Dilemma of the Day: Is it OK to take a Selfie on the First Date?

Tuesday, July 26th

Dilemma of the Day: Is it OK to take a Selfie on the First Date?

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Currently three point side and probably Blaine house the morning hits Manning Pristina to religions if it's on the way and in o'clock hour. I don't that they could Kyle and his dilemma. And I don't know about you but I did notice is gonna allow board Jude is opening up mostly to us are not aware. I never knew lived like dude sent such levels that. Of emotions here in delight in saint Denis outer office starter would Michael remember what Michael Y 820 my guide I forgot about him and the. Oh this and he had bullet into the basement of the girlfriend's house I wonder what's going on with him. We definitely of their seat Franken hitting back at every email I guess if I could track him down and see what's gone on its image girl this is girl's great. Check him on the radio I know I. Yes he lets it flake that like. He just dropped. The call and it was over and we didn't know what happened to a home the last thing I heard Michael say does lose I gotta go. So I don't know it's gone well what Kyle I think I do blood. I guess he went on this first day with this girl over the weekend. They just never recently. We met at a bar and they had some drinks on the first day he says she's cute and we did our best theatre Robitaille was kind of awkward. And but there's no way this exact quote unquote awkward first date Fareed. And then halfway through the day she whips out her phone and tried to take us Oakley was picked. He's like kitten and Arnold you're trying to break the other ways to make things less awkward or why. But it just made things worse. Now look MS Juli finished up the gave the drinks. And then they just kind of fizzles like simulator. That's. Not saying quote where do you wants to know. Is that is it weird to take a self he would somewhat of a first thing I got as she closed the match. Is that you Swanee sixteen there's no way that's. And spent so normally I take a picture with. You know my brother into the picture with my mother didn't picture with my friend his best damn this is somebody you don't know. This is a first day you probably Buffalo Wild Wings of some. Place like dad children. You've seen weirder things on the Internet it's not so strange to see hey we're on a first date yea. OK I just suddenly ill. Disagree because I want to come at a trauma guys respect. Okay this the first day first of all are already filling operative value you. And you wanna take a cell three maybe I don't want my peeps and our moral which you like that quite yet. I'm just. I'm just so we met you cool it we didn't enjoy it to drink don't go calling it. Again but now you wanna sell you with me what's up with a laugh. At. Just smile and did do is it made them. Thank you a picture as so it's just let them but it did do you know what she's gonna do you can judge Clinton. You don't know what she's gonna do that that you might put it on FaceBook might try to cause drama maybe he's got some of the girl he's trying to talk to should be crescent even doesn't like I guess not be ill. No. She knows Obama. Kyle you have developed Hamlin all wrong because what she said hey look can I do yourself for every year when I appreciate that but Matt. No thanks I'm gonna stick up their bags are lower now I don't want float around here. That's what kind of stinks okay hey it's time to mandatory what do you guys think am I wrong. Our do you agree with the president it's not a big deal at all I'm saying and am I doing this a few three and out for no. Here let me out let this don't really wanna grab that much we had a Draper to our hitters but the six Luxor Madrid what I don't know is not a big. At all and now yourself it was a week it's your just your eerie turn and some and anti there's. You into something that it doesn't mean you may again now an animal illness and. We did calmly consider. 8619113. Live me my mainly Christian and his drive well now her. Wind and her but I would think so I would think she's a bid cycle wanted to consultant with me and on the first day. Edition comes in cycles. I think so all my guys are right they worry. Do they took one look we I think it's a sort of go oh I need I guess you know I need some backup help. Bob did would you yeah L it's loud. Usually gets going down on the Ice-T is what it is and I 103 point 5 studio god this morning drama. With these borderline Psycho girl groups. RAI yeah I'm certain only area you because it does it's well deserved what do. I am leaking air Tammy. It's just truly an end McConnell has no legitimate and meet Pierre had power grabbing three boys I. In 98 I don't envy. Part of it flyover and X. I'd look silent night Kyle annual average stay the other night with this girl that they and they met in a bar messenger ain't seen Allen was financed. Did you steal it they did their best and headed off you know they they had a little back and forth gone on but it was actually a little that contrary I guess. You know we've all been on the first day we know how poverty can be on that first day. My way through the day she without the phone and try to make itself the lesson. And heat got a little weird about it and he's got and it made things a little more awkward. And immediate wage wars and an eight any kind of freaked out. Any says Ian Allen nationally in the drinks were finished and the date. It was over and it kind of fizzled and stuff and it was Canada. After the sell these things just kind of went downhill. And now he's asking if it's actually we're dig itself if he's like freaking out for no good reason Orbitz legitimate. Sneezes and standards we've taken so he was someone on the first day in honestly I don't think the deal I think it's normal it's 2016 everybody. Get it together is it's wafers century we have phones. That have cameras on them we're gonna take sell these all day everyday for just Alex's. And honestly I don't understand why it Manson freaked out about it. He's gonna cite you know he thinks it you know she she she's crazy. And that's not the kids she's just young. Mentality is she's got a phone she's dad you know she's been taken so these all day anyway. The nasal Gillibrand is the dad I didn't decide the world's first day I had the lead to I don't know that well you're trying to itself which would make Obama have something else going on. And and and now you try to solve them all game I just Matthew Lombardi and Sean what are molecule like that yeah. You want to take so please let me eighth since 1993. Do you guys agree with me or do you agree with Christie and that is not a big deal though I had sandy are. I'm on your side. Deal is why Don and yeah I am not like KE YOK. Here's what he had. He made it or not I am forty yanked. Shared and I'll write my name I'm not great save my name I got. I I I'm playing golf. I dated a guy or 18 jet then. Years I don't regret that I don't OK I checked Jerry laughter I was hurt her before I heard you dream years. I'm Doug walker right. You had quit I don't force myself what Lackey called it cougar robber got a Sadr. Glen Allen did you like young guys like underdogs. But I don't. OK I get I get approached by the end I get asked out that I don't go there yeah al-Qaeda adapts. These guys debaters do we did see just out there number one yeah. Well I appreciate it just I can't read up on your side is like under challengers say it's a lot of danger with this sister. I mean that would be like your sister Brit they you'd take it with me yet and you're right yeah today got I've got to keep cropping average. Yeah I we will sandy thank you right. I don't know what happened there. That I also like to stay I was microcosm of so many different conversation. An 86 I can take any trying to what do you guys think this morning. I'm more excited about morning's play house's advantage grew CNN who would have thought a conversation like this would make the power lines go. The way home my gosh it's been it's one of those. Weeks these. It's it's only Tuesday but it's are you know one of those weeks where that we see that a little too much. But guess line. Says gag Kyle you're on the first day was this girl and they meant a bar hasn't drinks just huge and Nino track is it's really hard to make it work. But it was a little awkward you know how offered staying in different states aren't there they're awkward. You don't really know them you're trying to get to know them and is just a little here wells she I think was trying to make the first date better. And she whipped out the song thank you just LC. Think that's a big deal but apparently Kyle thought it was weird and he slipped out and union out there that they eventually fizzled Allen's. You know. Kiki that we get out by now les connoisseur and asking me now is it weird dig itself he was on on the first date and honestly I am proud of the housing it's a big deal at all pit and on the other hand has an issue with sixth. Why do I think it's it's a little bit of a crazy move. I don't grade I don't know you've well it's a first date and then you just kinda like that's like limited compared to was just a backup. And aren't the son and he takes Elsie yes not well guess what that's how 2016. So that's wilderness. I've been reduced to a song at age 69 tonight April except he's. Pastor at new boyfriend the yeah. It is a lot of battery drain what do you think. Day of mourning event of aria I think you're wrong and there or. Any deal I'll beat. You really when you find the girl we appreciate you like just a couple of that wants to show you off like I should be thankful. Or little flurries for Avery and effort into Sorenstam I'm not asking them to stop this far. You should ultimately her car yet. Erica but an elite as soon as you want it that you though aren't eager. I can't answer your plans to make it on the listen to lewis' morning I don't know yeah. Yeah split yeah. Many do you do if I want you guys did this morning about the picture on the first you have to meet. How can I see that you might slightly great thing. Yeah yeah I like slightly to eight. Aren't getting. Anything I'd pick there. Web camera it just effort hey I definitely think that's weird T yeah. And or your arm it's time like a picture. And I I think but I think it's totally weird and say I totally agree we say okay. Yeah our meters just I mean she's come on now maybe she thought the date was going well and she wanted you. Milked the moment she thought that this was going to be for seriously. I don't know are nice. And now. OK if taken them out this kind of cool you'd call my girl crazy you're good enough to see the talent that's why we lover. And the Atlanta working their ability of states you have to be slightly Max. That. Thank you know that's the opposite of that I I can't imagine the women agree with me and the guys agree with you have all power and 3.5 what do you think. You act all our. In arrow where people take pictures of their food before they eat I'm what's the big deal. Well I do politics it is a salute the courage to do how. And I'm telling you it's just the situation where. He's good picture there her hair this morning just pictured are her breakfast she'd just picture all the stuff. But I am agreed in the dark kind of lately few. People don't follow my game. Going off. That is all I can't wait to hear. Yes she's very absorbed and I'd like that this. No I'm in if that's the reason why he freaked out about the stealthy than it's not about the girl bit crazy about what he does not about personal life. The fans so I kept many girls so. Thank you I love you guys thank you for college that I love your thoughts and your friends good stuff. Haven't there when you zoom out listens don't play you can get Malcolm passed without a 3.5 for a whole family fell 86 I didn't have a very exuberant degrades off.