Clarissa Jenkins Phone Check- 12-13-17 The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 13th

Clairissa’s got no class, lots of sass, and she’s taking radio phone pranks to the next level! Listen now to her next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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They hit that car bumpers on the phone Jack was Clarissa Jenkins it's on already three point far. Oh. But I'm content Dario. I'm gonna speak to Sarah please. Yeah this ceremony in Syria Evans and Collin Malo in regards to the nanny this and you're inquiring about. How are you. I'm done fantastic our loss column because they receive your resume and I wanted to just kind of ask some questions and CPB interest in the position. I have a loans special. Situation here in my household my husband. And I wanted to you're comfortable with that. Because he would be one of the people that you would be watching. Oh this piece he's a 55. I. Heard on and on his last mezzanine is going down my husband army as a condition where he likes to be treated like a baby like infant. What do you mean it is our guys. He likes to be treated like a maybe you put his thumb in his mouth he wears the diaper I don't. I don't understand. What exactly does he do it means you're saying well they eat well. Issa is like here as a condition upstairs where you know he things that he's a baby. You know I got put up like for example for dinner last lap put a bowl of spaghetti wasn't from a moment. You know sometimes though you know get a messy red faced with it and he you know I've yet to clean up like a child. You know diaper change if that is something out of the if that is the current and yes exactly but like I said because this condition I'm willing to pay extra for it. I mean pretty I don't know if this is something that I am qualified to do right. It further outbreak. Sending their I don't think I'd be able I'm you know I thought. I'm sorry he's trying to talk right now foot foot to pass the firing amount. I just think there are you have dealt with small infants or children it's warm here at me humorous children likes or edit try it out. It really is the same thing is nothing differences are dealing with the man who six break. And our current emanating through lake having a few errant. Standing. Over me like a baby I mean. It wasn't like this lawyer married used to be a stockbroker. In and someone happened chemically upstairs where he turn into an infant. I really just don't know what I am the right person I'm out. Would you like to talk to real quick. I really do I don't I don't honestly I'm gonna put him on the phone replete Demetrius and cinema lullaby and watch what happens going Enron's second coming here. Roger coming here say hello does say hello. Go ahead of cinema Lullabot singing the lullaby. Back to bag saying the yeah. They're and then being removed. Do you mean you know I looked at like really. Will would you be more comfortable about does told you've been bouncing your bidding war. You. Come check dot. Have your attention please. But abandoned car. Also like all we know them. The speed of the streets and Wichita is number one pre show is happening now. Somebody you want to resident phone Jack. Log onto our web side right now what power 935 dot com and tell as soon as.