Dilemma of the Day: My Girlfriend Kicks and Pushes Me in Her Sleep!

Friday, September 2nd

My Girlfriend Kicks and Pushes Me in Her Sleep!

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However added 3.5 I love that part of the Sox. Beyond that is when the jobs ago. What's and I they'll play that was that was a man into the little. Weird until playing the test twist them tilt my head and everything you just. You're very animated. I am not just like verbally. Like you're all over the place like. You bounce off the wall like constantly my wife and kids will tell you that I'm I'm extremely animator you need you know left with us. And the reason why I'm a happy guy I'm blessed I got a great life for got a great family got a great job I work with great people have great friends in the community. That way when a guy hits his blast which is much happiness that I have who Indiana Maine that in just crazy all the time I can't even argument that. Isn't it it's hard to get me upset I'm just so happy. Richard yeah. Got to blessings can count your blessings. You are coming to living things this morning. Yes. Little Fred is. Little by Larry Donald Trump he will mark go little threat Nadal bowed out of mid exact way. It's actually a big boy is 24 years old computer. But it's a good man I'm moved in with my girlfriend recently and we have a queen sized Edward plenty of room for both of us is a little guy. An eight or nine yeah I think I expect a these guys are getting in the worst way but my life. OK for whatever reason she gets restless had lied and has always tossing and turning it feels like she's kicking and punching me last night it got so bad that I. Who left the sleep on the couch now. And when she woke up she said she. She does she shouldn't have to apologize for what she doesn't mostly because she doesn't realize she's doing limit. Can't tell you want to go do I have the right to be angry can you get mad at someone because what they do when their sleep. And it is what I wanna know what's the worst thing someone did to you are bad when they were sleeping. Did you actually get into a fight about it my wife will tell you. Sometimes I have these nightmares while I'm frightened yeah MIT is tremendously with the and you know I guess what Americans like. Hey yeah. I guess I deliberately like you're armored something to slap the crap out of me. Yeah I woke up let's say whoa there will introduce you to. You have cited as somebody you'll find out there remain. Until the fifth at. You can't sit there have been. In my presence before and know have you ever done something when you were sleeping in and somebody will give the memorial is like what I know. Hmmm I sign in my sleep beside I don't get all the way it's like a snore messiah like Carmen clue. I have no idea I'm unconscious. I don't know people that's in a cast my vote during an island not much. And I know John Q I don't know her. And right aged ninety and 93 call us up this morning does Fred have the right to be managers grow and I want to know what's the worst thing somebody did to your bed while they were sleeping Levy's. You know you have good stories to tell about a guy. Next Norton doesn't count they did something really crazy what you are sleeping. I know one guy he actually was talking in his sleep and his wife was listening. It was confessing to having an affair. Yeah I wouldn't welcome but the morning was like. And the best. Yeah busted. That's good I like I need 6910 not a drain your calls coming up current average 3.5 to marry out of ground and as we think about a summer intern Payton called back he loves him some Ariana Grimes canyon CNN go to Wichita State you know Peyton you consider his man Christiane we're talking about that this morning and your love for Arianna grand am and he just goes crazy he really does. I think that's good because she's about as tall as he has fall. I got an honest I. You totally. Yeah. Yeah everybody here do you do that. If you're district then there are born Fred it's got drama going on with his girlfriend I guess when she sleaze she's a little bit busy. In the bags and. Yeah that's that's an understatement fairly. She gets restless always tossing and turning and it feels like she's actually taking are pushing him. And now apparently getting mostly on the couch last night he was it got really really really bad. So I mean. Now he's asking if he should be mad about it plague because she was unconscious. Yes it goes east to. I apologize he's like look dude out asleep and didn't do it on purpose I'm not apologizing to him and. Should she apologize to improve both. In addition Jew. What's the worst in some money did you while they were sleeping and our guys stories until I know my wife has stories to tell about some of the greatest things I've done and Marshall who. That's the answer I mean. Now alone in those stories. I've I've got plenty back in the day. Yeah I want to note I didn't do anything now my dad on the other hand. He like wakes upswing in L answers the commercials leave things safe as you. But you chose her music now call you know they don't he's like half asleep only does it. My sister she'll sleep block and shall actually like interact with things like she's conscious and she's just night. And boyfriend put me in a headlock in the middle of the night like all sorts out Beaulieu I had shouting matches in my swing. Yeah an ankle and the language well as a more than colorful why my bathtub then. I panic I saying. In uncertain lawyer and not just. Well that's true 86910983. What's the worst thing somebody did you about a while you were sleeping going a dirt at the Tyler. Tyler Webb still worst pain you've did it bear worst thing that somebody did do you have bear while they were sleeping. 01 time I was there are there's outlook without a map is put my brother allows little. And I woke up their spare him seriously you're gonna base sadder note due to ratify the order what do you Europe but iron or a word you're. Air and mom taught battered spirit my debt and here are right there they're really simple act. But the side door and bill like that Fido. Wow so your brother cold. Can't cure your sleep and. Yet that I had a brewery and I had to go to school like that I believe our current workers feared braves. So yeah. Or maybe not maybe not did you ever apologize to hit you let me I didn't. That Florida. I mean he did note that spirit at without probably the last that we ever slept in the same bears little did get though. And yet that's probably a good idea especially if he's beaten up on people. I. And what are Soledad that's awaken capitalists into us every morning or are we appreciate it to Tyler at age 61993. Europe calls this morning in the worst thing that somebody did you while you were sleeping. I am ready for these stories I hope they can top I got your calls on the 15. Averaged 3.5. This. Morning playing house it manage casino. You start asking people about crazy things got a happened to him. That somebody did to them while they were sleeping and the power lines are blown up at 8691093. Calls and it's coming out of the woodwork and all these crazy stories like. I handled I can't and it all comes down to spread yet. Now Freddie moved in with discovered recently they got a queen size bed play near impossible for them but just. She's restless like all the time during the night tossing and turning and and need feels like she's kicking and pushing him in the middle of the night. Soul they got so bad that last may actually to go sleep on the couch dizzy couldn't handle he needed sleep. Big party foul ERA in that when she woke up. She says she doesn't have to apologize for what she did nicely because she doesn't understand she doesn't realize is actually happening because she's unconscious ashes are glad I didn't do it on purpose I'm not apologizing to hear yeah. And friendship most of this morning and it's it's not a lot of three and we wanna know. What's the worst thing somebody did you while they were sleeping they have no idea that they didn't. And they weren't like stranger knocked me out. Our angling we're counting sheep they were CN aliens they were you dreaming about some weird tiger wood on some weird and their sleeps. And I have no idea what happened in reality today you're right about that allies have gone crazy this morning at 869 to 113 let's go to the power lines as he was hello good morning what's up. Have a friend of mine who directories are cousins or annual peppery and sleep last. Yeah he'll call call them no refereed usually amount sort of like desperate at freight train but you go roughly called at a place that actually. Hello. He's on the close out of sorts of all covertly as. Yeah. Directly and a late add we have a lot of. How did you seek. Has completely dark clothing and. Yeah yeah maybe after getting my it would seal before you know after he's gone yeah. He probably way to blend those two stay. Good lard it up. You bet that a great. About I. Yeah how good the book for the extra now yeah. You thought the worst thing that nobody ever did deal while they were asleep they. While they didn't actually get immediate patently we're. Him out of there there again we had gone bad and you're on the bottom but you know I kind of an arrest labor Ritchie actually. Kids are well by the window shattered it. Yeah but it actually didn't even write perhaps not right there but there weren't aren't broken the next morning. It was my blood when she is you don't know actors do unheard of diet and her talent that it might indicate that I let her out a poet no it shattered all of it I don't know when she opened the more bodies have a clue how that happened well when he that would be Atkins I got my aunt and please well crafted. It they didn't Saturday but yeah. Really really I that I haven't it was weird experience that picture. That's yeah that's got to be crazy I. I know what I would wake a woken up in the morning whatever the right word is and things have happened and I don't know how many happen there deny the. Yeah. I want my sister she was on the top bunk. Bell lost intent on sleep nice I now. The. Thing did you are usually when I don't remember what happened notes after it's going to be a great not a party. I know where I. It took Soledad good to wake it up to listen to us this morning. No problem thank god it yeah you're welcome I think it's awesome about the guy who who's calling penalties as a revelry while he's sleeping right that's just great to. I already imported five.