Day By Day Cheating Dilemma with The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, September 21st

A listener messaged The Hitman and Carla for advice about a complicated day-by-day relationship situation. Listen as callers give their opinions on the matter. 

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Colin obviously reported positive data Carla. This in my day. That's what we're talking about this morning I'm parliamentary 3.5 Carla. We're actually not talking about day by day we're talking about else our relationship. That a listener messages about she doesn't want us to get her name really she's really cute by the way. Very cute she's asking is considered cheating if you're an at quote unquote day by day relationship. This guy he is telling her let's take it day by day because some problems from the past. He's hiding her. From all of his friends and family. And supposedly she said she's even bad mouthing her. I understand just because they've Friday it's still considered a relationship. So he still needs to be respectful. If he's calling women beautiful full flirting on social media that is so disrespectful because any thing you cannot say or do. And front of your significant other ice is considered cheating. Stood by the end. It's stellar relationship it's not a relationship and clearly told her it's day by day they have history it's a relationship. Let's take some calls in just nine demand Avery I'm not gonna shoot you and where we view I. I got some guys on the farm go ahead. I was actually. In fact there agreeing. It seems like he's this kind of look and yeah. He's just tacky and carried on a day by day. Are these just keep apparent by collapse or. I leaned back. That's I think he understands. He clearly got the day by day connect. Actually that's what the city police and by the it is still consider decent say RNM relationship. Didn't see anger that is well liked it it's encouraged right on the in any case he just doesn't find any thing to ask them the night yeah I don't think it's the relationship. Yeah. So much thank you for calm and hearing. I hate this and hello power ready 3.5. How can help him. Getting the Anthony's they did it by all the heat up early water ye. And our relationship right now they are things worked out where I. But he can't pick it behind it and I mean key heated in there aren't you know outrage and it worked out. Well he didn't clarify as to the level of relationship and on the lord's day by day you come in. You're kind of between a one can afford to not act you're not really right there again in between to one in the fourth and did you clearly spells out meal all hey look. He's still in leading her on he's saying let's take it day by day he's probably feeling her with these sweet always feel yeah. Making her feel like there yeah catching cancer he's just. Yeah understands what day by day means that you can share and that's peak figure earth now. Consumer banking and didn't appreciate the call to hey I got to write a CN. Any now page six I two out of 3COM now.