Dear Neighbors Ministry - Shamrock Open

Friday, October 7th

The sixth annual Shamrock Open Charity Golf Tournament will be played Oct. 5 at Willowbend golf course. 
The tournament is presented by EagleMed and benefits those served by Sisters of St. Joseph Dear Neighbor Ministries. The benefit was started by graduates of Cathedral High School who wanted to give back to the sisters who taught at the school for many years. 


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Thank you for joining us for empower Wichita on power in 93 point five it's Murray and then hanging out to you this beautiful Sunday it's officially follow and we have a lot going on in the city of Wichita I have a special guest in the studio with me today. Bob Walters show I did I say it rights issue and mare us. And multi site is in the studio with us today talking about you very special event that's going on today yes. You have time to get ready to grab some coffee in get changed and get down to willow bend for the shamrock open and this is going to help. A really great ministry but before we dive into the head of the what the wind where in the wide. I want Bob to kind of give us just didn't go real texture. And everything with your group that does this work because this is the thirteenth annual golf tournament. But on top of that this is not the beginning of that story for you and a group of friends correct. That's right and well actually it all started in the early 2003. They're used to be high school in which dog called cathedral high school. And it's it was located at to peak in central okay that's back in the days when there was east. North and cathedral. Which comprise the city it. Wow so. And the class that I was and 1951. Graduates. Was pretty good class we had a lot of really great people who are very close. And early in 2003. One only guys that was. Classmate called and said. We should do something. To give legacies to art class and we should do something nobody. Terrible nature like a you have. Charitable foundation who wedeman has just attorneys and accountants the government and so forth. And so on several of us got together and started looking for a charity that we could do. A onetime thing and you know be cool pat herself on the back and go away. And inadvertently. One of the guys from Texas. Called the mount Saint Mary's where the sisters of Saint Joseph from located on east. Lincoln Center and talked to are nemesis in 2003. 1951. Talked to our fourth grade teacher oh my goodness who stay alive. And now and she made mention of dear neighbor ministries which none of us were really familiar news. Dear neighbor ministries is part of the news thing Joseph. Sisters. And congregation of saint PO through sisters and they. Help the people in in and Hilltop manor okay. With all sorts of things that you memo gardener the people grow the stuff that may help with income that they help with all kinds of things. They're never ministries is situated to help support the impact. So. We call them instance. You know what what he do you need anything specific unit and they said yes. Because they had an adjunct charity called stepped stone would choose for abused women and children okay. And and homes all over the city where the people were housed. And some we need 4000 dollars to. Side one of the house's price for that mouse okay so we contacted all of our classmates. And since gluten you know. Please contribute we're trying to raise 4000 dollars we got response from a classmate and California in the sense I have a charitable foundation he did real well. Because he has different. And he said if you guys raise them a 500 dollars I'll match. So you're up to the general manager bill all of a sudden and then who's that well. Obviously our class is not going to be able to do it because of age and retirees and so forth. So we got all the the cathedral high school alumni involved. Many people stat of all that was several hundred Conley can then went back to the thirties who really elections thirties. And all of a sudden we raised 8000 dollars Aurilia the sisters 151000. Dollars so you guys raised 8000 and he doubled yeah yeah. So I am and all of a sudden you know we thought boy that is cool talk about hit the ground running his pick now. And it's gotten little publicity in this and that and other people kind of thought well hey that's kind of an eight. And then and the guy that suggested doing and Donna art and it it suggested doing this to start way as it. Let's do golf tournament everybody you hone. Too much work too much effort eccentric. And all of a sudden somebody says hey well let's get to drive so in 2004 we kicked off the first. Which we called the shamrock open why the shamrock open. Cathedral high schools. Name of the sports teams was the sham talks and hey okay. And then we gave and we managed song you know. That went along with the Notre Dame marching so. Oh yeah this does to the victims. Is you're getting the so simple so shamrock open became the name of it and we've played the first one now that gray burn which doesn't exist anymore. And of all things we. Actually. Provident 151000 dollars to give to the sisters again. First turn the first one and we we're disappointed with not we ought to don't matter and everybody told us. That's beyond the scope because normally they fail and is bombing and excellent team. In Poland together and you end up having to take half of what you earn just put an. So so that inspired us and we started going on mound and here we are in the thirteenth. I mean from the start of this to get to 4000 dollars to side and house yeah okay. Since then we've got I can say all the alumni and other people that you know we got on board and things have happened. And we by the way we named. You always have to have brand you know we have and you call the fifth and we branded our project is Kyle project payback. Why would we called project paper. That the mood when he Collison talking point. Would be. The sisters helped us it's our turn to help them. So cool. Pursuant to win I went to I went teased Elizabeth and mr. Carroll's so. I remember having sisters as my teachers and you know being there the first people that. Kind of have this have this kind of influence in your life so the fact that high school class. Graduating staying in touch you guys get together and this came from an idea. Prove into France just chit chatting the fact that you guys have gone from this. The winning now does not bring your thirteenth annual golf tournament I mean this quite. An undertaking. One other thing is yesterday. Our class got together first 65 plastered in 65. 650. Bring your question here Greg doing all manner on and win you know we've never been able to establish credit for another. But is around Leonard joining Serena and trying to find really meant 47 people at this. So I mean first iron twenty you're a hundred M free I mean you knew everyone in your class Beaulieu of Moya. By the president really can attack Cilic good pounder French ship. Well they sisters all of them of course are not here anymore and the sisters through and it's. Had said certain number of years afterwards. That we were probably the closest. Involve class that they'd ever had loud and I think there has something to say. And luckily guys have done with stats. This is fantastic now tell me about the event that's going on today Miliband. Well. It's the San Marco and golf tournaments of course and ours is a little bit. Kind of unique. Who course everybody says that. But what if we were really are because. This is a lot of guys that know each other as well as people would come in and and do it who get to know it's pretty quick because we're all good guys. And it's well then and it's Monday October the third. And that's kicks off at 10 o'clock am. And you can it register and do all things wonderful things to get ready. And it would have a lunch and it's oh before we go out to play 1130. We have lunch and it's. Going to be Panera Bread sandwiches and maintenance and a good lunch sounds good me then we get on the course or we go we don't have. You know we gotta pay to do this or that everything we don't wanna poll where you can try to get all on one on the greens anyway. The at the end of that but we. Go to move Villa at. In men and show her how can we we used to go to them out there and under construction equipment we could not have our. Signature dinner there got you have a lunch and we had a dinner most of my wanna be out there. His whole day's worth of help sending your own era wholesome anger. And the dinner is comprised of the flame along stake. Who thinks you and now with our signature beard. German bear got to have that and I nets on the course as well by the way if they ever get out just in case you missed this guy. And then we have our awards following that Canon silent auction as well. Cool and this is happening on Monday survey that's listening you have planning time to called Abbas get some guys together. Waiting golfers she can get it teeny can grab the girls tickets are on sale Bryant. The best thing about it is that you can just bring your cash to will and that tonight. You know come on the entry fees 150 dollars and kind. And Wiki entry fee though don't forget any time that you're making in charitable donation that got to tax write off but it's also making a really big impact. In each charity and I looked up to what's dear neighbor ministries is about and I just wanted to share their listeners now commission. Is basically that they're motivated. To you know just kids. Dig mediating each person okay this is motivated by god and it's I dear me dear neighbor ministries are sponsored. By the congregation of Saint Joseph so they have everything from via Hilltop neighborhood emergency outreach community food pantry. Income tax assistance. Represented a piece service says the community garden and like I mentioned there's there's a lot and we niece thinks about what goes on senior neighborhoods. And the way that people help and volunteer and donate. This is really just a fantastic. Ministry. That you can help and you can be a part of this day that's happening tomorrow. Seeking come to Alabama you can bring your money 150 dollars you get everything determinant. The fine lunch the dinner and a did you meet a lot of great people tend to try and of course the beer there's here. Got the terrible there's beer hurt. Well a side note here. You got to remember this from our start to raise 4000 dollars in 2003. As the end of the tournament last year for him. The total amount we raised. Over 600000. Only the home ice. And that's in thirteen years. Correct that's just incredible now Reuters blows us away. And it all started with some high school friends getting together and try and talking about just doing some thing and to give back. Amazing is inspiring. It no less from high school that. Isn't even a Browning are you guys kept such a close connection when it closed in 1956 closed five years after we after he graduated right mind. If you guys wanna find out more if you're listening this interview will be available on our website at power 935 dot com see you can listen if you wanna find out more about dear neighbor ministries. You can go on their website. And it's really easy to find it's really just dear neighbor dot org got that dear neighbor dot org you can find out about. Mysteries about what they do who they help how you can help. And also donate and volunteer. Yeah and if you wanna find out about the shamrock open it's happening tomorrow. It starts Monday morning what time people need to be there at 2 o'clock. 108 and you leave it to sleep in it. The weather lately has been gorgeous it could be nicer. So it'll be a great day on the golf course and they have everything the putting contest lunch. Via shotgun start there is reception with dinner awards. You're getting all that. For 150 dollars per golfer seeding meals being drinks senior knowing any gain the knowledge there helping. And it's really cool so be sure to check this out it's going to be a great time again. If you just put the shook showed two will then get their little bit before ten bring your check don't bring the money in you'll have a great time. Think he's still aren't true being on what I mean this isn't so much fun for history lesson and spanning out so many cool things Sadr City. Well thank you for having me before we say device for the day gives some means. Three things that you hope the listeners. Take away from this interview about either dear neighbor ministries or without your group and the shamrock open how you guys started and. Well really. You know the knowledge is the shamrock open exists. I think it's the only. Tournament its name to open which means it's open to everybody and you don't have to be Catholic you don't have to you know I don't it's it's just. A rift reference back to the school who got and and that and then gear their ministries. And steps down which is soon part of that which they just built a new complex out there are fair. Four abused women and children who really really. Amazing. Actually those two things is that than a member of the tournament and dear never ministries which is really neat little thing. And I love it the longer than I'm in Wichita and the longer I get the chance to do you empower. I find out about things like this actually found out about this turn it through a friend on FaceBook. And I love it jams like six people like your friends and your graduating class exists in Wichita because you're part of what makes the city so great. So you guys don't miss out on this okay it's a great golf tournament it's for an amazing cars you'll have a fantastic time to tomorrow. I will bend golf course being their before attending paint and you wanna listen to this interview again or help spread the word. Just go to our website car 935 dot com and look for the shamrock open. We'll have to write their story at thank you again for being not with us thank you again. All right having kids Sunday you're listing empower Wichita on power in any 3.5.