Dilemma Of The Day 7/17/17

Monday, July 17th

We were talking about a company in the Phillipeans offering "break up" pay to employees. Carla was down for this perk, but most of the callers weren't having it. 

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Howard are you 3.5 atomic White House they hit Manning Carla Carla viral. Yet that's what they called or would you have been met elementary school because you had kids and they did phone call center reminding me keeping. Carl Barth a TV is. As we reduced the sophomore name calling 15 this morning about another three point plan always good fun though right Carlo always. Talk about this we're live in Jerusalem last hour breath. There's a company in the Philippines. They're just starting giving people paid time off if they gave dumped their relationship. And will also help pay for their employees Davis and what makes. As far as we know that aren't every company here in America that offer perks like that but here's the question this morning. And and I ask Carly this question off the year we kind of started going back and forth over the jet Reza you know what we need to borrow under point five friends and family to weigh in on this. Should you give time off for more gas their break up one high. Injured there saying you shed come. Hey you've you've got to be kidding me you know what I remember years ago my job on the computer after this after a bad break out. Toni Braxton another sad love song comes on come on tiger and I am lose our almighty god. I don't visit at the computer I couldn't I had a run of the NASA images like get it together and I was like a hole and how am I gonna get to this day. JE you know what even if it's just a day it's a re true you should kids now benefits preaching and. Now now now fat tub until police can know now. No it's a bunch of bullies like. Bob Duff let's golf I'll you know what it from a female's perspective this is hard all achilles' re going to see emotional we need that day good for the philippines' Ferdinand leading. He's so that's yet so I guess. Maybe you need a week off to get her divorce or something exactly. Yeah I can just answer all the disk into veterans. Downhill yea exactly. As paid time off now. Floor of great depth no orders whatever this is ridiculous OK at age six and I did Matty three what do you guys. Should do get time off from work after a breakup I'd say if held to the mountain hills to the yes yeah I. I released today. You know somebody's car we have to look I could come into the causes disprove global my boys group. Okay what's the the hoped. You can't do paint and what. You might as well it is an occasion for those the other doctors you'll get a little February. Optimistic relations on a they've been their for ninety days. And now. I don't know no this is it man garlic and Mears is. Oh she's just going through a bad break that you guys so I'll be back tomorrow. You guys call up as one who would love to go to during this warrior agents 1993. Time off from work after a break up yes I think now. Got to say okay it. Europe calls do you agree when Carlos. But you sure you agree with me that this is absolutely. Ridiculous helping out of the 3.5 to Kabul to play out the hit man and Carla time off toward gas through the break up just is. And I. The end you know let's it's not a bad idea it's absolutely necessary OK on my feet allows you know how it is we are emotional beings. We got a banner a game and sometimes you just need. The extra time to recoup and get it together you know when I mean she's kind of just you know did surprise out you can't deal work a complete freaking mess. Trying to computer like I was at one time Toni Braxton comes on. None of us. Elaine how well. Come time. Yeah Willy Nilly whining going on over here. 8650. Hardy tourists you know insensitive I don't mail all men are exhibiting a goal by Al hash tag typical male come on the. How it's being typical. And I'm sugar women that agree with me this morning that you should not get time off after a break harmless now I'm hardly is trying yea heartless. 861993. I literally be an apology to get time off from work after a break up. Absolutely not yeah. But I went through a bad break up this last year went to work the next day and that's why it at that bottom. Hey she isn't that a good point I'm sorry guys I just need at least today to tell him the break on T happens. All RNC did you ma'am thank you thank you out she had the bad. Breakup could choose a tough. Carl you went back did you know judge you've got to put her handbag Don and now more than I don't high level of. All right at a three point body lotion did you get time off from work after a break off. Good all of that arm but I don't believe you they're off. We. He's an up his mind but she should get paid for what kind of phony was going on Soledad muzzle on Bernard called paramedics reported it. She's due to spotted off of war or break up I lost. A game get back to why should you get. And it. There and it's thank you discuss this looks like she just needs to our. She's just off fiasco. Senior come. Up. But she's happy girl I learned during their lives saved six guys didn't I didn't look that's an agreement person I would want a bright side. Now it's undoubtedly inspired just to get time off from work after a break up Howard added three point try to come and play thousands of men and Carlyle. We got in a little controversy this morning. And that he would you want something in them I'm the canyon up on the real bully in school Paul come on I. Mean I could have because I do agree with you your cold itself now in polls. You gotta ice box where your heart is student does this company in the Philippines. That is now given employees. Paid time off after they break up. Which I think it's ridiculous. And so. We wanted to know this morning should you do. Get time off from work after a breakup Carlos says. I really hope the US follow suit and does this need at least one day you recouped. Get it together get back on your eight game. Day pull you know ninety employees you know that to be different ninety days and I BS news or whatever you know if they're good workers had to have that hunt and have that data re. Troop after the break up a case I think one maybe one person called up and agreed with you this morning are saying this is ridiculous. The only time off that you get out ask you get out of that relationship for bad break up for whatever value wanna call it. He's just flat out gift or yeah if you can get your. They're gonna work. And just be a mess it's slow I mean everywhere. Tales told to do whatever you guys. Did you get complete mess Ryan knows my golly maybe I should have been a military drill instructor I don't know Mae and I'm saying. 8692. Mandatory we got. Did you arm on the phone on this what does this morning he's got to tell you. She's just come up man in mind. Outrage and wow oh thank you don't know I didn't know can hurt you know more about you need to bombard you see you've. It means that you already know you either go flag still mud and bit. You there aren't you have been coming your money you can only winning you know war. Yeah. Today yeah thank you re gone a little guilty. Yeah it'll cost you money. Yeah we're about lighter yeah. I'll love and love of the. I see it looks so you need. He's emotional is not just from my own that emotion I am hello Colin at least 3.5 two to get time off from work after a break up. It's not. That I work our work. That. Way and every act and every. Now and not. Only did what are. You mean talk about our relationship instability. Eight. Every time and night and I'd. Wear it like that aired. At eight currently ranked at them. I like you need to panic. You know yeah. There's. Going to be. So yeah. I can't act. I. She is two snaps and it went through my head and I she sounds like my elementary school a brilliant mommy dearest mother. Don't you go out there you go came up and get on the floor you. I like that she thank you for calling I appreciate your pain. How I think she's going to get somebody on the left the. Yeah is it. I don't think anybody agree with you this more I have one agree one she that cost girl home yet but wonder if this is. I didn't I didn't mail to Paula and just say you understand you're not heartless night phone and over here are our guys are good. Do that to get brownie points who choose not go to really need me just home. Power at a great point five.