Did Part 1 - Someone Mistake You For Someone Else? The Hitman and Carla 11-15-17

Wednesday, November 15th

Have you ever had someone mistake you for someone else? Listen to The Hitman and Carla share their experiences, plus listen to your phone calls!


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Point five cowboy replay housing advantage Carla. Have you ever did and that mistaken. For someone else is two year old kid and cost goes on agreements with the screaming bloody murder. Because he thought I was his dad. I don't know who was a berth for your girl feel a little cared. Yeah Al wears like. Sorry Kevin not too bad here. You could've consultant and I can so can only change won't. So be Bol com. So we want to know this morning have you ever been mistaken for someone else and goes one step further. If you have been mistaken for someone else we would love to see your picture. TSE. Vista sees it would like OK I consider the lightness that's just how they made that mistake. 'cause obviously it's a hard Collison Marlins think triggered data wherever. 8692 Matty three has anyone ever mistake you for somebody else. Actually I was an art what I have end. The girl thought that I like or that there can she do that I think are there. But she hurt yet to meet you like this just doesn't look like Heath Bell and and I looked at opting in I was just this kid street but you brought up so opera and let's. She tell you steadily eating women are where we enough. It back at the beach but. If you. Put your money got the boards. Kids look at that. Her she's look at until look at that hurt his right now my math it doesn't look like yeah. Obama. That's grades of somebody thought you looked like their system. Yeah she's here she's got a that's fun stuff thank you for calling this morning your okay. Thing hang up you do to wake up to listen to us every morning what what are those more than. 8692. Not three NBA ever been mistaken for somebody else it's so. Little bit more. Here lord ballot. Yeah yeah of that and for my autograph. Don't act like digital. She's where you literally yeah. People in my rob Bob Robert Marlon word com acts CA I. Us pass the time. Are you for the autograph stuff I didn't garden model battered at this stage here you. It is laughter. I had. I'm a big reader of books so one time. Right side is Burke with the author's name and David the Sebelius Nicole Smith no you Jay I. Greivis is the sonogram for yeah. The more it. Hi Mary. The whole idea here in Iowa and I don't. You.