Dilemma of the Day: Did Your First Car Have a Name???

Thursday, May 18th

Hitman and Miranda discuss their first car and whether or not they named it...


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How but I did 3.5 atop wanna play house to Vietnam and random metal man doesn't look like we are in the eye of the storm the weather today. All over the country to talk about that big red died right in the center of America and that means a possibility for large hail damaging winds and tornadoes. Yeah and this is scary over freak you out or anything like that but a few years ago when we did get a bad storm and a tornado hit south Wichita. There were no there were no link there. Strong list of fatalities and things because we were prepared so just remember like she'll need to get your car under somewhere safe. Tornadoes don't go on take a picture get in your basement packs and water could shoot nine. Get your dogs inside. Just be safe okay have a plan ready because we're not need this kind of weather so dusty say it. Let's talk about. What was your first karma ran to do you remember yes I do actually. What was I loved my car my parents got me very old Toyota Camry for Fannie had crushed velvet blue seats and he's sitting cassette player. And I love this my car's own lives. Well according to a new survey 83% of us Teddy he used cars are first that are whales not surprising to. And 23% of kids today will get a hand me down from a relative. How was your current hand me down. Including handing down I think my parents products like maybe 500 dollars nice yeah I mean there is an old gal that I loved her so much the most common first car. Physician ebbing and if you were born before 1980. It's a four before. So we know what your first car was. My first car was a mustang. Really and they don't like trees than in the nasty hateful as that ugly shade of Robert hey blue who ever shot in your life. It was it and had the most powerful in fact that lives in another car with a kind of color of that they had that would make an and I cannot. After my mother then wrote a script I don't want doing. But I did have a name for my car and you only did what did you mean that club because everybody was calm about the color my car and endured days he may. Song. Lists in. And I would have from a dashboard I say it's okay these minute mainly plumbing you and your clothes quicker. Who could develop this. There is something so fantastic. About your first car I don't know what is it like that little taste of freedom. So little piece of your honor fallen into nobody can bust in on your driving down the road the windows are down the music's. And there's just something I'm batting just feels so for three I have. Had to bring in stereo and a Ford Mustang when a Shia pocket it's it's not Tim married 3 collars up this morning we wanted to know. What was your first car and didn't have a name is so what was it they love it NY. I would've named mine now because she was just glorious she was so beautiful he. I mean you have that Chris bell with the go and I was referring to the girl but I just I never named her. And cars always grow maintenance. Why so to ships why why the woman. Yeah right let's now 869 Jim batting three and collars up this morning and tell us what was your first car and different. I have a name it so what once and I can't wait to hear some of the names of cars. Three days in May she was gonna grow and she passed away along. Howard added 3.5. I think guys are talking your first car did you give their name Mara ran after it crushed red velvet going on on her first car. I loved my car which it would named it felt I did it did it was like his old box Toyota Camry and had the fastest confidence he played. Oh why did you know you wouldn't run in the cold in the window didn't roll down in the bag and you've been since the lake my favorite. Who are multi and having kids at play and it. I loved that car that'll be really we always run around. In my friend Katie car because it was a probe. And back then probes were like super cool so my friend Katie had a stroke my friend Jeff Fettig probe my friend Jeremy atom probe. Those who like to meet its cars everybody. I know there is so cool my pretty Morgan now. She actually got a nice car and you can read around any public convertible top. So that was like this summer car until one of us ran over her fly so. I never stopped being handler right around and that's how much. Oh. Am I free access Delhi red armor slow it that is so awesome I love the fact that you ran over her foot will be felt bad about it I think it's hilarious here. The horrible think. Good clues okay 861993. We wanted to know what was your first car go ahead girl there eighty didn't show any classic treat. Google C in the whole Maine and everything nice to have a may have. Are the above. Because there is really big and because that if you can't you know offer a strong growth they've got really big hills yeah my home and you can just. He's quiet opposite eagle and are afforded an hour. And there was it was just flows flies and land on my there's like yeah water is. I know exactly where you're talking about these can hit that hill could be and my mom. And 93 grandchildren you know exactly that's actually still spinach you know you're still and I think that's. The end of the kids. Some growth let's get on its home. Are are feeling you can you can poke like oh my god I hope nobody liked them that there is gone now yeah. Tiger may aren't. You certainly can prove he's not yeah. The great story about going over the hill over there on broad street thank you don't call and unloved and help child Soledad three point tiger first Carlyle was it. My record currently there ain't very own act premiere. In the house bash I get my mail all of my unlike last year. Did you go into that new mouth I was spoiled only Cheney did you have sent my first time body burn it didn't have an engine. It didn't work. I had my caddie and I don't mind is evident that I had to go to a junkyard embodiment of the 500 bucks a hold of him myself. Think the movie plot increased 20 yeah exactly. I. Have this cool did you talk have a name. I did not patted me and I didn't. Ahead by eight I had alert. Back bring it it'll work burning younger I had to Wear asked me Donald led thirteen to hammered the day and then act dominant I worked there in app. Number it's like yeah on how I can't pay my Grand Canyon crier thanks so you want to warn you when our American and I respect that the school. Thank you for Collin OK I don't think it's it's not until 93 Europe's first tie dinner and have a name carve out. Point 51 times that's what we're talking about this morning on the. There's so many stories about everyone's first car whether you planet. Your parents sonnet there there is a good sense of pride. With the first car. Do you ever got my friend Katie when he went to bishop Carroll she had a row. There was bread and that flight part extra friend that. We played I don't like 567. And a few stupid car angle all over town I mean. Community that's tough to know who got a different thirteen PM Singh is everything. Parties doubt probe was like another person in our group. I love cooking to the car. And it's very old Toyota Camry that my peers. My prayers for coolant to give me and it impressed live on the I thought that car was just like the coolest thing than it ever happened to me how I loved my bright back. And he's got 86910 had a dream my first 2000 Muslim going to drama you know so basically there. My 2000 cavalier. I love tired so what alone cavaliers were great weren't thanks speeches that I. That owner. Up the current car right right right now. Well that that is so eager to close. I. Or hurt it. Why add Bob hey if you love your your. Goodbyes than it did. I'm. You know I. Think yeah you don't heart broke my thinking about cedar. Nice person did it adds Keller for a hot minute Florio that was fine on the backseat. He had been even in his car. I don't know I never ask us. I'm at the time. With the I think leader right now they could hear them because our. I hate to break into but I think Peters on the highway in the sky all these big hit the home port tiger's gone either. Sprint complete now. People look what kind of color was it a thousand cavaliers travel away. It was a little Peter yeah. I see out of our. Because he was basically the order. They're the little Peter looked abroad a lot of ex. Carla Anderson had. An excellent oh I don't get any. Fees and added 3.5.