Dilemma of the Day: My GF Used a Coupon When She Took Me Out for My Birthday!

Wednesday, July 27th

Jake's girlfriend took him out on the town for his 30th birthday! She got cake, dinner, drinks, gifts...pretty much everything he could ever want. When it came time to pay the bill, he found out how she could afford it. She used a COUPON! Is that weird? What happens when the tables are turned? Find out by listening in on the conversation!

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However every 3.5 pound wanna play house and the hit man personally weren't talk or are there. About G-8. And we're gonna say what's going on particularly American people won't let me just say. I kind of get where he's coming from. I guess his girlfriend made a huge deal about his thirtieth birthday and she bottom atomic Gibson got to make huge peak took him out to dinner Harry. The restaurant they went to was really nice it was one of those fancy places that you know you don't normally go do. We don't know restaurant that went to grant loan and surely somebody. They ordered all these flu although its food and drinks and he's like a little this is like oh shoot up people Linux. And then he found out. When the check came she whipped out a Groupon coupons for 50%. Off the meal. I'm talking about here is likely come all the civil money website and found it to leave just fell chief. So yeah. He has you know what's weird that his girlfriend used a coupon on hand for us thirtieth birthday. And he should really shouldn't she have hidden something like that for me just got to make good so blatant. Tape cat. I kind of get what you come from doing this is special times June 30. Heard they. They're great engine in a big deal about it obviously session chaired. She wanted to make it a big lines of thirtieth birthday and as a milestone so you know you go out and get a tape you don't go out to dinner make it nice and fancy and it makes cents. And yelled at times just money's tight. In every household almost every household anyway. That money's tight period and you need to do it every weekend deals. And make sure that you relieve a little bit. I think high IQ where you're coming from left. This is thirtieth birthday and you lessons like. So you wanna eat eat eat eat well it doesn't embody it finally get one coupons for our Christmas or something. That's genius on doing that. Not all kinds. You why can't do that for Christmas gift you ought to have done for the past couple businesses. Again people can't be because I never know to get them this is better okay. This is better. What okay paychecks until married three do you guys call up. Am I wrong here is wrong for feeling like the girl was like OK she did all of this comes. I don't let me just put it let me turn the tables here just it was a guy. And he took this girl outdoor lunch restaurant and he got a good glove and shoe let me tell all of her prince Haiti is that did not army Darrell. You know it but I mean I don't know everybody's story does for me is like a group okay paychecks. I'm Tim married three. I just think it's a double standard here because it's a woman. That's all I'm sick nation tries to manage three you guys call up this morning I wanna know what to think it's power and added 3.5. Apparently 3.5 and top Mormon play housed they hit little greasy mess and our Jake takes all of our hurt. All the facts today yeah this is. It is is thirtieth birthday and his girl made a big deal out of it and went to school army let me she loves the gap. And took him out to a really nice restaurant but when it came time to pay a final bill where a whole new. Well I mean this here's the thing that she and just evil money. Eight nothing wrong with that right and nothing wrong with that I luckily he says that do this yeah. Things trailer out there and Andre. Other names he declared that it is thirtieth it amounts sounds cool but she used a group behind 50% off the meal. In need not cool kid and he thinks that it's cheat and I think it's time you know what his feelings were hurt all known not his feelings okay. I understand that view ladies if you flip the script. You've gone good Italian girl friend's girl you can with a Salazar and he used a coupon honing. Catering now I. It's exciting to have done is free I I just I'm just sick I did words king is coming in front. We current you're on the phone does the that we lover what's a girl what do you think. All he'd thought it would not getting out blocker. I. At least until late dinner so why in the about everything. If you don't want to say it now Heatley and you get done. You know I don't have a little money odds are. You know I think what money on me out like he now. I act like I think you know my partner like neck he pretty. Much yeah. I. I love the Batman and do what you have. So yeah as Susan was good with them a little above my. They don't look good for college C hello I'm already three point I. I think that. It's about being in the simple minded individual and they don't. Pace kick yeah. You walk and you want the restaurant. We ordered I think all of the other group are you dolls are very funny you'd we've made great thing we. What they're better than my. Now you gotta understand I'm not going to a restaurant to be little. I. Recruit are you are able to court or the restaurant. Yeah I took my went out to dinner Saturday night in Kansas City and when I got the final to a guy that's the shock. Yes I don't know. Yeah he's human even outfitted. Reform aren't Barbara bass you had to get bat getting that tiger had it here many years. What are good general Clark he throw for throw it curious. Okay amendments are set a felony EDE uses the coupons and so thank you for caller I know when I took my went out to dinner and they brought the final check. Until you end your sons and two bills to the notes to separate bill not only left the fifty dollar jail. Yeah. Does it. Any important five however. Point 5 of the top morning Playhouse the hit man and Christina shout out to my dude my frat brother Philip Oliver. He's weighing in on the conversation he says he agrees it was a total double standard going on here com now than it did just to a man and you don't know what we're talking about when it comes to double standard. Well Jake is a little bit but hurt. Because Tom's girlfriend celebrated his birthday shrug you guys tell us what you think now I honestly it's it's it's not. A big deal lets his girlfriend and I guess cousins. You know what because the table is current because you do you. You did your woman woman to discuss alienated there was evidence because you woman as I am a woman thank you for notice as would live I'm I'm glad that you can use your eyes. So when the check came. Grand gesture Reese type stuff you know cakes dinner gives all the stuff she pulled out everything for the thirtieth birthday. What's the check came she sticker fun. 50% of the mail that's pretty well I think percent of fancy dinner like that playing out in Norway and Ari Miller won but it apparently were someplace I've seen her drinks and food and. That is my thirtieth birthdays she whips up this coupon like this one aren't aren't I want more there are fifty personal rescue. Apparently not. Saint apparently didn't. I'm so it's it's not a big deal if he did save a little money that's gonna help. You know. It's gonna make her happy it's gonna make him happy that the league called up she said what is up with all the dudes in Wichita being so soft lately. And that's a good point we've got a lot of dudes like colonists up emailing and messaging us. All of this. It's pretty nice and so let's extend recent Michael what's on the air with that you member about a mile and a half three weeks ago what does it basically is Gionta came in. And basically. Slapped him upside the head and totally shut the hell up and get off the phone go to his room. John against. Like I gotta go. We've got all these still hit you as somebody does I think the women what to taken the upper hand. They don't they run of the things that. Saying that we heard Michael's girlfriend. And we've gotten goal yes that's right and not heard Michael's girlfriend usage you know what I'm a star bill Harwood mark dude like that. And look look what's happened all you guys are coming out of all these stories. I also don't want to torment him right now glad. And Ambien saw let's go to the parent what do you do in different. Bob Bob reliable we'll blog kings player who really ought to get inspired and hopefully the year we're talking pretty good you everybody who basket. Poverty issue of every moment up remodeled for a better. It was for real. We. Are making it public you have to get the ball mega ball wouldn't object to love me again. And it is guys. Hastily and gives them final years apart from. I had brought a little Q and he's been getting that 50% love as well yeah. How how could order up pretty well yeah. I've got to live I don't. Have a map you do everybody people get up illicit dealers please I beg Groupon has opened my love life. I do what do you think. Andrew we're men they've really good she didn't do that don't king you don't put any. Are. How can that be a little man. It's got a kid and it's not a kid exactly all right Jay. Doug I already played one side fringe incidentally this smoke shot well I. Our message for you Jed should go up and quit whining. Danny there's power added 3.5.