Dilemma of the Day: Is It Weird to Call My BF My "Fiancé" When He Hasn't Proposed Yet?

Thursday, August 18th

Is It Weird to Call My BF My "Fiancé" When He Hasn't Proposed Yet?

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And I aren't average three point drive. Hispanic person and good morning Roma back to school this is what we love we love a lot of Wichita against other next week I guess I have to. I got to go to some orientation that's on the Monday night scope and my wife just tells me what to be and I'm like okay. I don't know why embellish this summer I feel. And nails angels client and I'm sure Larry yeah that's what my planner says 6 PM wife and that's all of these descendants and. Have a place. I don't know life put colored and you're valuable police army on Wonka let's. Good well. Let's talk about a girl Lily because you and I were having kind of an how well we did we had our fair argument about this and you know. Yeah I don't and our usual fast that we should get on one with let's let you guys decide. I guess so earlier her boyfriend have been together almost two years. And a little living with each other forty years so it's a pretty serious committed relationship right. They have openly talked about getting married and having the family and well that's good and she knows he's proposing soon because. He's worked for the ring design and we want to know these things still big surprise. And when she talked about it when she talks about him other people she always calls him her fiance. Even though he hasn't even proposed yet been terrorized Iraq. I guess you talked to a friend about it yesterday who said it was weird to calm and that sense is not official yet. So what to wants to know this morning she tempting fate by calling him her fiance before they're actually engaged or is it weird. Or of other people Donna when they know they're going to be married eventually. Christina and it's. Note do that you don't do that. You heat is boyfriend great outcome. Keep it that way lighten up. Lighten up did. He is the boyfriend ray now call him whatever his name is Colin Powell or call him boyfriend that's how they rally here and ready to get up for two years they lived together and talked about getting married. So she wants to call her fiance what's the big deal that he hasn't proposed the head you don't know birth fact that it's going to happen maybe he's changed his mind and calling him beyoncé now is really gonna and not make it work out that well and that's why her friends or have been a problem with the because they think she's jinx in the whole thing but I don't think it's a big deal at all. It started up third and agrees with me this morning 8692 about a three or do you agree with Christina. He's not the fiance you column the boyfriend I think you're admitting that just like your hair down girl. Yeah I don't even like it when people are on social media. And and a picture of the whoever's interested them at that time and their life and that's not light field and there like now that's that's either your girlfriend or that's the first night talking when he tripped and my wife she's pitchers are unsure as she calls him baby daddy. And don't usually knocked it just this. The heat is boyfriend shoe this. Earl as a Lily the lowly he had some Lily is but at the drilling question here he just you call him boyfriend because he it. Clearly I know your listing this morning about what you know grow I got your back if you wanna call and your fiance all day long you do whatever you feel like dual image and I guarantee the listeners are going to call up this morning at 861993. Didn't agree with me. Don't you don't let you do that trick that's what you. Yeah now a lot of them. I. This is not done. Now he's made its into the Mediterranean Europe Carl's is one element here that's its power about a 3.5. Power outage three point try to come and replace housing demand and Christina. Going crazy this morning about a our girl Lilly. And cristina's make the knicks made about how she's cleaning to identify her relationship status. And honestly I'm not that big in the labels to begin win bikes. If you've got a boyfriend and calling my boyfriend. That's what I'm thinking here anyway the full story behind everything he did this year. It looked. Emailed us I think I think most if she says her boyfriend and her and then together for about two years let them with each other for about a year and and even openly talked about getting married Manning family. And she knows then he's been talking with the ring designers so she's feeling like there's a proposal comment on some good parent. But when she's sales. When she refers to him to other people should these calls and the fiance and yeah. Not that badly the did you hear it it's not that big of a deal you accuses it doesn't call something he's not. It doesn't make sense. News you know here's the deal cristina's they've been together two years yeah. They lived together for yeah yeah thing. Maybe not me officially. Engaged but they've talked about. Mary this is easily look good ring she knows she's looking at rings and so I mean. I don't know what the big Billy is if you want to call and her fiance and my unit it's at why even so uptight about this I just understand it's. It's it doesn't make sense to call ME fiance he's not there yet OK he's just. No I can't imagine anywhere. You know what I went turned over to listeners right now and I don't know how that looked him straight up have a conversation with you about this do you agree with Christie and is there anybody that agrees orchestra in this morning or do you agree with me age it's not a dramatic three dead and you don't think she gets a big deal at Howard averaged 3.5 let's go to the clouds. A girl she is straight trip to expect right. Not that is at now absolute lack says Hamas and look right you pop. Is it. Is down at that point you know I say if they live like them great credit and they humor black and that's our. Metal like he might be happening fiance. What are you probably add they would have brought along five billion slot that it happens and it just aren't what is. You've spent enough that it went out and get married they get married if they doubt about. It hit the war. Exactly and Christiana what you need to fatty right now I need and so you yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I don't totally Jamaica right now just chill out. We journey it is good singer was indeed out appointments I do Nance. And that's black actor. I know is. Oh yeah yeah. I'm glad that yeah locally include less than the day after the match. Well let me get to go about but it's always good analyst donors Carlos Sousa just going to be real progress Taylor though. Any words 86910. Not 83 do you think this is weird do you agree with me it's not that big of a deal. However added 3.5 to probably play housing and manage Christina we got some drama this morning at how many 3.5 at a guess it comes down to labels what are. If you are willing to accept. What is right what is wrong if I listened to little story this morning and Colin added 3.5. Say here's the thing she says her boyfriend and her they've been together for awhile about two years and they've been living with each other for about eight years out. I mean I'm not gonna go into the pacing of that but still. They've been together for a wild ending an openly talking about getting married having a Stanley all land there Isa. And she knows they. There's a proposal coming because he's been talking with the ring desire and work and went themselves. She knows it's coming but. When she talks to her friends talks the people she jumped the gun and she's always saying thanks eased her fiance. And he hasn't even proposed yet that's the issue here that's that's Blake is really getting me. Confused and I think it's a little weird. Alan she's talked to her friends about it aid tend to agree with Neil three years and that it's weird column Manson's it's not really official. He hasn't and declared yet. Now she wants to know if she's tempting fate by calling him the fiance had four and actually engaged. And is it weird have other people have done Anderson you know other inning did eventually married and I know it's. She just really comes down to is easy and weird. And I think is I think if you haven't already gotten to that level yet don't columns that. It doesn't make sense it was it works lake if you really out of promotion coming up. But you don't actually have yet why would you say that you have it like you're that person now it's telling that I guess that's the mentality am going for here like you just don't do that a relationship be don't do that it works yeah. You know labels labels labels. Seeing them bunch they kind of matters sometimes like maybe this is actually going to freaks that guy out too much just buyers saying. He's my fiance. And trying to scare me away like that I think that's what are frenzy trying to teller chill at the same time. It's just it's a weird situation. And dad there's a lot of people out there like to go on social media and I'll say oh that's my hubby over the handle snap a picture of their. The boyfriend or something and it's just. Yeah. I don't think I'm ever going to understand it's one of those things and of course hit man disagrees you know how he does he thinks it's totally sign. He doesn't think there's an issue at all with it. And that's IE of course. You know we butt heads all the time. I don't understand. Well I understand the fact that I don't think is that big of the diligently delighted now nobody's called up this morning and agreed with you. 86910 out into the power lines are blown up who would've thunk I had what do you think this morning. Pete you're right you're our and us all a little and so on each speaker right you very very I don't I'm surprised here. And I are. It's not quite good break on it. It did my boyfriend. Right they don't need to jump to including. OK okay I just feel like I've got to act and I'm Gordon respectfully accept that right now. This is that I am and I know I'm not crazy here have you not you are not you are not. You might not all right girls I think you oh yeah there's one little bit agrees with eulogies Billiton up a pilot using these ringel. I am not about being a public good. Those kids. Eight barrier around an ominous situation here I use it. You know. He put the right label on it. Well there you know a year ago on the site beginning gay brewer and we we decided I would not gonna have a wedding and bill he had everything your line everything ready so lucky starters so let's yeah. They're pretty ironic and I introduced her daughter's father my whole life she always says that this moderates though. Oddly are completely in love and married and now that's how we feel. I've got two man show. And curry then I knew I agree with me that is not that big a big deal because Christiana fundamentally has an issue with you call this one when your wife you're not legally marry. Yeah yeah and an end it completely understandable what we love each other so life my momma so much news. Lineage I got here that would get married are not that much I blog girl but I got enough respect in my Ormond and yeah stay on the. Relationship. That's been well why. And you've got to. There you go it's not going to about courthouse to make it legally there. Exactly off the only person I needed you guys man man thank you good. 8692. And not a dream. You'll every twenty. Our power at a 3.5 about Tony Blair house to hit man and christianity just German and Lilly got the dilemma of the Dave Holmes blowing up last hour days 69 tonight a three. And really what it boils down to she's been with the boyfriend. For two years right on the middle of the the got a for the last year right. Six talked about getting married but it hasn't quite happened yet she's claiming she knows the questions is coming. Right I mean she says that homeboy is actually working whiskey ring guy. Now I don't know how that works well I don't know ring guy is go to sales or whatever and doing your way every got to do not a 110%. I never enough position construing guys. Alex wrote down the fairway and I got a good drive them out of a battering the Nevada when our yourself the what is this about. Possibly skewed situation the usual problem and here's the problem I have. Lilly has been going around telling. Everybody that that's her fiance. I don't think it's a big Gilbert Cruz Kim Carlos is I can't. Went now that the fact is easy night dairy end. He and the proposed so he's not the fiance. At this point he is still the boyfriend CO calling in the fiance he's actually a boyfriend. Here in this rent a lot of calls this morning. And it's exciting to mandatory about all of this I say it's not a big deal. Christie is clearly says yes it is a big deal and I don't think Colin Emma fiance when he really a fiance drove it just makes this. We have one Alicia call up and says she agreed with me end. That we had a couple of level is at call up their life on the actress is right in hand. So and then. Guys have been calling up and say they agree with me believe we have a guy on the phone and it's it's not until Larry Drake do what's up with the goods not to us. And that's Vietnam and really big coming out there. Technically jog your right now I mean they delivered together for more than nine days so tip. It is easy area and Greg and out and did their bit and it gave up job I was thinking about Pam am glad that I don't doubt it though we're ending and they got me. Oh. Oh yeah. Go. I. Don't athletic executive. Is. And maybe they adding. And what's not give us what you're trapped brother does not skating free and Al came over. I tell you what. Let me look at my calendar and see if I can set aside an hour forty Abbott couch in my office you can command that we can talk about this okay. Dishing out there. It may all he got I gotta tie it then I. Thank you live thank you for college and wake it up a listen to this is something else going on there yeah. IRA it's our very important for our primary 3.5 delayed us remain Julie's who just and they don't. It's called cold water there's more but again I'll stand of the song but I think here are bigger on. Yeah well I loved music and what you guys don't get to see it's. When the mics are off to the speakers are really loud yeah control room you know and I'm dancing around clapping my hands and making funny faces. I don't know it's because he really enjoy music or it's because you're hearings going. Thanks on this land they allowed the banks all the time. Snuck over there and turned it down thanks hey I'm the Gramm on here Manson I don't know. Beat me to say and I'll iCloud music food. If you just took an M the last phone call about a dilemma of the day Lily. Her manner American military for two years deliver the devils of the last year he has them pop the question yet she says she knows she's going to. I she claims she's been looking never rains and winds. This knowledge he has three feeling. Openly. Gone around it's called him her fiance. She just beside us and Christina has refused to issue that yeah. Like the fact is. Don't call him the fiance when he's actually your boyfriend he's still the boyfriend he has a pop the question it's not. They are yet 86910 mandatory we have a way they come upon a man today you get the they have the last word on our dilemma is this we are gonna. Super weird I think about it but I know if we're. Half limb and loose. Yeah. Net. You learning English as you are anything about Megan honey run anything can happen. You're look at it like. If they break up. Like well what do act or are they what app and it or what are you couldn't be. It we. What I think is interesting is that I'm finding that the women agree with you Kristy Mac and the man yeah you with me so ladies you really do want that Raymond you wanted to be official before you gonna allow him get comfortable is that what I'm understand and. I can feel glad they're okay it's watt calls. Me mark should be out. And quite wrong. Preached or you don't want to take but they don't want to I. I stood on the cake. And others Kate good to see it and is coming your. Yeah and start. Come around to what is your income and have a witness I'm feeling what to put down. Now. I like the food analogies to cake as clean an ounce serving and the cookies and milk yeah I was horoscope what sort of butter and jelly a dog and goodness announced it was. He needs him to. I think so they keep on calling. That's 86 the idea that it very well too easy show extra hour of every 3.5.