Dilemma of the Day: The Colin Kaepernick Situation

Wednesday, August 31st

Where do we go from here?

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Our current 3.5 did not want to play housing hit man and Christie and a good wanna hang on your way to work school where every had a 22% chance of rain today and that's just the way it is. Talk about this Colin cabernet. Reflects. Now I everywhere I went yesterday and if you're a couple before asking my opinion. Look I'm of the opinion on what the guys got the right to protest what every he wants to protest right. But I'm also of the opinion that if there are a lot of people who gave their lives to give him that right. The right if it's now and it and food you don't. Issue. And I'm also of the opinion it's incredibly selfish to his two teammates in San Francisco. Suppose you don't I mean he's taken the focus off for the team he's make it out about him. But. At the end of the day that number one reason why I think he's doing it he wants out of San Francisco. There is no secret he's not happy there he doesn't want to play for the 49ers. So he's trying to doing anything he can to make the foreign office people say OK it's time to lose this guy. Because he wants Alps and an interesting theory. But at least a bigger question can we mutually agreed Christiane that. The guy's got the right to do whatever it's meets. But let's take it to another level here. What if this happens again in the future for any ball any kind of wish. I mean he's got an easy issue though he's protests and but what. The NFL so far and Euribor Greek. Debt they've done nothing which is probably the only thing they can't right. But you know what I'm just trickles down to collegiate. High school stuff. You don't race and and some people will be protesting something avoids. The protests and I know what they held a protest important. Your arms and yeah yeah you got those people. But it does a bigger question of player misses one that nobody seems to have an answer. What are you don't wanna do you go from this how do you manage something like this from whatever the reason is in the future. Right right I mean. Regardless on if you're the NFL and year looking at your players like calling cap her neck that's getting menace whether your high school end and you are. You know baseball players doing the same thing sure it doesn't matter what the median is if this is what's going on. Paddy reacted to it there's remember athletes are the performers celebrities that have protested and all kinds of ways. I've 86910983. What do you look at the NFL. Or what does this go from here because. The issue Arab itself is wondered if this threat there's no arguing it's the action. To end and end if you're an employee arming. Colin Catholic works with the San Francisco 49ers yes if you're an employer. Do you yet. Moves in employee for this kind of behavior. I don't think there's a lot of. Legal ground there I don't think so either right I think they're at a point re now they can't do much of anything at this point blank in the future. That's an entirely different question for and maybe that's yes you do nothing. Any tips are dramatic three what do you guys stand call us up this morning I'd love to know what you think of especially moms dads as you talk with your kids about this issue. You know because kids whether we like it or not they look at athletes certain that they look up to these guys still. And a lot of content look and see what example is still they wanna emulate their behavior often times stimulative and something they have no clue that they don't even begin to understand. Rights you don't understand a definitely. Your calls your thoughts your opinions 86910. Not a three. What do you do in a situation like this do not didn't. That is the question for. We'll see serious yeah our go to guys during this morning your college your thoughts your opinions about how limited cap permit this morning. On power and adding 3.5 power battery 3.5 the controversial. Chris brown and all kinds of trouble this morning. And it does just a magnet for trouble that's for sure if the biggest dilemma we're talking about the Colin cab. I don't permit issue. And I mean you guys seen it it's all over FaceBook it's all over media tell we're going ATMs in stuff. Calling cabernet he is deciding to protest. Yeah standing up for the National Anthem he won't feel it he's sitting down and use this time. Protesting like he doesn't believe what's going on his right. And you know he's been questioned about it before in the past who. A couple of days just why he's doing it and I think when it comes down to is. You know it's it's it's a thing within himself he doesn't feel right and Matty doesn't feel like. The countries and a and a stable place. So that's is right that is his freedom of expression race there that says Wright says it did not stand hearing the National Anthem no one's arguing that. What we wanted to know exactly is it. If you are the NFL at this point. What do you do about the situation is there anything you can deal and if not what's. In it thank you planned to do in the future about this kind of stuff. I mean. If you or meet I don't know I feel like there's nothing you can do at this point and there may be nothing that you can do in the future but now I worry about high schools and you know Little League and stuff like that what is fresh they're kids because are looking up to these athletes what happens when they think it's there. I you know obligation to do that as well exit sign. Manager is going to girly thing I think you'd you'd ask and I say you let him ability nor did it get there I'd like to be true. It's opinion. Yes I I think it workplace but aren't as a matter articulate. If we make it right away from people there. We all help out our hot and fair or. This is so true and I think your your spot on a I don't think there's much the NFL can do they just got to sit back and let this thing happen. I. Actually. It felt. A lot of celebrities that are coming out and and saying exactly what you're saying and you know it takes a lot of courage to do what the guys doing his right to do what he's doing absolutely as a right to do. I appreciate your call this morning and thank you for what about the listened to us I mean this is emotion standalone talent ID 3.5 what do you think. I don't know what. Else so you would your ideas up our duke remark by our good health yeah. When I think that's what he wants. You want to like it don't wanna keep quiet oh wow. Well yeah undermine his ability to get almost another team is well outside groups in Iraq creep I don't want them. Well guess what it could only extra. Amount expert on tax on player. Okay the Gaza's militant population and lots of calls this morning at 8691093. Wood both post Christina there was a lot of emotion it's most definitely like they felt passionately about. Each issue that they brought up and and its. They're close sounds fasting no doubt Colin cabaret this morning that's what we're talking about a power and having three point try. Three wide body in motion and emotion emotion this morning I'm Colin can't predict for extraordinary 3.5 minute he just children adding you don't know what the controversy is on Colin can't predict. Earlier than the last couple of days. You know strain it's crazy out west right yeah definitely I mean talent gap Bernanke is the quarterback for the and he decided that he was going to protest. Against. You know scanning for the National Anthem whenever they play it's. Raided the start of the game. You know national and has been around for awhile footballs been around for a while just a thing that they deal and he decided. Believe it was there's days Sunday I don't remember what those days either way. He sat down any he's not you didn't wanna get out forays protesting and saying he doesn't support what's going on anymore. And and he's not gonna stand foreign country end and and dragon whatever I mean he made he did a whole host of reasons given a lot of comfort zone and I think a lot of people. Initially shocked that a professional athlete. And we do this. But look he's got the first guy I don't want to calls this morning at 8691093. We have precious on the phone what do you think girl. I think that what it till it. Actually it's it's like I'm monopoly it other. Celebrities athletes who split up or what a good sport despite how badly it was elegant became backing it but that's academy eating hamburger. It is not a good thing at the equal. Interest and okay and you know your point is well made up athletes have certainly. Said that as much done as much. On a number of different issues. Think he'd do it exactly right eight at our role model young children it platform they're not. You know we are not raped an acute and what another art is the only thing Derek you're currently the bell is it you guys. Actually if these children are looked at infineon that you benefit benefit. I don't think there's anything brought you know our our people are being killed every day eight I think that what he's doing it great they answered that that our offer anything. There you go there you go I like to I like how she took the stand for something don't fall for anything thank you for calling this morning. 86910. Not a dream. This is by emotional and admitted. 3.5 gonna what do you think. Is there. But how. Did it the best and at the bit about the war in Iraq. And that says something like like a street. And it is but it definitely don't want that do. The old days dated that would ultimately got Oakmont country go to come and it was something we do or did that make it didn't know what I want to neo. And they didn't want to pay him we have controversy about you know got dude don't you wanna respect that and it. I feel that you don't really bad as you know about it a bit light but here's my ears open at 10 wait they're in with all football. And it didn't know what we're here so seagate doesn't stand out in just because they are open and you want to make it you don't bank. In general practice you need to you need to go below the article method would be to tackle the growth or. There was something different and what do the kids yeah I don't think they got the better they don't. Respect that happened at. I mean that's part of Guatemala City. Stop the lob your position is dumbed down. Now I don't spend a moment and a 20 in your business you're gonna is it didn't disrespect our National Anthem our flag and our country no good yeah. Don't know the medical thank you a perfect fit better and if you don't expect every week it could allow our. Yeah thank you for college you know what I'm noticing. Women supported in the guy he's giant egos actually didn't know that's all I got its power every drink yeah I thought north. However added 3.5 if you are just children and they hit an interest you don't man. They've been calling Colin Colin about the Colin cabernet did you edit them up. It's been interesting discussion that you're not aware Colin kappa meg is a quarterback for the sentence fiscal 49ers. Cool. Since last Thursday refuses to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. Threats. And he says he's making this decision and he's justified as to why he's making this decision. And it. So the question was last hour. Okay what happens in the future if another athlete or film of college athletes are high school athletes. What can schools authorities in the NFL people who. The answer. Christina your knife kind of dark helmet I must say again do EM I mean from illegal stamp life nap and you can really do you know about it. Well yeah it's certainly very entitled to their right and that's the beauty of being American and American. I'm because we have the right to do things in this country that that they just flat out don't and other countries we have a gut on the phone he wants to weigh in on the conversation he has an opinion on until the comets are made this morning go ahead men. I'm a bit upset that people are more focused on it and sitting down and the potent. Why the net is better now. I think everybody is fully understands why he's sitting down and in fact each added as much himself he said I'm not going to stand up to show pride and a flag put country got a press is black people and people of color black guys earlier on the shoulders a lot of people that agree and support him and what he's doing. But that the people that don't do that our focus in on demand just sitting down. That while he's sitting down one and I. And therein lies to two different issues he's chosen to use the National Anthem and so basically what he's saying in a roundabout way as and I can't chill allegiance for this country because of this you are wrong I don't know if he's right or wrong we certainly entitled to as a pendant. It takes. Well like yeah I'm certain there and in most uncomfortable situation to do what are brought to park giving us the very powerful but it maybe you. It's so true image changed the game because a word one black woman did on a bus in Montgomery Alabama there's no question about the change is always uncomfortable for ever. What exactly and I believe that what you're. And here don't want our children can look up there. Do you really think that Colin Catherine it has enough influence and enough social. Equity to really bring about change I don't think you guys I think he's an athlete who's chosen to make a statement but I do not believe that he's got enough influence to really bring about change he's bringing attention to an issue in. Our country. And there's two things have to talk about why and why he's doing that and the other side is people understand this is America this is our National Anthem mother believe children are two different things are going on and one doesn't necessarily. Connect with the other. The great you know if you loud but the men should get right correct. We can both agree there is changing correction that needs to happen upon a number of things in this country I agree you and I need to sit down have a couple Kaufman brother and an important on our I love that intelligence that we can have a conversation with you because it's always great to talk to intelligent people that are informed and aware and be able to look at what right that is very very true man what should and close up look forward to talking to you again amana I'll have a great day in November.