Dilemma of the Day: The Poopy Book Story

Tuesday, August 2nd

Michelle lent a friend a book and he uses it as bathroom reading material. She wants him to buy her a new book and he won't!

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Are very three point inside the hit man a Christian and I just wanna personally don't okay. Slow start and I'm here now I'm making it their own and as a reason why. I just sleep is not my friend lately and he somehow usually normally do you want talk about it. I was yeah me and I just gone a lot of money. Yeah me wanting my bedroom back that's brutal there is brutal. Let's talk about Michelle Louis morning she had to stop and I think Michelle has a legitimate beef here. I guess a few weeks ago she lit one of her friends the book live from Hawaii. And have you read the book I've never know the people keep telling me to watch the movie instead mama shows us the same thing she says it managed to have a ready you got to it's a great book. So she goes on juices anyway I was over. Had a friend of mine's house the other day. When I used his bathroom and I saw the book right there on top of his story. It was disgusting. He's using my book as entertainment to read when he hopes. I never understood about the literature. But I digress. I told him he has to buy me a new book because his bacteria is all over my copping any picks are being ridiculous. And refuses to buy me Nolan. So what she wants to know this morning from you and I and all of the parliamentary 3.5 friends and family and should my friend buy me a new books and she's using the one title and Tim and the bathroom. I say yes. And why. It's it's disgusting like she said it's disgusting is disrespectful. Here on this person a book that message number crap whether reboot. I mean you never brought anything into the restroom to re not mad city and that. But you this is a book doesn't belong to and I got it I got a true story I'm ready for this yours I had a friend and I'm only a book. I read a Democrat per. One day my my toilet overflow with the blue with soap and toilet water. And. At bottom a new book OK see at that point you. You physically really in the books out cannon Erica immediate India that you don't think he told her new book call if there's nothing wrong with it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that is ninety she's been determined though to this point. He's staring Manning was wrong with secrecy there's a lot drug related to daddy he's realizing and nailing down on the shell hit it well that's about it yeah. People's property it's not real words you're gonna musical about after world why doesn't matter what room I'm reading it and why did beat. The bathroom. Or mine bedroom or are the little girl no are different that's the Clinton can I greeted in the laundry room Mary Ann ambient sentinel that you know. Okay. This is Petit I know it's getting guys are going to panic and that it's a matter of respect and somebody else's property in this case it's a book and a pretty good. OK and coming and if you visited in the bathroom like that you should buy the personal new book like he's like Vanessa thought I would think I even. There's no. He's got attempted after he does what does you know what. Okay basics are this age six I didn't I didn't three guys are finally are coming out this morning. But aren't sure that the show has a legitimate beef that holy bull shark meal book. This is so selling this is so petty. As miss just being here I don't understand do you rate you're just being so. We need picky about this is. Michelle I know you're listening. It's. Yeah she's listened to since there on I just I know your list you're okay Michelle and I want to know that I understand where you come from. And I will stand for you even though my partner won't. And OK. But now you're laughing you're making fun Michelle I am making identity you have and you're ready. People I've covered catalyst for us this morning that agrees with me okay. I'm not sorry. As that okay findings. I'm sorry okay 8692 out of 3869 commanding three. Heroes are book goes into 1999. Give her new book. Come on dude couldn't have come on. 86 Tim at a three year call sensible your thoughts your opinion since Howard added 3.5. Added 3.5 introduced senator Graham a little bit of a disagreement let's go to major blow up this morning. And now it's not like life or death here it's. Where is talking about a jazz simply put Michelle lived a friend of hers the book blood supply to reach goes over to his house he goes into his bathroom and there you find your book that you Linton and M. His bathroom. Towards is like oh my god. You're using this book that I won't do as bathroom reading material you only a new book because now all your fecal bacteria. It's all but let's blow. In next. Stroke but she saint op Dem and dual doesn't want to buy her new book she's an Leo's your new book so. She's asking us what we think I think Michelle has a legitimate beef you're obviously you don't. Obviously c'mon now only it's not a big deal if he reads it in the bathroom or if he reads it in the laundry room. Or outside. Or near his. She uses shoes. I got it I doubted you just don't care about the people's property had no respect for other people's things well it's a La I. Completely selfish is totally inconsiderate that's fine. I am very respectful of the eavesdropping on idol it's a higher standard than my own stuff whatever. Whenever. 8692 Matty three what you guys that literally they got a phone does she agree with an eagle at. Obama and me personally the other women that you owe her another third each. Simply because if I act you borrow it by half mile out of our I at a fire here in the basket. Here you are but backhand from the basket and. Talk about C. And an error. Okay. A fine if you does wanna say it's dumb. I think it's a matter of respect and somebody else's property. I mean these they've loaded team for a sluggish little won't people's stuff eighth. The reason why. I don't know people's up because I forget I'd love to torment that I never get back button until I until I meet him I'm looking forward I can't find a don't remember what I did with the Clinton years saying do you agree Christina. Out okay Danica. Thank you for waking up the Los Angeles thank you senate seat. But she is a brilliant this is what's wrong with this country people don't respect other people's things improper. That's what gaga and her. Little crowded after an acme. Yeah okay. Can you actually make his. Just a student you straight up commonly live on the radio yeah. I won't stand for it that's why I'm gonna go sit out. 86 to 1130 start at a 3.5 I get to see. Instead I love songs. Am. However every 3.5 in college petty childish immature or whatever you want this morning but I. I think my girl Michelle has a legitimate beef with features tournament. About those books and more on what a bird foods on guests like you know like it's it's not as big deal he's making a huge deal enough and I think Michelle. Girl I'm sorry but I think you are to you. Fairly few east ocean land speed look to a friend the life of high end. You know. Blend in the books and it's great work read it and stuff well she was lowers house the other day outside in his bathroom on the toilets and I just that she'll run on top twelve Shia really disgusted and she's flake he's using my Brothers entertainment to read when he pulled so I don't liking it I don't understand it I just. It's not my thing and I'm very concerned about it so she's grossed out. And she wants him to buy her new book because. Is bacteria is all over his old copy Jesus. And you know I'm gonna agree with the guy he says that. She's being ridiculous. And he doesn't want to buy her new one it doesn't make sense it's on polygamy. So now she's running the now if he actually should be buying her new book. Because you know it's it's gross now apparently. Which doesn't really make sense in my head why that would be it is grosses this is muffled by the people's property it's not that you might. It's simple because the bigger picture at play here 869 to batted three. What I did it snow let is go. I agree with me this morning everybody's got to make them much ado about nothing we got a guy on the phone went from 1 live this morning is your guy that's got a good hundred come on down. I honestly don't think that's so good. Is that figure deal but I did have a buddy you want it ended baby pro am borrower mind and I can't coming out using it. As supporter Claudia or a those really discuss Riley. Now did you do do did you ask him to replace his oh. Yes even your life you're done with it over not like you don't get an and the irony thing. Well you know what eight annual ride during their visits a certain level of acceptance when people use things that you won't let. And I look at it this way it's a book Ceylon and she's already red line for pies just look at that much value to where she probably never should alone due to begin. True that island. Yeah well I couldn't tell you guys are the most annoying thing about the book. But don't why would you won't somebody nearby but anyway they've got to put their lives all over. It. Canada's new editor and awesome amounts. Okay. Are you German silvers of men. Slightly slightly slightly. Slightly and I'm a guy that like when you do they put those things until honestly you know the little you're yeah those me. You're that hang out with three or four remarks column cannot yeah. Do you see. And what time when I was traveling to airports I would keep who little plastic gloves in my in my you have bad. To win heroic or bathroom or something I would put on my plastic gloves. Cricket. Seeing a whole new light. It's true it's got that right I can accept you for who you are. I've never looking in the same problem that's good. They do for comment that I. You want that to ensure our flow. Well let's find them face six guys didn't that is three okay Motorola home on this when I see how you guys and you don't know my mother had the smallest on the you can. And those 400. Howard added three point. Wow what a great house a hit man a Christian and we got drama drama drama driven by Hamas holidays. Michel wander a book once upon which I'm learning from you guys this morning is it not been an expensive book. It's okay so it's it's it's an attempt to book. Wheldon and I think he did play he only stands violence and she's she won't be too afraid and she goes over to his house. Goes into his bathroom and the book that you won't go do this in the right there Armas toilet. Now she's freaking out so it I'm almost got mugged my book to me. Usually of his bathroom reading material. It's now got all these germs on it. I want him to give me a new book he's read it you. Yeah it slums saying three displeased and he's reading it's just not in the area thank you intended in your brain and I said Michelle was absolutely right to demand that he replaced her a copy of wide supply doesn't seem to agree with the way wedlock to calls last hour and. And I don't think everybody agreed with me. Pretty much no idea they all relate. Carol right now it's me you know I call a petty it's a matter of respect other people's property is not dimensions disgusting. 869 to 113. It's sure anybody have a quiz me this morning let's take a phone call Gloria what do you think girl. You think warnings and I don't want to let you know without what all the things or. One singing when you're in the back room and I know everybody has learned what you want to spoil the bottom I call it. I let me ask you come. This. I'm not proof but you're fit now in the bathroom if you didn't nasty because this summer it's not nice guys that covered. Hands above petty and on the back of the planet I think that everything he's a member of the brilliant. The advice I like to boot that have gotten ahead. He wasn't. So bad I guess I really like the sun didn't configure the ball yes I completely as a former informant flat light into the ball if it gets a bad thing if you're more aware that this is ranting and clearly if you don't like about what you've been met that it didn't look at the there were. Oh. That I'm I'm like yeah I wouldn't allow pets but I wrote about that all of that wherever hole. Oh yeah you do need to do a month I'm good yeah. You know wall. Religion in my hand we're good. I'm not Ali otherwise I felt like after the event before I forget the contents of the outside the things you can't you're aware that they into your flexible and regulate. By your microorganisms. Logic wouldn't surrounding rooms we also contain. I'm seeing right that's exactly yeah I got a nice guy you got a little scrub during the goes round the top yeah. Yeah yeah yeah it's hot debate what it is good that he can speak to how. For volatile day but that Eliot have a birthday. Do think people waking up the listened to listen remorse in the living Gibson she understands exactly what I'm talking about we get a life of two. And I actually got to.