Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check with The Hitman and Carla 7-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at

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They get that car bumpers on the phone Jack was always Jenkins gave some already three point I don't. Oh. But I'm content Dario. The industry to Chris in taking place. This apparent permanent is on a separate calling on behalf of the public library is tiny dorm. We economy Garza is the book. You've been warned by James Patterson. Yeah energy checked out. Okay what's the problem man. The problem is no doubt and I got the boat they are pretty good idea mentioned it along what the other book. That I that I gat. Okay well the thing is here's each one of our librarians write down any damage to a book report has checked out. Right and a quarter and none of them but eight you have to admit is suspicious behavior when you drop off and leave them when your approach you take off. Hey this month are now. Correct Grammer you better appreciate the attitude Jerry cleaning rain out. When I'm sorry feel that way princess but the fact of matter is I don't care what kind of adds nothing you've got to pay because damn book. OK but she told me an illiterate he read now we send you bill like Oxford in times like me I never had a barren everywhere though NASA easy excuse the same for people we never got to there was never sent to us what we learned I am having links. And I don't. Excuse Maine rally perhaps an advocate for about and they didn't get anything you can shout dog harness some. How hard are such her mouth. Hello don't have a hang up on me again I'll punch you square and a chance. I'm hanging up I knew I'd speaking less known more about who used thing do you need to lose attitude angle delayed for rail. And you go to elite unit cramming. Hey I don't how cool people are you come on down in the radio stations has just been found check. Out.