Dilemma of the Day: Does "Netflix and Chill" Code For Hooking Up?

Wednesday, August 17th

Does "Netflix and Chill" Code For Hooking Up?

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Great 3.5 Atlanta Kristen. We've got to me now from Croatia this morning she's eighteen years old she's a senior at one of the area schools Amanda tell you what's cool she goes to damp and it's not important that's not our business to tell. It. She's kind of got a preliminary email. Alicia like sixty you've got to know what Netflix. And silk means. At least according to a leash she figures everybody knows what Netflix until moments Q do you know what it means I do I'm 29 years old I know there you go so this is this guy I'm into texted me the other night and he invited me to come to this place true. Quote watch Netflix until. Still up once I put on the sex is now that I own I handed over to his apartment. When I got to its place we sat down on a couch and we watched Netflix. And chill out. All right. Well. And that was good to say it every time I tried to make doubtless there may give me a quick peck on the lips and turn back to the movie. It was such a boomer of Fulmer desk and she said after the movie image you lapses like seal it by. And she wants to know this morning doesn't everyone know that Netflix and chill is code for hook them up. Mean you know it's obviously has guided me. A week. Isn't I got into me cents all we did was hang out want to stupid movie Chris you know what do you think a guy says come on let's watch Netflix until you know it's a code word for make and how you take the invitation to again okay. I'm OK with this at the scenario and then that's exactly what to do US Netflix until so do you think the guy's got a tour what do what's going on here. And I ancient you know it's just going to be us sit me watching a movie app. Not a big deal on popcorn maybe like that's what I always assume is going to happen so I never told her so do you think the guys not all that in turn her. I actually I I ate each. I mean they never really had like K let's go wow they never really had a conversation she just says that she's into. And that but you know smelling a little hill is cold from a canal. So she's like an anxious look good too sexy outfit and those accounts once the movie. I don't well. I mean I don't know the entire situation obviously yeah I don't want to over think it's it's it's not a dramatic three is that guy not all bad end to only show what do you guys. I just think. What's the guys that didn't do anything wrong I think that guy didn't do anything wrong but she didn't say she tried to make a move on dude and only there was. Maybe karma lipstick is just Ian gentlemen it was like. And back up just since. That's it amenities like wait wait you guys this part here c'mon. Media old media is a movie he really likes. Now Jose you know king me. Hey I know I did not you three want you guys think he knew how to explain this for us this morning I mean really. Did you get kisses are going to lose like. That's simple creatures and it removed. Power battery 3.5. How morning playing housing demand anchors announced. Doesn't that flicks and show is that's code for come over and went to make out. Our our leisure Florida wasn't well she had kind of rough disappointing situation with solutions and do the other man yeah I'm means. She says that you know they texted and everything and he invited. Heard it come to his place watch Netflix in Chile he actually sent watch Netflix and chills she thought you know play on the sexy outfits over there. Watch whatever is going on and you know do little sometimes that whenever. Well she got there and he literally just sat there watched the movie. And that was that inflation tried to kiss him. Try to make outlive him deal anything she initiated the moves he wasn't Hannon he gave her quick peck and just watch them do things here. So it now she's really confused Janelle this at Blake's hair or age she's just. You know you know this is is Netflix and she'll actually code for hooking up. And instead. You know everybody knows accepted his diet or is it not turning in the maddening part. You're calls this morning we got a couple of guys on the phone go ahead now what do you think it's gone out of order here. The spirit I don't waste your beer guy you've got you know it's not a bomber or not take your order. Who don't roll roll kind of iron yeah yeah. And I'm like why in trying to be a gentleman about it yeah they connect are I don't know pretty well I don't. Eating volcanic I think he says he'd like to try to take it easy all right thank you for a very gentlemanly recent. Here they give benefit to regular the list until 08692. Not a very talented 3.5 what's gone out the lesion missed download. Watching the dialogue that malvo in indoor. Other news that he does like when he was just want to take it easy. Now about that if if we aren't left with sincere and an expert we have selected and pulled out the door bell okay. We now. Hundreds. Senior forward. Oh my god okay well you're definitely motivated that's for sure my net there it gracious. Christiane a note to self. Don't go watch meant to Netflix and chill with this guy and I can't. Pace since there aren't ten added three these we've heard some of the guys do you added this morning and now calls his power and having 3.5. Added 3.5 Netflix and until in this morning. We think. Hit man hey Christina I'm not a 100% San. Unleash. And she got invited from our guys he really like she's totally in to do. It only known each other a little while. And they gave her the invited to come over and well watched. Netflix and show his exact words actually. Now she went out there she made sure that she got all sorts of dressed up all sorts sexy. Lives when she went out to place they'd literally just sat on the couch and watch Netflix and shields not gonna happen when it's until musical. Them. Well it seems like totally disappointments this isn't innocent she's got little or nothing happened like Izzy Nadia didn't do what's going on here. How we've heard from a couple of guys this morning one I'm not so sure his angle but I think I know what you want at the outcome and I could compete. All I think we all know yet exactly. We are grow on a slow what's gone on. A moron and your girl and her baby she wanna go over here watching Netflix agility Gil how many guys said she watched the next big wave is shields. Yeah yeah well. Or that's a perplexing question there is Sandra wins I do not have an answer. Well or go back at all so yeah I mean maybe she wants the whole season series while she Netflix and chilled with the guys. Craig and I won't do what good movie and yell out don't we don't need a good feeling he loved me ill the only. All your glory yeah. Well warrant. For war on the opponent. I don't like well yeah I got you don't move until addition is gonna slap the holy hell are you. Yeah we're here yeah. Yeah. You did you when did standards they don't put Carla Jews like waving and finally why she's got her own subscription to Netflix and in good. She likes the white house of cards and Chevrolet. It's already pretty important aren't.