Dilemma of the Day: My GF Told Me To Let Her Know The Approximate Date I'm Proposing...So She Can Get a Manicure?!

Thursday, August 4th

Ted's girlfriend wants a heads up on when he's going to propose to her so she can get her nails done.

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Our marriage three point tries and Kevin gave some really really this morning and make him and a Christina. This lets. I I gotta say Ted I'm with you here on this I am absolutely with you. I'm I guess even and his girlfriend yeah I think they've got to get married they both know there's going to give me. And they both know that the marriage is probably gonna happen sometime next year up and and Scioscia also notes. That he's gonna propose to her before the end of the year. Mentally she's pretty confident about that but just like that's as much as I want her to know. The actual proposal and everything else should be surprised if she doesn't see it that way ago. She wants to know the approximate date I'm proposing to shouldn't get a manicure. She wants the pictures she postal social media to look perfect. Including in our hands. So she wants me to tell her. What's put us should I actually tell her the approximate time envoy to propose. You know Ted do not teller from the approximate time she's going to propose. Floor this you tell her. Neal ball hard. If it doesn't at feeding time is acting moment. You know in a minute before a bunch of different little headway time she's just trying to make everything look and quit the man. What are you waiting imminent for her I hope I'm making sense. OK excuse me yeah. So you're actually saying he should tell her. So her nails can look good for parliament pitchers on his book yet this social media have you not only meant. Anybody that's been in touch with social media is there's gotta be some things that are still a little bit old fashioned mound this Tony sixteenth as far as I'm concerned. She already knows he's gonna propose. Campbell what she's those in a manic here like every week. I don't know what I have now. Like you very expensive I don't know in my hands and I just not practical hands may look like she's a drag her knuckles on the sidewalk I have no clue. So a manager may not make a difference. C'mon. And the brain damage that you're handling dead otherwise it's like oh god what's. A little ridiculous Kristina. Brown. Little. Cyber bullying Israel it's still there kinda. I she wants to make sure that everything's perfect cyber bullying over a picture of your engagement ring on things are you totally you know he asked. Okay. Eight is going to be okay Dele more aero you'll. I'm not trying to be mean every you really going recent tax. And this is one of those oh really okay why. Because you'd be ridiculous. I am being ridiculous yes he does she want the look at it. Just any. That everything's perfect it's not a question about a wanted to look good as much as it's about a guy who wants to propose to his girl wants to make especially wants to make it a surprise. Tony H 690 amounting to three what do you guys think if I'm wrong here I will stand up and take my beating like a man. But do you agree what Christina PR give her a heads up blockades and good posting this weekend you may wanna run up to for a rebels and the details. So I picked the right Cutler that good at it that you can't even. And eight is its currency. It's okay. 869 tonight with its courtesy. Escapes its mind to Matty three what are you guys stay plan she didn't give that girl may heads up like hey this is that they don't get ready for it right now are your daughters and I was struck kinks. Now why do all the proposal just computer randomly Obama bathroom stall a lot of gear there. And then go get the manicure we're gonna tell you why. 869293. I this is a ridiculous. You don't want. The power lines are lit up arm gotta let the audience put you in your place. Our vitality Playhouse in managing Christina we have drama with our boy's head to. He knows he's getting married he knows he's got to let him and his grandmother Gergen Larry next year. But the actual proposal hasn't happened yet and therein lies the drama and another guy with drama surprised. They don't look know what it. Why you cannot beat up on the guys on this one I think Ted has a legitimate point here. Okay he's not be in a whiny boy. He just can't believe this is in this particular instance. The girls bring him a little bit about Brad and widely of. Not like he's bringing it to the table so anyway but girlfriend. They label milk said there is going to be a marriage they're going to get married no matter what. Feasting and rallied to be next here and she thinks it's going to be around the end of this year so that's as much she needs to know as far as he's concerned. That's all he needs to. Pertinent the actual proposal on everything should actually be a surprise in his eyes now. She wants to actually know the approximate date that he's proposing just so she can get a Manny here make sure her knee Hamlet and then. Millions to Graham photos going to be on point I guess that. She wants the pictures and look perfect and 28 on the now he thinks that it's a problem. And he wants Sanofi should actually be telling her the approximate time and then Dayton everything meant he should propose an picky she goes for Christmas time just. And maybe not even the biggest. Ballpark. Give her a little ahead and you know different little think you know nothing big 692 not three the power to block out on this what isn't going to land. Yeah right now this heroes all these problems the word about low post in the regular net debt or about being in the moment but let that comes from being in the moment in a moment and enjoyed it could be opposed. Some people like dance lesson. Now but it is trying to control over. I don't on the mandated this and make that face books should not be stopped REV I finally hanging on your finger in about it but the thing hearing anything anywhere about the low point out there. Nobody got. Did put the right price on it is okay yeah yes thank you for parliamentary seat to wake up to listen to us every morning he what I eat. And this girl's gonna be a problem irony hello currently 3.5. At I cracked an earmark. Yeah somewhere you are on the line in Greece to wake up and listened to his every morning what do you think that's. I think it's impressed. When I got proposed do I want it my fiance let me know my dad kind of really nit. And if you want to add reprimands and and how might actually thought I knew coming and it under the they I mean I wasn't surprised Aaron. I was super excited about it just ruined it. Was ill yet has yet I think you should just pack it up I mean everybody is going to be happening or them nobody is gonna carried out look like. And. Internet and I'll Internet will be an influence the world in coming. I can't remember I'm not right now you're right into this is from a woman consumers is and a fellow sister girls. Yeah I didn't know. You're wrong what is huge planners like out of date on planning if I don't know what I'm going to be doing in the next like two minutes or five minutes or two weeks like I freaked out. And I let you ever try to stay and heart that was in a brat. And I was annoyed because you wouldn't come you're doing and then after deeper approach I thought it sort of yeah pattern of our entire. Good at all his life I don't think you're right back I really doubt I can see it just calm down and let him surprise her and they will be got. There you go Paris thank you for calling we appreciate to wake up and listen to us okay thank you I I'll have a client YouTube C does is when you listen to your fellow women. You listen to them the kind of there's someone out and it's on my side and mailing lap not a single person. Age six and I intend ID three. Parted and his acoustic. Had gone. You don't calls coming up there's talent at a 3.5. 103 point five that I wanted to play house and Ana cristina's drama and drama on the radio that dilemma of the day is always a bit of drama club it. And ten. It has drama where the woman that maybe he probably won't marry after all of this sounds good so I don't know didn't go that far and say much. Situation. Ted and his girlfriend neighmond eating for ever and you know they both know that they're going to be getting married and easy Lincoln it's gonna be next year's. What she wants to know exactly when. The proposal's going to happen. She wants and no hope she doesn't want to be surprised just because she wants to get her nails done. She wants to make sure that they're the whole situations perfect and I noticed that you want everything to be picture perfect I don't. That there are many women out says it was better than picturing their marriage to. And there they're at their wedding and that proposal for years the event picturing it in their heads. And I can understand why she wanted her fiction wants her nails done perfectly and she wants to make sure all the pictures that give their own on social media and look as good as they can I get it you know you're gonna need to depiction in the ring you like your nails to look at I get bankrupt. But now. He's not okay look at the disks he's he's saying. He's not cool with sitting unhealthy Asian talent. The approximate time and I can't believe. Is that a woman is telling you man who's that well who knows loves her. She knows is planning and a man in America as another babe. And figure out all that yet. But she wants him to tell her win he's going to proposal her nails look good on social media did beat the bottles me. 869109. And three I still haven't found one person that agrees with you there's more interest in a car I had one mile jet. I want to stage that I agree with her he's I think that it should be apparent. And I think they had to mean you hear a little menu very it was on earth are. And how her up her body without telling her I don't let it beat by a girl's day out and he didn't surprise here. Or that's good we actually release. He can manipulate the situation. And she's not know ended as the best of both worlds and. I. Yeah. Women and I we start counting down. We in are so stupid that. That's good stuff are all but thank you for college Nancy end zone problem for us this morning. I don't know much and then kill bit. I'll see that was so you're averaging power army 3.5 what do you click. Now that are they gonna get married is completely. At certain. Thank she's going to close to right well. Either way either you gonna do not. Know that state. Decides that he's not in the merrier anyway and where are as cheap as an hour or an hour. And the her life like she has to do something wrong. He's not gonna hurt and obviously there's something wrong and relationship weathered and or her. If you don't propose any that he stated mind of the person that was apparent where the orca and relationship that wasn't. Doing great. So until it was a warning sign him and snag a. OK I mean he's not ready to name people call in okay. A. Appreciate that there is not a single woman agreed with you this morning Christina there's one there. There's not a single one she's being really quiet and Twitter check FaceBook not one woman agrees with you every woman wants an element of romantic. Surprise. It's Italy that's. They are. It is our nightly 3.5. An hour and having three blind side for those of you my opinion. So that's how it's. The coffee kick and guys. In a major bank. They hit net interest it'd be just punitive dilemma of the day last hour boy had given his girl a know they're gonna get married. They noted that the debate sometime next year they don't know the date and Ted has not formally propose to his girlfriend yet. But there's a little bit of a twist. The girlfriend. Wants Ted to tell her. The approximate date and time that he's going to propose because she wants to make sure if she gets a manicure and met her nails look good when she takes a pitcher and posted on FaceBook and Twitter. Makes sense it here a big planner and that makes sense that's what music. I kid has a problem with it because as I could not wanna tell our what are the biggest surprise. Yeah. Don't wait till it's kind of going to be a surprise and it's kind of not going to be a surprise because you two have already concluded that yes you are going to get married before and can't exactly. The only thing is you haven't sealed the deal by a major that's an issue with any formal proposal women put a ring on it. Right so I mean at this point it's not really a surprise to smell not really. But you guys have kept calling because nobody not one single person has agreed with Christina this morning who says kids should tell her so her nails Campbell look good for the proposal picks on FaceBook iShares absolutely ridiculous that he should tell her. Is there anybody that agrees with you this morning Christina. We gonna. Got a little under fumbled just might stem the tide of vote against your position this morning. I had let me have a military. See you. He let. My so yeah seasonal and abroad for you exactly that are wealthy. We can't anchor a guy like that 'cause he he looked to males go and they get all busted and everything you're right you won't need a heads up if you keep does stuff from point break. Exactly don't I don't. Art every set every week on my mind doesn't have to answer we'll count. This from a woman who is a 100% certified to give advice about having pristine look immaculate bullying males only every day. A little bit of 100 bills right now act and frank act but right now. Love and love you go ahead and do you thing. You do she's had a clean passage and oh yeah. However added 3.5.