at

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They get that car bumpers on the phone Jack was Clarissa Jenkins gets on power ready frequent flier. Oh. I'm not a constant Dario. We are confident that I'll also doing a fact and make an appointment to get a massage pocono what time. Palm any time today. OK okay I have a question asked real quick vote at all. And the massage therapist there are they. Yes but are they understanding are working with people who've been blown out. As sound a little weird on album what happened was I had dynamite strapped to my chest and I lit the fuse miles drunk. And basically am just start them up. No problem no problem we take a lot of the people on. He'll learn to Pablo. Torre. Last night attack on an assignment scar tissue almost I don't look like all bank and. And I know you as a pennies motion has a machine you're cool debt the only and we don't know him all America. You know most of all you'll. Poehler and her ball we'll say that's given Gracie name. Yeah. Okay arrived in Iowa enhanced and my Soledad later on tonight but for God's honest I want to thank all pay back Matthau and how many. The better bet. The news that let me know it's smack my fat and now with Mike my bag and now. There you go bananas. You. Can. Many want a phone Jack tell me who it is now on time at power not a 35 dot com.