Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check with The Hitman and Carla 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th


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They get the car bumpers I'm. Melissa Jenkins it's I'm already frequent flier. Oh how fun and I'm content Dario. Blue. Noses the birds shop. Plans to question. Who can I just came home from work. And there is a big hawk in my house. Shame he's the biggest hawk. I got my little baby food and and I don't want his birdie keeps coming at me I don't know. That it editors are out. Kind of odd given how without it attacking me. Am. So close. And that type of hurt you are familiar to listen to this when I go close to the barn that someone happens okay. Dissonance. Shoo. Shoo. Q. Or one. That's been worried. Are you the big worry about how much on the critical new. Shy and and I'm running behind can run well U. Homeowner thinking. I you know make you might yet I have dual drive just what kind of you Josh Joshua. Yeah. It and maybe you have them read in Chicago won't want. I baby I'm content I want one and right now. He's great plumber do the Olympic and here I'm trying to get behind a catchy deep packet that I'd argue that yes I am ready keep talk to pick up a mother. We'll. You aren't they why did happen at that anyone. It can't kick. And the way. And I can't say. Are they did it did and my mom mammary. And I'm. Not I. It. Many want a phone chick tell me who it is now all the time at power not a 35 dot com.