Dilemma of the Day: I Already Picked an Engagement Ring For My Girlfriend...But Her Sister Hates It!

Friday, August 26th

I Already Picked an Engagement Ring For My Girlfriend...But Her Sister Hates It!

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Howard every 3.5. Doing some dads and what's this why your Guitar Hero and a word enormous scored every you know and maybe gonna quick trip. Good one of those donuts. And coffee. Very dreaming right now on all the coffee that you're missing and a anomalous doughnuts that you're missing out on now and I'm really not. Over the island now opened their doors to all especially now I'm gonna cost you Alia the coffees PM okay. Please talk about Parker thanks. Pour Parker. I had a I don't know I don't know what to say here not tour are the YOK. Let me tell you guys is going on with us. Did he sent us an email associate and a spent months working with a marine designer. Auto ring that my girlfriend won't love what I propose to her. The zionist manage and I sent a picture to my friends and family and my girlfriends friends. Every one loved it except. For my girlfriend's. Sister. She's sad and I should switch Steve Stone from you round cut diamond to an emerald cut one because it's what my girlfriend wouldn't want to. The problem as the race is finished and there's nothing I can build I know my girlfriend pretty well I think she'd love it regardless of the shape of the stole. So what he wants to know this morning. Should I trust my gut thing go with the rain I think that's right that's for sure I listened to my girlfriend sister. Christina. I mean obviously I don't know. Everybody's lives and Elena the relationship between the sisters by if it's anything. Plague me and my sister. She knows me. Period she knows my life she knows what I liked and I wanna make sure that that day is special. That's like one of the most. Special day is an A girls like this when he gets propose to anyone until look like a great brain so you're saying he should listen to the sister I'm I'm Glenn. You know I was in a position like that I would listen to the sibling who knows. My future brighter and come on. And he even makes more sense that way like all this is important this is something that she's gonna cherry she's gonna have forever you know. And if she hates this down and it's going to be like on Salazar ASU she's not gonna pay debts bonuses got a decent and Oliver Franzen taken pictures of put and now FaceBook. That's you know what the elephant cystic. He. Just oh he would know dean dean took his old hard earned money eat he puts a lot of thought into it had a marine and maybe even. Ended that's his expression of love tour her sister's gotten up until a decision Goldstone and his caddie what some real fun until they he would've brought the sister went on and then like insisted. Do you think she would like this like have a different opinion out there I just go into the so I was like him. I think that's dead anyway and I'll tell you need somebody else about it. Parker wide gap for you just go to storm governor rod what I'd like the garden epidemic not too so yeah under the rug. 8692 everybody three. Basics done to value during that is the number. So this morning is do you agree with Christina. That Parker should listen to the sister take this ring that he had made would love the bottom of the action. And restoring the concept just because don't. Just dirt doesn't like OK you've got to be kidding it's it's it could not immediately. Accidents. Airlines are a little I want to listeners to be good judge and jury on this one I think it's time to not entering your calls coming up it's Howard added 3.5. I'm at a 3.5 the top forty play housed they hit men and Christiana. And I just cannot believe the words that are cut it out of my partner's mouth this morning and how many 3.5 and if you adjust to an end. Parker and this from the love of his life and he wants to propose. And he's put a lot of thought and work into it. Right I mean heat. She's been spending months working with the ring designer on a certain range and that he thinks that his girlfriend is now Luntz. And he's ready to propose that he's excited and everything in the design and actually finished. Santa pictures of friends and family and of course the girlfriend's family and everybody loved it. Everybody except one person the girlfriend's sister. And she actually sending patients switched to the stone for not around cut diamond to an emerald cut one because. That's what she thinks the girl from actually want and the promise ring is already finished the police he really do anything about it except go back and have them redo the entire process plus easy. And I mean I understand how that could be an issue what it's the same time like this is going to be something that she's going to cherish. Her entire life that she's with this guy well and Chris is saying that he listen listen to the sister and no intent to design of the ring because of what the sisters said. But everybody has said they loved it except for the one sister which is Linda thank him. Plus also don't like him anyway yeah. HTT I'm Tim not a three goes on the phone. Her back to me the best. I gave birth on Chris you know really park but I honestly it's Spaniard do. You love it no matter but I can't. I mean. They think backyard picnic out that it should be happy with what ever worrying purple I think it's because at the end of the day. It's a proposal like white gonna complain about it ring mice get got. Let light. Would rather have the ring that you really really wanted and I'm sure like. I know I've talked to my sister ran all the girly stealing the rings stuff I don't talk to that was my gang I do is down so he has no idea she will. It was the bat I might play and what I'd like heartland putting lab and the day at seven PR you're not can't pick in the ringgit about the she beat out I think I think he you know then it got there are all. You know that it could go and really let him that you can be happy with whatever rink he regretted. Go to a bit I. Thank you girl next caller this morning aids since 19113. Events awaken capitalists in two hours every day she this is how this works Christina how. How important I guess you've got to is that what you should get what she said let's go to power lines and what do you drink. Has there are a little bit tired and not every hole and I mean you've got a aren't getting married and I mean it cheapening it by either way. He's gonna be happy it's going to be like he's gonna be happy that he wants to marry her need it in her that we now. Rendered the underneath those John you know. It's only eight act like it. I lose loose screw it up she's yeah she's doesn't what do you you're absolutely. It. Yes you're right thank you for calling I appreciate to wake up and listen to us every morning to. Ari about. 691093. The ladies are hacked. Consider cars this morning its power got a 3.5. They'll be out of you are very good point five Tom what did you play. Houses Atlanta Kristina we're talking love is love sweet beautiful night. Took about an engagement ring and Wear out yeah okay. Are you at our June Parker. He spent months working on the engagement ring for his soon to be fiancee went to a ring designer. Did on by the way guys. Take my advice. The finest restaurants for her haven't made from scratch. I mean I am for my wife I found the diamonds are found amounts. And I and I I actually drop on paper what I wanted and had a custom. That's the best way to do it. I'm gonna enjoy it and that's what Parker did here so after everything was created it they have this beautiful vision of his expression of love for his. Gross ran decent pitches up in the entire family gets there one opinion and there was one hitter in the group. While I have not had earth it was the girlfriend's sister that's a pretty big one and then I mean I don't know. Everybody else works and as well but for me. My sister is one of the most important people in my life. I tell her almost everything you know I'm not gonna tell exactly when I'm gonna be wearing and everything I don't do that stuff. Like she knows a lot about my youth and she's an important part of any girls like sightseeing. She's the best ones taking place for a while she says she didn't like it really contentious whipped up the stun rounds since the system is to shut the hell out. She's got she's got no dog in this fight cooers seeds in action. 86 did not doing so far everybody is agreed with me Pristina and now let's go to the power of the girl. Her out flat daddy I think that if you really wanted to stand opinions maybe you shouldn't call. Then at any boy when he got there any way. C that's that's exactly what I'm saying he shouldn't doctors through a little better Brock doesn't surprise you know at least the ones they interact with her the most Brock then. Even a friend and then why is that right. I act and eat late late now I want it but you know I think he'll love it but it you wrote I want you are the only the do you eat what I. Landed a little better ask any lawyer Bob. Yes all right good point eight and he hasn't goof he's done it I don't think he's too bright asking them anyway hello hi I. It's important but what do you think. Is it that mattered. Yeah look I'm not really been any that aren't. You and and me I'm. It'll cut annual I don't when I had been now that means that it it let let that Angela Platt who know. Happy hearing or a million yeah I don't care act. I on ads. I had been let me and that you know I'm not show up in the green on me just say I'm all in the neck and that. My mom I reprimand and let the right. You know I don't think I. Ask is not a hopeless straw man. Because this is such a special weekend for me and my wife because I celebrate the day I met my wife and I can my white and I met her. On August 28 and Sunday marks the seventh year that I met her because that was the beginning of happen. Yeah I'm now. A celebrity willing to live their lives a little. He. Aren't great. And our current day and and AT IR I OLE. Eighteen that's. All goalie hope climb. I remember his birthday yeah. I have lunch she's hopeless romantic like me I haven't. But thank you for Colin I'm so glad you got the man of your dreams and for the rest. You're welcome and seeing now I'd muted tissue. You need a couple oh god he's CR is just beautiful.