Dilemma of the Day: My GF's Parents Called Her a "Princess"...So I'm Ending Things

Wednesday, August 3rd

Jared the Jerk has a problem with his girlfriend's parents telling him to treat her like a princess.

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How are 3.5 good morning everybody. In my they had managed Christina. When you want a little of the week already and audience roared. Happy hump day and I think Jerry has a legitimate beef this morning Christina and a tank well tell me all about it reflected an announcement hit an angry Aaron lynch is just consistent work how. How much. The guys on the she'll have been so openly expressing. They seem like it's been something. It's. It's a little planning wise guy. And just relying coming out with stuff against them. Jeremy give us a decent I live my girlfriend's parents for the first time last night we went well we all went out to dinner. And of course in Arizona and was at their house you'll figure it out but nonetheless great he said everything was good a decently not weeks. But they shoot something that bothered me enough that I think I'm gonna break up with it. Okay we'll have it in the middle of the depth. The mom sex. I. He'll be treated like the prince who she is because that's the way we treated her when she was growing up. That's what she deserves. OK. And generous like no. No thank you praise he didn't say that's a mommy CNN in his own head. It's just that then I'm glad to rules the first is that the girls as a mother's best friend I bolt. The center role holds the same for parents call her deep friendships. Wesson don't worry are my rules don't put our Beirut just a taste of the horrible list that is the content. Don't mind. Welcome I don't. I hate Jared in every way shape and form now. Be the nicest guy in the planet has areas they're just tells me he's done. I don't think so I think Jerry has a good point here look. It's just saw cuts but also both ways. Guess who does all right I don't think women wanna be with a guy who is a mama's boy. I don't care. Honestly I think a healthy relationship with your parents signed. I still can't have a healthy relationship but when there are always around there are always there there could controlling their manipulative. And out. OK we ear eye and seeing in your head you're taking it to a different extreme and I think he's he's absolutely saying. What he thinks right there. Did just calling. Like a bad luck prints and why would the mother grievances that the disk and they just started didn't. To me the little as I don't know who will be the even made that comment to this dude and he just started hitting the dark because parents it's stupid around and that the new boyfriend that's the big deal like parenting done that multiple times. Okay 8692 demanding three what do you guys think I think should kind of got a point here. Because parents get into the mix sometimes in a screw everything. Symptoms of terrible yeah they deal with it no big deal like that doesn't reflect on her. Why would you break up with hurt it her parents are treating. That doesn't make any sense at all makes zero sense you know let the please come with the situation you know I never. I'm not out out lurch yes it is how that works. It's it's not a dramatic three what do you guys think I. I think it's a double standard here because Jared as a guy is making this comment toward a girl. But when it on the same hemp are not true. To post your got some guys they're all applaud his mom all the time. It's it's a double standard. 8692 mandatory what do you guys think this morning you agree with me or you're agree with which scared because Christina did just that the lack it's plazas there but the. Well above above things I think you know the guys lately handing tennis sensitive and stuff. Let this guy is not. He is being a picture kid TJ just it is yet being a complete jerk OK ladies. 869 to 93 is Jarrett being a jerk. What do you guys think you're a college of. Our senior comets coming up Howard added 3.5. You know I didn't know. 3.5 pound want to play houses Manning cristina's sheriff's drama this morning empowerment is 3.5. Indiana well here's the thing his girlfriend's parents' medicine for the first time last night and they went to dinner at their house in up again and men and stuff when. Anything and everything was good. Yeah you know these seem nice and everything by. Something was bothering him and he thinks that he actually wants to break up was there because of this thing that happened in the middle of dinner apparently Monsanto. I hope he treatment her like a princess she is because that's the way we treated her when she was in China. After she deserves. And now he's saying that he's probably Canon cup record and see about back slips a warning signs. Morning I think it's a sign of things to come you know what design is design and I had a healthy relationship with my parents. Eight I appreciate you don't have enough does not good math. But I'm telling them the shoe was on the the other foot the bill Obama. And shoot and did. I was Obama's momma and a mama's boy women would realize okay. None none none really cold and the men and went into the same standard if they're living with their parents and their all about their parents may have no time for meet. I really talking I don't girls he's gone about his mama I am healthy you I have to point that you just go and look what I did mama CRI music things. I think that the girlfriends. If there at the point where she's London had to meet the parents. Then there at a point in their relationship. Where. It's talent they just started aid and he knows this. We're now 869 to manage to reach what pentagon a blog at an MRI tomorrow on what it. I would probably politically it's it's. It's a double standard of a lot of arm. A lot of privacy note your eyes don't like a bad it was slipping with the ball and then. They are out of it is that kind of weird I don't know how would agree with the it would be a red flag but I would I would leave hurt because it. Yea I like down here and there is just like standard on a Kansas prairie MCM a storm from long distance away and you know it's heading your way. Yeah. Read it. That's it. Yeah absolutely not it that's that's Craig C it's crazy if you like this person if you think it. In other good person they can always leave home they can always yeah I'll look I'm not trying to change him it is what I am trying to change that makes us know. In the early in just they just got into that relationship Phillips I don't like. I don't know I tried but nothing huge ball well what you need to get started. Exactly. I should departing south. Meant to thank you for Colin and I'm glad you understand why I'm coming from on this I appreciate the call they'll probably see and this guy is. Right about this Christina you don't see and what's really going on here already 3.5 what do you think. Crying is backing off at bat it will ya de okay. I think he's and a lot of an effect. I see no reason to stop talking to us you know at. If he's closer I'm on the good. I have a healthy relationship and I mean not oppose it is staying in there relationship but. I thought out. Aren't you just hit them that I Ireland consideration of these guys is you know Kirk out. I'm time and that I just think women have a double standard I'm just I don't think. I think the last Carlo is right if the shoe was on the other foot there was a guy apple Oliphant is mama. When would have a problem with that. Yeah that's not I don't like these that sort of be not as bad as that guy is the almighty. I'm not signed added I just aimed at. Women will look at that situation to the same thing that Jerry decision here but Jarrett as a mayhem. She adds that and everybody wants to call a majority of insensitive and and calling names. Thought Eric did he get off greedy arrogant you know that this year I I'm. It doesn't mind but I'm getting I thank you IE NOH. 690 and 93. I'm getting ganged up on here Jason. I could hardly believe and 3.5 Nepal's right now. Power and average 3.5 to come to play thousands of men and Christiane take the beating him. Find your not try regular old ground at this point no it just seems like yeah it's. Becoming the man against woman tied things and I think everybody was kind of miss my point here. I'm saying. That to the situation applies to women on the flip side when dealing with mint and if you don't know what we're talking about. Jared. Had dinner with his new girlfriend parents last night we saw red flatly the flag is like OK I'm done I gotta go and and here's the thing you're wrong first off. Light I'm on the district and situation for a quick and Ozzie I don't know what we're talking about. Girlfriend. And here's your friends' parents they wanted to meet him and all that there at that point in their relationship where it's OK go and hang out the parents cool they had dinner at the house it was gonna. Nice conversations not that kind of stuff on the middle dinner moms said I hope you treat her like the prince says she is because that's the way we treat her. And you know that's how she was drawn up that's what she deserves and he she says that directly to hand and he took that as red flag I'm Alex by tea Bagger a black. And honestly I don't think that's right I don't. He he says that he's got two rules line is if the mother in and daughter are best ease any out. ST Stanford stopped second rule is apparently if the parents. Pulled the daughter at China standard color princess pennies out that's stupid too and that's dom and all get out. OK fine you if you centerpiece. But my point is done is if the shoe was on the other foot and it was a woman with a guy all of the and his mom mom. She these and the same thing and I don't think that's right I think honestly we're all on the same playing field and I think you're taken a step further with the reverse roles could. That's up 86 content and having three what do you guys think. The girl here I mean personally. Why why is there a plot while others who say he hoped that he. Treat her like princess I mean what you want you want my act delivered on the street several allies than ever have a support those parents. And it doesn't have anybody that I'm actually go. Amp. And I don't edit. He didn't look adds a parent I would say this entry into the young man that stood in my daughter except that it quite differently I would. I can be and help. Ads there I'd get the guy alone as negligent dilemma that he hasn't scored his you know what I have a good time enjoy each other but I don't want an enemy nearly there still isn't only the Romans look at all beat taste the milk. It and it and it she had dared to. It ain't gonna come back here and. And can Wear whatever. Good rhetoric he wasn't tough enough to hang out with the Williams it's your garden. I think she failed to think Karen thank you going to be her cracked. Me up and yet it until there. Demented now thank you for con I certainly hope that's not the case hello how about a three point viable leads and didn't. We auto which. It was more jittery discussed a little on its tender revealed there's a wanna make sure everything you have to say. I think you covered right here he kind of saw the right flag so why hang out you already know what the result is going to be. Bootsy. We don't have in the Himalayas you'd order the word out look at a young Buddhist clerics burned earth users. Not to yeah I don't know like come on board. Yeah Austin site picture of the civil war with respect whatever color. Usually don't quit your mama army does and. So full court. She should go to the bars aren't. Yeah he's right he's right now hole it's the same thing it is not be exactly and getting your mind you're thinking on a different level than we do. Okay you're thinking that I always think that the as a mama's boy because he lives with his. Parents and that's just that's so bad and that's different if I was a woman I would never be the guy little with his mom and also. I mean I would neither I'm not I'm I don't expect any guide to deal with the girl if she's looked on with her parents either okay 869 to 1130 yeah look at the ballots are blowing up now I see have a definite opinion about the 'cause it. The end result. And their heart and I know I'm right he's now a six iron to about and three counts how many power about a 3.5. However is reported by the public Playhouse abused as children and dilemma of the day you guys keep calling your toll that you're texting you're. For each looking. Ed Jarrett. Another guy this morning and let me first say. I'm probably you guys. I'm proud you guys repairing your emotional souls. With the parliamentary 3.5 friends and family this morning I'm proud of you men in the opening up. And expressing how you really feel because of more or less men did that. Perhaps. Wouldn't be until the situations are some of us get ourselves into. Now I'm over it. All right John Carroll live from stamp isn't just Jared. It's government grow things go well also places like in a last minute come home with me and had dinner with me and my mom and my family. It's still not quite as annoying. So last study goes over there and mom. Alms start set down ground rules you gotta treat my daughter like a friend she is. I mean also the stuff on jets like what both sleazy. Emmy is like I'm out of here I'm John I don't wanna be in this relationship anymore. And that's I think you're given up to quit I think that's just that that says a lot about his character. He's a terrible human being I'm willing to put any effort this relationship to work out he's ardea complaint. And the relationship worries about the going to be apparent why do you want to go and talk about the man's care. It's thing I think is decisive any know what you want to and he knows what he is willing and not willing to do now now any if I meet a guy like that. Any breaks up with me for that like I didn't wanna manually because he's slumped. Okay now he's gone yeah it's okay 8692 automatic three. We have a lot of calls you know mainly the guys have agreed with me but the point I'm making is that if that was a woman and the shoe was on the other foot. And do was a mama's boy Alabama's mama. Girls don't want a mama's boy either. Eighth sixth until not a drinker and get some women to agree with me this morning go ahead what do you think. I'm premier and a religious different everything like bet and you know Hart carried paying guys so much they've stolen our relationship and everything like that do. I think you boys Eric Wright because if you. Perry make you sit for so long they've built like what state via for the itself is that right away for the next man to do all that the world you can hope. The next mayor at a standard that you're tired Dubya can read that there would never be able to treat you like a parent do the right thing you know. I'll admit that to draw right now and I'm gonna tell it like you know you go to gaelic your parents and let his gift you can give me your body shots I don't. Now. Ice you hold yourself at a higher standard I think kick rocks give god thank you for wake up to listen to us now and I appreciate the call are people starting to see what I'm coming from with this tell all ready 3.5 go ahead. Though personally don't know what that Pondexter song was that it would be that it hopes holds we don't know if they are doing in the joking manner trying to get him open or if they work. Doing an accusatory tone saying yeah. Hey you're gonna get that from my daughter otherwise you're not the employees but I have to say it and you are right in some aspect I don't want a mama's boy and when my wife and I buy it so it's mop up quite a bit like I'm not ridiculous. What's you do is run and homer's mom every time things go wrong. You think the cliche and it is maybe being taken out of context and what it really is being steadily. Get that yes he should run like how. T this is a good wall man that's what I'm saying. They control Carla visits to give up to listen to us okay. How well power reading 3.5 what do you think I can get here soon come on another woman agree with me this morning no. Now especially about our credit they allow Mac have a thinner and yet they are an area like hey you need it like it that perhaps it ago. I know those old buddy of mine and I imagine a relationship with a woman Qing got a job she got two key is tough to live it up and as towels. He's live in front page of the page mixing in the blues about money problems. And his girl listen up to five Elinor mills would bring him to come home every day don't sounds like your friends and something terrible situation he as she needs now few minutes ago. You put into this idea but Elizabeth Pelton well that's. Gupta got a lead. He's an amazing man and in the window.