Dilemma of the Day: I Got Together With My Friends' Ex!

Friday, July 29th

This lady called in and said she hooked up with her friends' ex! Listen in to the discussion!

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Our nightly three point side you need to be summary read this morning there. Then and Christina Friday morning. Got a lot of bad draft if you will. From the conversation we had yesterday morning breaks again. And if you guys don't remember. I think our I think I do Jake I can't members say it was Jake gets half summoning is he broke up with this girl two months ago. And it. He's now found that a lot of his friends are still friends with her arm FaceBook writes he's got a problem with. DNA study he wasn't very comfortable I didn't think that they were actually as friends if they were honest you know keep. Talking to you and being friends with his acts to which I should add. You know if you're a true friend. You're going to be friends what the decks where you guys beat me up about that you. Because she says that you said it doesn't matter got a lot of calls from people but it didn't matter. Because it doesn't some calls from some guys that come understood what I was coming from you know some of the call with the broke coat. Whatever name you give it it's just a matter. It's your true friend and that that's just my opinion clearly you guys don't agree with that I accept that. Well that's very grown up with you I'm very crafty but does Olivia on the phone that was listening yesterday morning she's calling them right now. Director earache ticker crawl I think he. Do we know her name. I don't actually and I did now sorry outside I'm sorry I don't know your name but Doug thank you both morning and you don't waiting to get on the air with this this morning. Well what's the what's on your mind about a conversation from yesterday. How may I don't look I mean you guys show yesterday about the whole dating Frey and than being friends with your ex. Greinke things. Well yeah I kind of got beat up up up that Kristina said it wasn't a big deal I say that it was a big deal because they were really your friends once you broke up with that person you would have anything to do with. Right well kind of in this situation now the length of the when you're talking about where my. Friday was say someone is she fat dating him if she told me all these bad things about it so me being a good friend I was there for her interests in everything was over well couple weeks ago in her and it kind of started hanging now and let him. No wait wait wait wait wait wait and chill your girl broke up with this dude been told you always horrible things about him but you were still friends with him on FaceBook you guys were still kind of you know be cool with each other melt them Obama. Yet there's been people like each other safety nets even really in it then you know so little while I started seeing the fact he didn't tell you about the hall you know. Hi. Also was like bad so basically you wonder girls' heads have hooked up because you guys good friend from page book ticket. Say that you ask you know she needed someone that in his dissent he needed someone pill. My own song about him now are. Yes and weatherman here is what I need to know you're slow you know that you are dating her ex boyfriend. Yeah I'd probably beating someone but she doesn't know who exactly I'm thinking why is just listen sort of short right now she's got earlier bullies I don't know that would happen to that account lol okay. Wow you're on your STD's that I. Conditions is everything okay edit edit cut inspect what I was saying yesterday that did their real friend who wouldn't be friends with your tax and now this happens and her girlfriend friend confided in her telling her things about this guy and look you don't have to tell me your intimate details. But it sounds to me. The sound of your voice debut in him may have already made it past third base. He had always costs. Do they get them down and see. How do you have it did happen. OK this changes everything is it cool put your friend hooked up with a Max and you know with them anymore. Ironically if it was the other way around I wouldn't care she did good to be my excuse my export reason you know especially I told her what the problem there with them and she had ample warning also went to date I'm glad. It's fair plan like that plan actually got right on you wouldn't care if somebody hooked up with directs but they're your friends and you complied with them about everything in a relationship is that what you both do you split the same union ha telling it off at right okay all right look you know what what do -- chooses who to personalize does your business I think it's scandalous I think it's Saturday I mean negro was talking to you and telling you things about her dude so you kind of had some extra ammo going and then and if you did or not it really doesn't matter this point if he told him anything she may have told you about him that you guys are together amount clearly you like Kim and clearly you guys are armed to the next you're grove isn't going to do about it that makes it even more scandalous. Well technically is not in the lives because that kind of Zelaya it was gonna happen anyway honestly. Powell even when she was it was soon you what kind of took him out. I wasn't intently checking them out Volek got that you know I think my face look anything really bad and surprised at being there. Board hands sometimes entity yeah no problem thank you for calling an okay yeah I can't believe what I just heard true friend confided in in new about the relationship and then you hook up with the demand that we yesterday we talked about the broke Coble the assist her car. I'm wrong. Her and he gets anymore so now he's free she's free and single mother. In amount and right in in an accident link it. It took until married 38691093. Can you know believe what we just heard your calls right now what do you guys think skinned and I lose its power outage reported five. Howard had a 3.5 pound more in play how's the hit man and Christina. Unlike believe mobile phone home I'm shocked. I'm a gasped. And I am disgusted I mean I didn't say it's not a crazy as the situation it is it's a cool and breezy situation apparently. There is this girl she called and we really don't know her name but she called and she said that her friend. Broke up with you know her boy what better. Well she started talking into the gang you know he was hurt he was in a place where you know they had just broken up so they started talking. My name you. Yeah I guess I got as you are going to be with you on its OK I want to ask you straight up told the girl that you thought it was OK you didn't have a problem with it. That hurt the ability of broker that she even though the girl what's her friend as she comes out of Manningham adorning every day and about what was going. That relationship as he spray the mould him the minute she turned her back dirty dirty dirty technically there's nothing wrong about what I have not nothing in all of. Ron and Allentown you'll confuse Alienware X it is okay. Eighty to ninety married three let's hear what the audience has to say that I is going to want you. Now I can't believe that disparate that's raggedy. That is will Iraq really it's dirty it's messy. I just I mean I'm shocked quite frankly and I don't think she was ever this girl's true friend to begin with an. Reyes you glad you're very end because that it is today. Even tell you wake up with somebody that well they are you ever have a problem that is break up the make up belt and a helmet and they'll get back together anyway. That's true and Christina shame on you what I believe that this is okay what is your kindness and we're actually supposed to be together but. Her friend just happened to me inserts. Not yeah I'm. Very happy the issue straight up randomly and your did. Kind of friendly you ladies talked about that that's always sit in the room and tried to do stuff would you man. Appetite. And that's she's she did exactly what she was doing what is already. Number. There anymore now. Now. Thank you. Thank you look down first and. For you and your mind what you talked about it CNN and let the man isn't a lot and I hope he recognizes just how special lady hasn't you know. Where. Scott oh. Ali yeah. Well I just go unnoticed and I just don't understand why about life's a beach how do you 3.5 what do you think. Arnie yeah. Can you believe those. No like hey here I can't. Go on you guys. Now you know typing in all black hair yeah. What are being completely crazy idea. Do you like you not. And and I'm my I can't that a car under another warm day. What do you mind and backed bridge you know and you know that you don't know what it lists can like actually act and not better yet let. Yeah and I don't like I don't like exact itchy nose and her girl is out of town and she calls up and tells you stuff that puts I was. Dora the radio. I would want to hear all this drama. Either be you know these personal business like ancient black radio everybody here because. You do right now yeah right yeah I'd you can print he is an angiogram and I didn't have a weapon and. I believe we love you girls team he is what I'm but I'll read you got back. At six and I intend married 386910113. What do you guys and guess this. Yeah I. We only had a yeah yeah among them. Okay it's different you guys hear me the women to Wichita are mad this morning yeah and lady you have no right to beat. And if you're just tuning men and you don't know why the ladies would you talk all worked up. Well you can drink the chicken head I'm just going to command all that to get ahead. Then then call up this morning and and told us. That's how girl. Who's your friend has been talked about her daughter do chairman intimate things about their relationship wouldn't talk to each other about the relationships. She breaks up dude. She's still friends with them on FaceBook and they start talking and admit. And you know how would you describe it the zoom zoom in the blue moon I thought I was a parent that although Clark. Stay on top of that. From college out of town she knows her girls shouted down cheap calls us up and puts all this dirt on the are ready oh and here's the thing now my may. And think I'm having a problem went as far as you're concerned. Is. They're not together and now is technically not together anymore she didn't want him here and want her son happened and that's the problem I have with Q. Could you tell you do you think it's okay it. That's fine it's technically okay that's fine you get them for enlightening okay go ahead Al and they don't like each other paychecks not ten not 3COM. Currently shocked them they wanted to say. Okay here's my day to eat give out. But. You look at any one of my referral ever wondered if they expect the good news. Don't that one I would want my poppy and it hit like I think that's the way Frontline. She got the script aware that she's column of the. You caught up I don't know it's now. I. I can see what looked backed card into the homily and shot it looked yeah if you listen this morning you know. One of body is Google two. Howard I dreamed he'd finally did you. Relief incorrect. It's bad out there is a girl or you probably Conficker code it. That's ridiculous argument and it's through higher event. I'm not in your life and it's added it's that I'll recoup public knocking it out on the street. Now I mean seriously. She's got a minute. That while her girl was with all doom and. They would dormant in from across the room so hate cannon he kind of knew what was up anyway I just checked him out not medic who now. Well. And apparently all around it probably if they ate slept amateur deep. I. As she went there are places that give you slack. Or or. Are you there. Thank you see you see the women now and they all agree with me this morning Christina I'm sorry but you're just dead wrong man mr. Carlisle Howard added 3.5. Yes good morning yeah girl com home now. Okay. I really has no matter if these matters that I can't. He's practice and he's better on the hot hot humid and let her earn it and let. He got there and he flattened part of being. It started maybe adding you know you know about you cannot dummy Gainer he's got to ask you Collie he'd this. Oh yeah. Didn't are idiots who don't cool and that's what's really dirty about it. Kill your friends out of town is supposed to be your sister girl and you look on the radio talk about all this noise about her man that you drug took kind of back when you was all your game trying to get that done to begin needed some advice now. And now you're out dinner coach. I doubt that that's edit OK they might meant you meant to be a happily have wrapped the coming collapse but they're the step up that pirates. I'm talking notify you about Brendan about soprano is up in Maine and yeah. And our entire. She hasn't turned so you know she's probably still talking to a doctor and choose even know that her grows already dwindled due to punish him with on the phone going dead or does. Already that hardly Darden yeah you get mad about it I don't put away how unhappy manner and not have a little scenario. I think people should. Don't you remember that the girl EUO. Six and I did not a great solidarity 3.5. Power and every. Three point tied atop Mauna Playhouse the Atlantic Canada Pamela worn out and I'm I'm quite exhausted as well and if you're just tuning in and you don't know why eighth. We have a lady and we didn't we get her name. Publish to lose listening yesterday on the show through and we were talking about you know FaceBook. Because. There was. This guy who broke up with this girl. And some of his home is we're still friends. With his acts on FaceBook and he had a problem with. That would you guys pretty much roast of me. Being a little like look they're not together anymore if you can't teller who can beat her friends and who can't see her friend's house. OK I took a video on demand like this morning a lady called up and under so we didn't get or remain. But she's shed a similar thing happened during her with her. Her girlfriend. Who was witness do if she would talk to her about oh do and she would tell Lola and she was teller intimate things about their relationship. Her friend brakes are put the guy. They're still friends on placement the next thing you know she's hooking up with them. I haven't intimates. And she hasn't even told her drove it she's talking to her sex and they've only been broken up went three full weeks. It wasn't that long Geist. And all the girls the friend has already moved in. Because there was still friends on FaceBook and boom there you haven't I took a beating yesterday about that broke oh yeah. Look this is wrong on so many levels and this gets to the heart of my point and it's real. Wrong it's just wrong. She just took it one step further that's all okay so it's not really that different than yesterday's situation Tracinda has no problem with the by the way guys don't. You guys keep commenting. On FaceBook on Twitter what are some of the comments. We actually we've got some people's pains they can bowls BXs. And and you know they don't understand. What people if you did Atlanta cross that line meaning yes you or your friend Leo how they aren't. The folks are still going until every six not a mandatory we gonna down upon its got a different perspective all right dude almost what part one of that story quiet time reading different. Oh my best friends didn't ex girlfriend in my current beyond bay and I haven't. How when they broke up pal around with a broken up before you got Withrow girl Albright about agreements and more you guys still friends on FaceBook after he broke up with her aria half hour quiet non C is just okay now this is just a male version of the just pick out that saw play he's still my best friend and when he stupid. It does not IE stupid stupid at all however it is good boys Bob what else. Liddy I'd. About and it college and I don't. That's that are relative and it didn't work you really really weird yeah and I. Thought much about. I guess you got aliens well I am so you'd be happy about I want it or she yeah I mean I I grade but as you know I'm yeah as it's kinda shady I. You don't know Aaron and you're mark but I'd be happy. Oh yes season and welcomes Nancy want your friends that. You are part of it out at college SE I do their own. C entity they Epstein you know as a group we all out there I want my mind people they had him on the friends the FB I want people and anybody. And an associate with people let alone spend they have people are you kidding me. I'm sure looks at right now you can't form where I won't look at you until my head is he is actually turning isn't 86. She's not a grant the Vista. They're starting 3.5. After all the time is still sounds so good it makes you wanna have to I get my password wrong. OK. I can see you in a club and I really can't. Got a bad luck Jimmy you probably look like I'd like clothes. In the game room and then in the corner from what I ever about it. Yeah sneak out why. You just threw me in a corner it's Ozzie there's. We guess I don't sandy on the phone. She's gonna have the last word this morning about the conversation regarding the girl the call of a blast now who basically picked off. Heard girls man on FaceBook and moved up within. Behind her girls back didn't hello girl what she was doing girl still doesn't know. C still don't know what I don't understand is how is it okay break into the situation yesterday via okay but today it's not. Just because he's. Lift the generals now I'm number still is okay yesterday as it was a broken I don't let everybody that's been calling in I don't understand. Well because now is to grow to know. I just took it one step further. Three weeks after they ever gonna yeah of his Brothers as well and then with a. Maybe it's holed up zeros and our rights and become a girl Bridget what what do you think he gets the last word. Minding your magnitude bigger plan saying. Yeah all his words of wisdom. Eight different Jackie trail and they're very good every kid you know all it can't help get rid favorite. Yeah. Well yeah. We're out. And it's gonna get you. Those and had now made a new musical production the you okay you're oh yeah are undervalued.