Dilemma of the Day: I Asked My Boyfriend's Parents Permission To Marry Him!

Monday, August 29th

I Asked My Boyfriend's Parents Permission To Marry Him!

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Apparently 3.5. Joy and Juliet Juliet are our peers sweet Julia. Yes she hit us up over the weekend. What is the interest in similar circumstances that her email containing an end of the little debate it's really interesting. In the sense that I'm only here is I don't think I've never quite gotten an email like this. Are right listens to his every morning and she's really curious curious to know what you think about all this Christina. She's like me a hit man I know things have gotten a little more progressive than men don't even have to ask permission to marry someone's daughter. My boyfriend ask both my parents right and primary because we both know we're going to be engaged. Kids that has been giving the hard time for not asking his permissions so I'd turn the tables a little. Last night. I asked his mom and dad if it would be okay for me to marry their son and spend the rest of my life with him which I think is just. Beautifully romantic pump they're both hugged me and said yes. Okay she said I don't know. India the women who have done this but I know my boyfriend's dad appreciated that he actually teared up. So here's the question this morning ladies. Would you ever ask you guys parents for permission to marry him. And parents would you have wanted your future daughter I want to ask permission to marry your son. So Christie you know what do you think this just borrow. Asking the parents'. Permission to marry Verisign. Well. I just I don't think my mind's ready for that. Flake the world may be ready but I'm just not like I meant that Larry now aware of untraditional lakes. Again I asked my parents ends you know that's it. I and and then I'm Leon this is not Pleasant Hill and I can't could have put a little colder there right. Every bit like asking the guy out like at all like that if he you know we don't know out like a mad person who really. Happened like in my hand like I'm back in the fifties like yes but it okay. You're traditionally a very traditional about it. Everything and and that's OK okay I mean you're allowed to be a traditional words born well. You're alone. I create an eight dollar and I'm sorry I apologize I hate those not appropriate oh. Sincerely I apologize to my face can use yeah sure I and I don't totally see something and ago. It's it's I did Matty three the ladies what do you think. Would you ever ask you guys parents for permission to marry Garcon and I wanna know is currently delisting this morning that's like Julia UN fact. Asked. You're in man's parents if you could marry there so I'm look there are some moms that are extremely territorial with the assurance. Yeah he might lessen the blow a little bit at just the way these flipped the script and went to momma said. You know I love junior I want him to be my husband. Grant Mason jar before radioed them okay agents are did Matty three what do you guys think this morning. Pat and and ladies in particular is there anybody else that's been like Julia I. I would submit that Julie is probably right. They're probably has not been a lot of ladies that have actually gone to their man's parents and asked the his. His mom and dad yeah for permission to marry I guarantee that like it's turning into a more modern world but you know then I fly solo Julia for flipping the script. She's a progressive woman of the new age I'd like that I mean. She get in now. To get confidence bag is down so an I I applaud perfect perfect triangles and honestly work I know still exert a bag three women who if they would have asked my mom for permission to marry me she would send Helm I'll get out of news and. I. Into. It doesn't slow right incidents that I did not a great mom would you want your son is girl ask him for information call now. 3.5 Obama replay household about Christina be just tuning in this morning empowered every 3.5 Julia. I haven't shaken the apple cart a little bit. Because she wants enough it's okay for her to ask. Her boyfriend's parents permission. Married to Sean. And I kind of liked this idea I think it's revolutionary I think this new ways to spread christianity is a traditional. Our supporters. I mean yeah it's just it's one of those things for me lately guy should ask you. And that's just that's how I've always viewed it and that's discount I was going to be great. Now her boyfriend. Ask both of her parents' rate in front of her. And they both know that they're gonna being age they think talked about a four or you know there are cents. Playing he's dad was giving her a hard time for not asking for information. So she decided to actually do it seemed. Ask the mom and dad if it would be okay for her to marry their son can spend the rest of you know their lives together. And they both thunders and then yes awesome wonderful and it made it. He's another happy themselves I mean I understand why she did say he nationally she should because it makes him happy to play. Like for me. If my future in laws asked me to share client beyond that I have not about to just do it come I am. Get out eight since 1993. I don't see anything wrong with them I think it's very contemporary I think it's very progressive I think it's it's possible. And it goes both ways will lift these what do you think this morning go ahead originally they got to close pretty fired up what do you think. I hit me and I'm bar alleged no no I don't like. That's cool what. C so yeah if you're with Greece did and you're you're saying the lady should not ask his pants for promotion. Icrc is your reason why you're so I mean you seem to be critics wrong in your opinion is there a reason why. I didn't feel like it's not right that they'll like it should the fans dobbs. To do it enough you might be outcrop on adding and not under overall sound but I did I just got agrees. So do you really are of the opinion there are some things that should not be compromised in this is one and the woman should never ask the boyfriend's parents for permission the mansion always ask. Being being the thing correct at that instant I'll I'll I'll oh I don't know. Look I would respect your. And and as certainly the view. Have your reasons for why you feel so strongly I can you share of the energy in your voice as to how strongly you feel about. Very okay we'll going to bring home. More YouTube preaching to wake it up and listen to us every morning. He is a welcome this how we live airlines plane that I you don't want it to double standard. Beyond alliance isn't nearly as him for the ladies that are listening to don't get along with the cause I had just haven't asked. His parents what do. Balance the situation out a little more it seems like. If you don't get along with the parents they're probably say no the actress my mom gave me dumps off on the cool she's like I love her she's the best I can't and mean to become best friends with mom and men. Like along with parents I just deal. Feel I have a problem okay 88691093. Were out later east. Are you called this morning is it okay of the lives asked the Dublin and some parents for permission. I like that I really do that because if somebody asked a minute my boys that the first thing Imus is no. I mean I know I know she wanted to get a halfway out of not know the confusing. I mean 3.5 it's. Point by the public housing demand and Pristina it is a different subject and a number of ways this morning but. Julie I want to know is it okay if she asked her boyfriend's parents' permission to marry their Sean and me. I think it's yeah it does situation a thing because. He had to do with. The boy friends her fiance guess at this point. His father. He at a certain saying it. It was bothering him and she she's elegy an obligation to do that thing and of course. The boyfriend he's RD asked both of her parents it was right in front of her and you know big cannon nailed that they're going to be engaged like it's they've had a conversation before. Now he's dad was giving her a hard time for not asking his permission. The father anyway so she decided and just do it she sat down the mom again. Of his mom who's ahead and death you know just ask them straight up and I'm Mary your son and generous smile I'm for them and they both said yes. Now. She noticed that. His father actually teared up and they know obviously was important to him and I think that's the main reason why she did it wasn't because she actually just. Decided I wanted to do listening to be important to him. So ultra traditionalists. Formed Kristin says it was a bad idea and the men should always ask the parents and I I don't even know who's asking who went anymore. You can arms and yeah well little money split at the same time like I just. I eat in my head it's ingrained in there that the guy always asks and that's it I think the sort of woman and sexy it's kind of hot. If a woman as assertive and she knows what she wants it she's willing to like put the cards on the table like yo what up. Hey there's there's plenty for Iraq. Yes I really think I don't know guys that called in and said yeah. DA you have the guy down and yet because guys will admit they like a sort of women and they may or may not I had no issues what did your calls aids it's not Tim not a breach is it OK but the girl asked. There is parents' permission of the marriage. And I who are. All the big out. And I'm like you know what they're guys you got me out him out and out at me. And there you go yeah you know it's my yeah I mean there's Joseph yeah by the tradition need to be about. OK there you go so now most of the times when you ask the guy out what was the answer. I don't see and most men probably lied to a certain nature. Yeah I mean and I mean sure I don't know I like my employer my mom right now it doesn't get to. Wow well. Sarah sounds like a whole other story doorman that I'm sure you guzzle triggered and I don't. Welcome thank you for Collins he's he's actually I Christina yeah. She's not a sure I want you to choose what you like she likes what she wants to achieve goals for no apparent good point but what do you think. I think that is actually a good idea I am a mother of cute boys and I think that would be really right Fred. And that I think to think about is act in permission of credit equipment can't really is semi old is well aware that we're being more. As opera that's still true yes I like being cast. That guys can we make things more equitable. You know you can you raise a great player and army and that's a month and the gold back all the way to like a 1008 deal whatever. Where men who have daughters they were property they wanna barter their daughters for certain things Jack Nance our. Yeah so. I mean what's been property come and that's. And right to tenderly about it and X. So what she's saying is look. So when you turn it around the other way it cuts both ways right absolutely. I mean does that mean I need to ask a parent permission because he's property now. Now. I did they get their head you know at this point. Does that wait wa thank. Yeah and let's face it most women considered their man there's abuse there than a woman out there you go that's that. He's mad he Milosevic and aren't so there you go well whereas a Sergio number eight. Thank you for calling okay. Mom Christina I am I like the idea to grow Alaska and the parents are about to rest your guys. Your calls its power and every three points aren't. And every 3.5 about wanna play house the Atlanta Kristina B just amendments wanna I wanna know why the league lively discussion. And also ordered that the last hour general Julia. She's been with the men and she dog you know what I'm going to ask his parents for permission to marry for their children. So did trigger a whole conversation this morning is it okay if the woman flipped the script and ask. The boy's parents for permission to Mary two which Christian and you said. Now. She's a traditionalist I am. We had some women that have called up this morning and agreed with fuel and some that have called up this morning in agreement may I think it's cool if the woman asked and in my. Money tell. Help alleviate some future problems with the M Oz because look feel what I feel like they're part of a part of the wanna feel inclusive we have already on the phone who ventured into that Lange go ahead don't tell us your story. I actually proposed to my fiance a few weeks ago it sounds to me after as a big proposal and everything. I didn't end up at a parent or mission but there were rooting for a anyways. Get married I think it's totally okay woman. Take initiative on it. I agree with you like that did your boyfriend had any idea that that was your intention. Now not now off as a complete surprise I might ultimately to get their name made it idiot. Forum and that hacker you know Matt is every bit. It was so cool and he said yes our courts and he's gonna values and shared we'll congratulations. I thought what happened and you know I was gonna look good and it's been flat and tired of. And I don't know about you but I like a dominant woman who knows what she wants to live that's come from Ole. Well I respect you for that because look at why should run and a little Buchanan. Name me and a little island and Marian re the kind of forced the issue a little bit looking guys that Madera and only to have the ball while so you feel like you want city flooded right. On the same page whip Eric debt burden back. Or actually how I guess. I thought I had not like you're gonna do you go. Including mine not a gloom might have a hero and this does have a good day. To let us know yeah in the days knowledge kind of stuff keep us posted OK our team that's how it's done Christina. Howard averaged 3.5 about Maurice Playhouse is manna Carcillo. Double standard isn't. I think and as innocent and what we're talking about Julia. Asking her boyfriend's parents for permission to marry there Shawn. Christy NASA is now. The woman should never ask the boyfriend's parents for the boyfriend's parents should ask. Her parents because she's a traditionalist he had I just is it's just something that's always in the back of my men my age. I'm never going to be able to do that. Not something that I really want to do either I think it's a beautiful thing when a woman knows what she wants to end. Goals for it just like a lady who just cause she's like can I ask my boyfriend's parents he had no idea. They've been forgiven for awhile but she went for coming out never like heard it. That S a from a guy that that's something they like so I don't. I I still can't lite picture that my head well we have a guy on the phone this morning and he's going up the last word about this because we heard from a tunnel ladies go I dude you agree with me. This isn't a double standard I. I bet you're beyond the end gold standard. Nowadays he's just a spare for a woman to be able her boyfriend's parents. I'm not China take away their ability I'm just saying it's not for me I'm not going to be done I got their big deal I can't help but notice in the sound of your voice you're a guy who responds well to a dominant woman yes. And now the women are able beat become the bread winner inside that house. There's no question about it and when you have a dominant woman is telling you what to do and whether it be and what the goal was to win that's what you need right it's my real that you really like that don't you near par three you know it's like in my hands are up that's it I'm submissive Al doomed whatever that street daughters submit quite a bit. Yeah. That's a man life is wonderful you quite some time ago hasn't but it barely fourteen years ago. Not counting anything out you know what I'm proud of you know you're defeated and you're accepting that would Greeks. Yeah the what about plug this morning okay here to get them down and up the phone. And go back to work that they get every third that works. This guy and he's a little did an important port again adults. Its power and how it added three point as far as.