Dilemma of the Day: The Guy I'm Dating Has No Soap In His Bathroom!

Tuesday, August 23rd

The Guy I'm Dating Has No Soap In His Bathroom!

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Our RV 3.5 to pal Morton plant housed they hit man and Christina I'm had not the Marshall little school later on this morning and welcome the sixth graders back to class and tomorrow morning. Should delve breath that would real man real heroes on the air with us. They're going to be doing something very cool. For the students going back to Gordon Parks academy as we get ready for the first fiscal won't talk about that tomorrow morning. Let's talk about the this girl. This really uptight girl Susie. Really you've. Okay let's talk about seizing. And fans to look friends who. And where. Well not Clinton I guess she's been gone out to discuss for about a month. She had a sudden she's got to Madonna's apartment I mean look the admin and have a four month they like each other so cool right. So there's still a lot of time in our business relationship can't see enough of them men. I guess he's got a nice place but she hates using the bathroom not only because he lives in the studio because. There's no sole on the sink. These are her words I have to use the bar she'll be keeps in the shower to wash my hands. And it makes me wonder what he does when he makes us think he think that we should meet me is he even washing his hands. He told me guys don't need soap to wash their hands after they do number one but he didn't say anything about going number two. That sounds ridiculous and a half. As it sounds so now so he's asking us this morning as this guy dirty yes sure I don't think of them because there's no slow the soap and his bathroom sink come mind. Zinni's. LaMont Susie. And that was that big of a dual tour image she really likes you got to take care you are happy but the Wal-Mart a bunch of new liquid soap the drama so yeah. The breakup what the guy I mean that's fine but he needs to you set and it doesn't seem like he's got that mentality where he says he's actually any music he's. So does our credit rises so does a guy that aid he needs at least you know. Or reigning Stanley. Good so I am one so it's time for Susie to anoint him with her female. Weeks in enlighten me. I don't know I'm not I am. I went in there yet. No reason that talked a guy if he's not going to be cleanly all kind of losing it. To boutique here it is cleanliness yeah I used yeah. Break them. That's disgusting I don't need that my life just an old stick in the mud. Hits back film so for heaven's sake. Among pro players pick and a much mud sooners though bush okay 8692 or not you dream of that's just so I think the majority of ladies listen this morning are not gonna dump some guy because he doesn't have so open his bathroom sink. He just smacked legal firm month. He's already grossed out by this guy and I think the majority of the ladies would take pride in you know covered Clinton got up especially these wars click. That makes now now now how we down felt not how we roll Lilly's flew. Ladies gonna get some help her please please him I'm calling on the gonna tell you from ladies please your attention from. Ladies. 86910. About a three co op you got to hear what the women of Wichita opposite end and we're not going to agree with you Christina entered. He thinks she's still. However having 3.5 atop wanna play house since he's dilemma. A funky boyfriend. Yeah he boyfriend met Mason's sound nice they're lending. Actually see I don't think it's all that seriously let us let us explain this morning on power about a 3.5 he's so parents. Basically seasoning on Alec has got for about a month that's. Some time over his plays he announced she's been hanging out and games and gets into a nice place she says it's. You know not bad luck and let she doesn't like he's in the bathroom you know really isn't a studio so that's obviously not great by. That's not really the audience and the big issue is there's no silk in the sink. Like million and off. So she ends up having to use the bars soak city keeps in the shower just a wash your hands. And now she's saying yeah. She doesn't really know what happens. When you know he stinks up the blaze is evil washing his hands at this point in. Honestly. It's disgusting and I just think you're just so uptight it's ridiculous. I mean you aren't just I mean how we eat its basic hygiene and good guy to say he has his own studio apartment is little bug so that he doesn't outsold on the bathroom sink so it's the end of the world yes I'll come. 869293. What do you guys think this morning your calls let's go to to power lines go ahead girl what do you think. Let her spotlight what people are nobody your bank killed and it's so yeah and I didn't speak like it there it. Yeah I. This is totally I do you is it. Umpire. Got a whopper. Exactly. Yeah exactly yeah. But also felt all the I would think magnetic. I think it will ma and leave an out there you go alone he bought it watch and you aren't seen here. Q for Colin and I appreciate you wake about the listened to as she makes her six and she didn't everybody knows him only a little. Classic universe Christina hello currently put points I want it thank you. I could it be doesn't wash your hands after go to the bathroom. The question how often act without. Very young whether it be easier to find out just a little bizarre ministry kills with that mosque came over. And that you know washing your hands up because of the aftermath. For bigger he really need to do that. So you'll are green wit Christina that's grounds for dumping the guys. I'm not saying you could combat. And I think it. Talk about why. This is stuff the alert and active preschool. Play here. This is cut and normal stuff let it wash your hands after you do ADT just different. You can't. Either I wanna I wanna take as well as I mean think about it. At CNET and he got a lot. Here now. I. Yeah I want to let you know what I. I did he come up front. Does gonna have a little hot team looked. I still gets grounds to dump the guy but no I'm not saying anything that I'm not yeah I'm thinking that maybe I mean I got about our high crime or a the vote or want to. You're right about that thank you for Colin thanks wade and I let me ask you to. Go wash your hands well. 86 guys did loudly during each it's already three point favre's. How 103 point five to probably play houses hit man and Christina drama. This morning with Susie and her boyfriend having no sold. It is bathroom now he's got so from the shower but he doesn't heavily sold by the Basel in sync and now she's like flip out about it at least he's got the best we could do. Heard those for the so in this and that does does does change a shower bath tub or wherever it is an act police and get that but that's about all I can say for those guys. Easy disgusting. He only has so in the bathtub itself he's dirty he's just it he says he said that. I don't mean soap to wash their hands after they do a number one which honestly doesn't make any sense to me. You didn't see anything on going number two which makes her wonder is he Garrity. Cheesy and things within because there's no so thing is faster and seeing. She can handle it seemed as sinister route she's questioning in. I think it's a deal breaker and I don't think it's a big deal and all I think everybody's been a little uptight here. Page 6910 Larry three were getting calls about this the latest of which Chicago kind of agree with you. They say this is grounds to dump the guy we got to model it on a farm boy and girl. They have to do everything is that because that they can actually see it in or out it would act and it can't play an all day richt aren't in any city at the app currently heat haven't kept it in order to hate it. No they hear it that's kind of an FC. Yeah are your great out here. When you did it and a whole another level. This didn't exactly. I do that in. A minute where right I've got nothing yeah. Where. Girls. Yeah then I got lucky enough so I can tell it. Rightly expect it out or that or heard not more background right get back it yet. Yeah he. Deal breaker. I'll can't. Are. You to look. Zero I can't even argue it. Would you put that led to happen only Brad and I yeah yeah yeah. I don't hey he's our president played the.