Dilemma of the Day: My Friends are Still Facebook Friends with my Ex

Thursday, July 28th

Dilemma of the Day: My Friends are Still Facebook Friends with my Ex

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Howard added 3.5. But his management CNN and I guess this spring of one of the guys continues as we didn't like to ask. This must be why they got a week. Yeah I. Would guess he's being. Well isn't complaining and out on Terry can't fly me. He says most people believe so dangerous is somewhat on the social media. When I break up with them. To me it's not go to the next person mandated they should pitches in the happy with someone else released just awful good chip. I recently had a bad break up with a girl I dated for ten months from it didn't end well and my friends don't talk to her anymore. Cans and I was two months ago. But I noticed that some of my friends are still FaceBook friends with her not only that good why some of her recent post. Okay what's the real here he says. If they were true friends what do you believe her on FaceBook. What have been weird if I brought about what then. Just got to play the good troops loyal. And then your really your home. They would dump them to us. Because the whole reason for that person ever met them to be given away is because. They were friends we view okay so thank you stopping them from having friends that argue. This is your import additions for me so you're listening and this is she this is just stood. I I have a better connection with friends and you list. That night my knife significant others like. I had many friends who dated somebody I got really close with their significant other they broke up I just save friends of them I don't think signs. For now. If you're out your all the way out. Now and it did at your my friend you're all the way my friend had. Thanks again if I used to end the relationship if they choose and the relationship is over with so I'm not gonna talk accident I would believe them because we too painful like he said. But some. If my friends. Had a connection with them and they want to stay friends with them man if they wanna do that that's all of them I'm not gonna decide how they're gonna live their life. Tonight yeah. If you my if you if you my boy. And M I'll I would assume that women are the same way as your girls from that that's a girl she's what you all the way. She's gonna go with you all the way. Two and a real friend right there. I'll now. I entering France hobbies are popular mayor about a kid that didn't care who want to. About who threw away from the end I can't handle rain you had too much copier huge charged up about the cable help me out. I'm right right. 86910113. No yeah because you don't understand. What a true friend is. I'll I'll recalling a recent that I never had teachers I you know I don't tell it like I never did you read. I really and truly advance and you understand what is true friend does water diet to begin calmly. Float to the core Furyk flow. Wow some these days so that's how excited you've got about that I was terribly sorry it's. 86 Brian Kim Betty 300 guy's terrible he's not my boys are friends wood and an X is I had. Guarantee it well that's I and that's it proud and they liked. I think camera here. Nod east at age 61993. It's up to us tonight. CO how about a hundred yards by the Tom what do Playhouse and manage Christine if you missed it earlier on a global report we told you have been rumored fiance performing at the BM is on August 28. Wilson yeah I mean I wouldn't be surprised to be honest let's get into this pac boy Darren. Hello to Eric and I think you know what nobody knows what a real play music anymore IE in LA now and it did just two and a man you don't know the deal. Here's a video he just broke up with the as early as well the first ten months. And some of his friends they're still friends looked on FaceBook and it's bothering him from there like your post you're engaged in winter. And he is Greg Walden and friend do what's here Powell dared say he's social on social media Miller Light scarlet. If you will but I'm senator include your true friends who have gone with all the way through they're not going to be Clinton that person minimal taxation Mac tell even. Any idea of the heading I. Meant complete and total support incident she sits behind and not a good let's go to the airlines who got Olivia and a ball boy and a girl. I think there right. He's solar. Because he he felt that hurts it really that don't they let in all the credit. I think they've what are you know clean up Pope mobile light and has an interest why the worry about it forgot about it. About it I'm hardly an entirely new friend that's really your boy. He will not art that's brilliant I don't know what do you know it's not that they're. I I. Again. Think they don't like that how hopeful I thought that would not go over that yeah. Colony limit cheer the accident I'm gonna be. Oh should I am not that yeah then I mean that I wouldn't it's not that every. That you can't you can't relate to meet Billy everybody right. Well that's what I mean there's plea. The bill. I believe to be. All right thank you for Carla. I appreciate your your opinion a wake it up and listen to us this morning yeah no product my goodness she's. She's called it alone yeah wife I. It's just social media and get a sense. As they are hanging now play. They did they meet a man badly especially but the ugly. Girl early. It is so there are out here that are threats but that. It's a social committee is not a big deal did concern me. I don't own it does it got to you know what a true friend disease is anymore. An island Obama is so clear cut you real smooth slams anymore. Over attempts. Yeah course. Amateur I don't kid OK yeah true real fringe here 861993. How many 3.5 to tomorrow morning Playhouse the hit man and Christina. Just frustrated probably don't want to. I mean because yeah it frustrated but apparently we lost the meaning of the deep connections to the relevance. He did mommy moved to bonding of true friends on on seat you're tense you're stuck there are. I you gonna common names I I I say you're stuck in the past this column where I don't know what does that. Out the whereas it came out Amanda did find time and tell everybody why we're having this discussion and. Ang daring us. He's got. I don't know what it is with which comment now c'mon get it together but daring to. He is heading into these shoes but the fact that you don't you just let this girl and they were together for a while only ten months or so I mean is not only ten years or anything tonight. It's it was long enough now where his friends I didn't talk to her ex editor and social media stuff like that ended in other bonded a little bit. Well apparently the actual break up with the girls it was okay it didn't end very well. And the friends aren't supposed to be talking with him but he noticed that they were liking some -- stuff on FaceBook and they're still friends and natural mothering has. An ankle bothering him rather it's. I didn't mean to all of it good girl and it's not cool because it is yeah it does your boy. You know he's going to all the way to do it gates is seen as it was known you imagine what that's good. It's fine it's really not a big deal and they're friends that's fine you'll do you I'm going to be fine not top Gunner. For the rest knife or him for her smile like I'm liking I think it's a double standard I think. I think most women would agree with me if they want to do our best friend. Was still friends who wondered their exes I think most will be like. While betting pool I'm the only time what she clearly hasn't won and that's agreed with you that's true. I don't understand where you come up. Sure yeah river. There is not lawyers they regard. Page six Cincinnati three OK we've heard from warm warming this morning let's give us some guys I am if I'm wrong. Oh god is I'll take it I'll take one for the team also don't listen to hello I apologize to be a little schools is there anybody that agrees. Go ahead and I'm relatively verdict. You know aren't the only period eat probably tiny army brother I would say you know if I I. Yeah right right at any of the spirit. I could. On that is so patty know it's not yeah he's right that's what's rims don't. Exactly like you know like a horse like. You're popular girl in and other R&B. There's and a. Kick rocks get out you don't belong here anymore you're not welcome Lee you can't insure all your friends you can't control email your. Our intro that those who do you could be friend man we're friends right now we're home. And it. He'll not saying she that you don't understand the broke Cowell hello how are they doing important. What are your good. Honestly if there is the 21 century and I got a great deal this morning. The thing. That's her my best friend and I we've been transferred big game years and it was with a girl hurt in your brother on those familiar. It doesn't matter if not that big a deal. Yeah. I know you probably they're by the broad broad you know Uga which broke out broad. Have brought it to your life come out very well out is that. Brokers and diluted. Salute my life event. OK ma'am thank you I just go to Kansas coach that got discouraged yet path. And I don't know how low power 93 point 5 good morning what do you think. It may rile that you on this yeah. I always failing to find out where I sued to stop the market. It or heard this amendment is not out now that dude is not a brand. You can see that's what I'm sick and he's not your friend online at that point like you can't. Just say oh you can't be friends with them because united Europe and now I don't like them. And it's ever did today new date so it Rhode Island displeasure at. It breaks up with you or you break that would give me your heart or just a matter restaurant would be their friend urgent sprint they're having a brand. Pillars there's no yeah. Now now all naive have a not a bad. Understand man you know what I'm talking about dude. Exact this does not go and democratic and go it stands. They hand it to a few and I appreciate the call this morning seeing I haven't had no one is just our every 3.5.