Dilemma of the Day 7-18-17

Tuesday, July 18th

What are people not qualified for in 2017? See what today's listeners say...

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We're talking about billions of people are qualified for swine these seventeen UN saying. This day and age you know people love trying new tech products. Loans you name it things and now for years computers have been around but it's. Some people they just can't increase. Cast new technology in just simply not qualified you know we talked about the smartest on your carton. Like list had Dylan's ends. I had mentioned the self check out how Wal-Mart right first of all it stops and then when you have someone who just. Can't the rest the idea of it things just go wrong people are waiting. Just goes downhill from. There yet the Wal-Mart jumped Jack I was a little touchy anyway. Yeah so is yet know is they're not they're making sure you know Martha manor here without it being scared that you're. Intel and sometimes. We get them for me it's like a New Coke machine. And here I'll look it looks cool. But people will come up and look at you on YouTube to tilt your head back to news when drug deal and you need. Money you. Know. So called oh come on now yeah and I use a lot of coupons. I gotta make sure those machines take my coupons you have some problems. How bargain shopper. I don't blame no matter everybody should be remiss in aides say OK 86910983. Were women though things that people are not qualified fourth. And 27 team we're taking your calls as Morley empowered every three point. I'm not about you know I guess felt that I gave the operation was. Well about a month ago I'll wage is national car and Allred the cars are out now for the week. Yeah they give me it is so Pete folks like Richard very. I get out of the car. Knowing this year the good choice to go hard and we all know break should be put dark haired girl. Hello like this sister you're technology for me. We just sitting there so I know all of Baghdad huge storm is there is no I guess you'd aren't they aren't here to go. Yeah inherited. There and out of burden Maria oh lord this year did all the dark. To what they do the people I don't know I think you're with a draw maybe I don't know I don't know who I mean yeah that's money. Thanks yeah. Food on board suffered Ford Fusion 92008. Whom he you couldn't do it you like help me out with us. Zero have a dramatic show me daylight on the fall apart Greg you're down off with a hybrid. That's ground. Well good finally got a new way. I did it. Thank you for all of man this is this just don't. People don't know how to operate in 272 hello how many 3.5. Thousand people aren't qualified for the bad. With a half a good and the family you'd expect. Out of stuff I was gonna go with social media I think it. People. And that means I don't know why he's happy you fill our background checks and I am. Yet is. Here it's miss you so much and it seems like it's something that he doesn't offer it but it isn't very. Volume because people don't get the simplicity element my mom posted on my face that while once I was supposed to be a message. And she posted this huge like to be prepared grabs on my FaceBook page that she thought she was in my inbox and just posted it a. Love animals. Oh no my grandma always put glove grandma after everything is cyclical and unlike. I don't know do you reckon you. Yeah that's awesome thank you for Colorado good. Oh I got my wife and I went to a concert the other night it was as old silver haired grammys have a Smartphone Facebook's. And that's jazz. Greta was moving well. Yeah and the phils are now I only adds she also she had everything but so at least they're. Needs six guys did not leave very thin. Do you Lorillard qualified Ford's body seventy come out.