Continued...The Hitman and Carla - Should Baby Go See A Scary Movie With You

Tuesday, September 12th

The dilemma continues.  The Hitman and Carla offer advice to a listener who's watning to know if it's okay for him and his wife to bring their 4 month old baby to a scary movie with them. Listeners call in to voice their - very different- opinions. 

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Howard added 3.5 I don't know what's going on where I am here for. And you guys are blowing up our power lines sold. So incredibly. It it's like. The commotion that if you're just tuning in and about Jay who just called. Is like pedal to the metal was morgue. What Jane is like in early they really want to see this movie okay they want to have a date night and just have some fun together but here's some saying they don't wanna pay for a baby sitter. Which I did sometimes you just don't wanna hire babies are messed with it if they're going to this seat these Steven Kenya. Movie. You know that one called it was scary clowns. And now I eaves and scary tees and just. I horror flick. Okay I'm I'm I'm I'm well you know what it's about 8692 manager of the questionnaires. Jill wants to hit the former bull. But the good for you in the middle Pickens got a Mac Issac I know the difference is asking my opinion should go. Lauren yeah I and so they evil clown laughing an odd noises. Clowns around subconsciously fly around and to this little baby's mine is trying to sleep or if you have instant wake up first sag can't kill me first thing he hears is. Okay your Keller made he's made 692 and married during I am advocating for parents were babies this morning. Oh wow. You are special. US US special kind of special this idea adding some might be used to be a voice for the 869. Nodded to bring you one thing. Gonna do if your man's arm and arm yeah favorite moment form harmful foul. When they go and they debated Eric you're from it you won't let fresh arm when he's. Yeah yeah do your opinion on the customer or new parents and you got babysitters and stuff I mean come on now. Snaps of regular bike. Yeah I have few years we're actually being and there are you know what I mean and no comment art treatment gap the difference the worries us. You know Obama well I really do believe. Absolutely. And thank you for calling to see I got more people agreeing rob me this morning probably help. All power of 3.5. One anchor. I think he's got I don't Carla could. Mean if I had babies later half of the program would be the point and that point fingers you know I'm an. Some strong. Bring it on the okay. And a single and a movie if you start screaming or the loud noises to the start of the crap out of Al Levine on ABC region I think that's. An. Right I'd probably have improved from what would you do not hate speech okay. Thanks for your own OK I think you said Greenfield thank you didn't want to you know however I did point five. What do you think. Who outcry room for reasons of thing. Well yeah because not going to be crime McCain's going to be trying to it's going to be here I doubt you're right the kid might start crying when seizures and scary clown murder. Some. Some New Delhi wants a wants the kid gets a belly full and I don't know if he's good. Like any ever hear the end CE thank you for calling it it's still voice of reason Carlyle. No power 3.5 what do you think. I think peg got very thin maybe get my thought. Five and he eat normally refer brackets come hell hole he goes to sleep the cougars firms. Hey I got me. Is that I'm all that you hit man take advantage even want need gotta remember. And you don't like DeVon it's scrapped them from whenever they get all of you know my child is five like that he watches horror movie for breakfast follows the police watching his pumps now clue that things they know would not grill now. Wow who do you think big to a caller I'm pretty volatile and. It's just looks does. It's probably a little bit more than I was a magic name at the time. But you know more and more of our listeners the computers are all for taking their needs to go she's doing a little easier now he's got bad guys poem. Now now model they're going to help shape Garnett not world com. Okay well Hensley hey there major Karl yeah. You haven't Gillen now that the tribunal tried her methodically and a gun drew. Wow I'll take it don't do great and it was so good hundred soon.