Clarissa Jenkins' Phone Check- The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 12th

Clairissa’s got no class, lots of sass, and she’s taking radio phone pranks to the next level! Listen now to her next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at



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They just hit my enjoyment this Sunday at 1 PM from the law which is a rapper stop meg just east of Brooklyn 21 street north fiftieth annual draft stock bought Christmas and holiday toy giveaway. Stolen vehicle and traffic hazard. Westbound Kellogg December 1935. Launch for a slow down traffic update from an SS radio on that chambers. Here. They hit that car bumpers on the phone Jack was always that Jenkins it's on already frequent flyer on. Oh. I'm kind of content Dario. And I think it was and plays. From the ministry for Johnson calling on the if you have moments are. Calling me about the accident regards to your son. As well. OK we went through a lot of the the details with an. And the underwriters unfortunately I told me to make you aware that we're going to be having to drop use them. From coverage. All white horse yes our. I've been. Policy or sense. For our. I I don't care better and make a difference. We appreciate you we covered you for that time as well. Well I mean it's a little bit. While the four furcal but he air how long you've been an act now you finish there were a little bit. And outside not so good because I can't apparently out how to go into your profit mark let me ask a question you've been the company. Public face they're like oh my dad. Which we probably either 89 reminding Manning Dan. What he's talking about I've got my homer was. Unarmed rattled or where are ever Korver got. And that's what happens certainly what are all bumping and dropped. Assert that right there is irrelevant we're talking about that the driving habits and your children that you failed to teach. I wouldn't say. It would you have children. And your remarks sir I I cannot have children now. Okay all right so don't make remarks like Jack I don't know if it weren't saying if I had children I would. Taken in the proper drivers who you realize you've tried yourself for that somebody drive you're right now take the number or bust every day. Cho because apparently you've only been happening driving skill you won't even know what it's like the iBook or out there parallel. I've been a go cart races before I know exactly what a ball. Sarcastic. As what you wore arms you are in our bottom bracket and group we don't sit their child like dope court. That's sort cabinet by ever hurt. You want to help me out to you about your heart and all you want your sarcasm. I've heard for. Ten minutes no you wanna hear reels are camp are proud. Of you he speech you've just been phones. And you just check it. Good call and check dot com. We do for Nissan Carl graduated from north. Graduated from Wichita State to live and local in the morning and get them Harmon. And I love the music and the time.