Dilemma of the Day: Back to School Version

Wednesday, August 24th

Parents call in this morning and give shout outs to their kids and embarrass them with LOTS of love!

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I tied the first day back to school where joy that he empower Matty 3.5. How we asked people to hug tweet us they're back to school photos it 935 which go get a few trolls on Twitter. Are we given some pictures of a sponge Bob square pants and just like the looks like oh god no pants like gives faces like melting off that's awesome. Joseph is a joke sue and they peeled for similar to us we got dad to get students are. FaceBook is going crazy here's what we're gonna do this morning's is the first day for back to school parents. We want to the calls up this morning M very sure kid at a government shout out on the air. Christina. I love you playing. Wolf strange parents are gonna love the kids are going to be gone. Yeah. 869. Tim Manning three schools owns or Democrat. All we wanna hear from teachers this morning hey maybe if you work for the school district maybe if you work in the cafeteria. College students moms. Did adds Arnold we got a call right now aren't any good design allowing mirror forever over the Murrow and listen to Petraeus. And you've always. He's home. First but it below where it scared excited how big is your class this year. Brighten our current forty that's. And I didn't know about it all not at all luck plays in mr. girls on the first school what do you do with the kids you got to go home did anyone do this is the restless after the first hour what. Rarely do a lot of rules and procedures. Make sure that they're back in the little things that school is that they know what's expected of them when the teacher is both first state got to start that meant so they know exactly what's going on what to expect. Well you know I plan on spending a lot of time in the building over a mile elementary school this year okay. I expect you to be here and over we're beginning thought that we often are restricted so I appreciate you to address the girl he's achieved over Neal elementary school. And kudos to you and all the good teachers don't work so hard every day to teach our kids can get my great education and alarm went great value so we salute you and we applaud you my math facts lead or color there's a mortar left I'm glad you. Did prevent teachers that's very yeah. Great you know let's throw that little article true. All right a little dark insulin okay. More calls an 8692 married we will roll back to school are empowered every 3.5. However having 3.5 if I wanna play house the men and Christiane about the school the energy is in the air. I completely and you can feel I can feel it well. In our daughter my alas I was bugs and around the house he was all excited to have this like fixated Koran on her face the. I feel like it. The eve of first day of school is different in your house and it was in my account has no doubt about it my my kids love the school. 86 run him out of three. You're back to school shout outs army air what does this morning of how about a 3.5 we already heard from Kristen girls over there at Newark elementary school he's a teacher. We don't care for your teachers if their students. I'll mom or dad cause of this morning shot after kids out after school shout out. Everybody in this morning you actually went well blew up the phone. Are right my bears are they really don't soak perhaps. We use the property. But now look back on the hornets is they are going to the bank arm. So let me get this out interest in good oh good I know him I thought with him over an area UNC duke I'm and I. Well that's a good. Well it definitely. Going on hot to the building with us this morning thank you for calling you guys have a great year okay overwhelm despite the times this morning and how about a 3.5 back to school shout outs everybody's car at age six I tend not to do it let me hit area. This. To sound like you're you try you know high school aren't you want. Yeah. Like today you may Debian has lower anti. What do you go to grow. Up and state sets its. And I love that what you guys do your thing and have a great school year okay. You know welcome you welcome also angels what does this morning's Bob Harlan added 3.5. The schools are bounced hunt also thanks Neil elementary schools us. I want to shout out my girl Abby and chain either rent erupting and ended eight doll. I only get unhurt they rabbit now and I commentary. And I'm sure right out of are you know we got the whole car and listen to us is morning jumped 93 point five lobbied mom category general today. You're welcome students is don't stop a good 62 money we call us up this morning drop back to school shout out to get your teeth could be apparent. Williams and blood there I'm waiting for a split your student. We wanna hear funny action it's happening now how about a 3.5. C. Hatred boy's father publicly announced they hit and a person earned this crazy. Back to school fund crazy that's the school phone calls screamed shoot this morning 8691093. And blood crazy in your prison I was crazy. We look like on FaceBook and went over and are now you know just. Everybody's all excited getting back to school and everything. They usually. So I got trolls love cookies who better to let you know. It is looted and yet power lines gone crazy and 86910 at a three who want to back the school shout outs this morning a power Alley 3.5. Let's go look forward to see what or whoever right now hello how many drinks and I thought what's up. Hey what's up man power that's been posed. Our man and what school did you go to bloody problem Robby Gordon and yeah. We love it Elena you've got to make a promise to be bluntly that your gonna do great you're gonna study hard you're gonna have an awesome school year. Our poll it. And their land. I have to get back the amount and it. I'd probably let me that the unsolicited OK I think there there's Ron Amadon was it like I don't know seeing. Frequent flyer at the expulsion Yahoo!'s asked him. I am konduz shout out my son declined on the north prime. So. I'd love it love it thank you mom venture caller okay. Thank you and your welcome 869 should not afraid back to school this morning yeah. And it was you know who it was all about ball. Did it doesn't snow. On the givers have some. They're daughters. Area and looked as their standard and Laura's dog owner enterprise so want to have a Blair's a wonderful story here in the data that bears very at. Good teachers mad loud we'll have a great you know with the kids John OK. Very very very relevant Leon mourners numbers are well. Thank you know in my day thank you buddy. Avago have you until 86910. Not a three back to school it's happening right now power about a 3.5 who's on the phone. For good. I'm like yeah man good food and running an alternate shot out my on my grand babies action and a match. No mom you glad you. I don't and who are you momma hand in the hole. Yeah. I. Can't match. Until yeah you didn't and I inherited grandma's hugs and kisses especially with those facts gladly warm moral. I even. It's it's god. I am proud to be pretty important body. 3.5 to homily play housing demand in Pristina and normally. We get the rumor reported this time but the phone lines are going to show core easy with the bat the school shout out to fit you know what let's keep rolling my. It's it's our Jim not a three power lines blown out back the fact nonstop. Color logo on Twitter over there Christine and Ali you know I'm just. All those same people leg really excited about going Max. Yeah they really aren't so good about that first stage your calls right now 869 tonight Andrea let's go talk to the moms and dads and students of Wichita right now about Howard added 3.5 go ahead is as. I'm given a shot out tomorrow do not know English teacher and she start ordered a complete each. Beach elementary she peaked in fourth grade. What's her official teacher remain live dismisses what mr. white flags this is quite Jack. To bury it go have a great year and I know you're probably your mom I can hear your voice my mom she used to be my teacher and I don't high. I. Thank you for Colin and depleted from here and for me this morning OK okay thank here you're welcome 869 to 113 back to school shut out the forms are going crazy and age it's not dramatic three grass. But my. Innings aren't great and now well I dart at Marshall middle school. Philly. How else do you have a good enough we'll Zachary. And I hate school. It was just Marshall middle school yesterday thanks for calling mom 86 did not rage how problematic 3.5 dog. Yes actually I wanna hear it got out of late money going to Leo which element street. Have a wonderful bank Evian LL DO. The whole world. And you know 86 I should not eat drink I had no hottest property three point line. It would go and it's rare you've got a family. Shall now this morning I like to give it got out in my done Donovan net. We're very Beckett throw it through bill middle school not all of the like to give a shout out to my daughter raid which is good junior there's spirit which is so wet side. Daddy love you guys have a good day. I assets. Aren't so we got west side of the building what this is more empowered at a great point fun. I mean aids it's not Tim had a brain power already 3.5. We did that morning. Girl when you do. Oh I I regularly shout out my son RJ he said hi guys and my baby you're out like this who heads Becky middle school. There you go titans got few do it with us this morning apologetic 3.5 thanks mom I hope it's a great year for everybody in the family okay. Theater you're welcome 861993. Power that he 3.5 back to school shout outs bringing it. This. I caught. Well because you know I'm ready to go to wet hot that morals. You. See annually. Yeah from Somalia right now collect private school without got. And that ethnic Karen record them and let us say. Instead they did the closest he could. Q you've got to make that promise that you're gonna have an awesome school year. There there you go girl we appreciate Jeff thanks for colleges 1886910. Not a three power and at a three point sorry. I. It's crazy this morning at Allen added 3.5 Tom what do player houses and Ana Cristina. Site. I am tired and I'm sorry guys about the long break I was actually on the phone with a member of Nikko Hernandez's family. Right there and then I haven't I done my god what a lady out. America I goal. Ever gonna stop being funny. Being paid 69 did not agree that the schools are about to go ahead. Look at that my dad and I number definitely not stay. I'm not Kobe yet not be match in the carrion will lurk I can't gain it in CNN Riverside elementary nice yeah. Man stabbed at a mob like plains where the land and LA access to let. Ali kids pretty even three out there are you gonna go get a pedicure let Iran and it goes up at them all. How. I got a couple pranks I shall yeah you gotta worry about a colleague here we have it now. I'll put him up Arnold knew. Sleep at home last night that he could sit. Well a year and Dave mama okay our. Hey thank you that is I didn't see you guys are we are you. I do you love your tool that just makes me feel so warm and Fuzzy inside and I think it was a gallon tactical shopping with her. A little that he does agent Doug did not infinite power about a 3.5 co. Art active. Yeah I mean they were against gonna let it go lightly over here thank you mom age six not to not it was about the schools are out this story. I rigorous shout outs so let it out there aren't you are very or quite place of your own little world. Yeah. Is it was nice wasn't it. I've read that you're welcome 8692 or not you three go I had one more for us this morning whose ass. I eat like this not make your daughter appeared in the fact men at northwest and Arianna is a senior at. North and it doesn't say today called on. And yeah we love bird does not and yeah. And it's. We're appreciated thank you don't think the fun times this morning on the first day. Date back to school nobody does it on the first day like power about a 3.5.