Dilemma of the Day: Should You Confess to Cheating???

Tuesday, April 18th

A listener asked if she should tell her fiance that she cheated on him or lie to him until they are married....


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Wonderful woman this morning in their names have been changed to protect the innocent. We need the judge Wagner counteract desk we were here. I'd let's just colored DNC. For what it's worth and we don't you listens every morning thinking there's improvements up. As she music and she is a clear cut its because obviously something's bothering her. Food Telus my boyfriend recently proposed to me and we're now in a full bloom wedding milk. Call of congratulations again and did manage to take the next step into that relationship that's so tossed some. I love him and I am so lucky. I get along with his parents and his sister has become my sister thought some tears literally my best friend and you. But now that we are engaged I feel like I should tell him about beef filet and I had last summer. It's just. Modano. You have a bright rooms start to get a little grayer now. She said I slept with another guy off an arm for almost eight mom time. And then ended it because I felt so guilty. But I know I don't know and I'm worried that if I tell them the truth you'll break up the engagement and I will lose everything. This family is so wonderful and I would miss them so much but I can't get rid of this guilty feeling and the closer we get to the wedding the more I feel like I need to be our list. Help me. So what should thanks fro as a room. Okay. Well we changed the names to protect CNN's sent her in her mind your bathroom OK okay. Honey. You cheated on him because you don't love tell me you're like yeah spam link there. Think about it you know that's sounds damage she loves his sister you have clo. I was his parents' rule she doesn't wanna tell him about cheating because she's worried that they don't believe you know. You love kids CM mean you don't love him how menus he deserves to now. He visitors to know what he's marrying into if you want to sustain when it's huge if he says you know what what ever happened before we got engaged doesn't matter. Then. He know. Seeing you told the truth in its. If it was a one night stand fling thing drunken moment maybe a gray area but the fact that for about a month. You can't go back going back. Going back. But. Let's let's be real. Yes he knows the truth and you thank you know what I'm signed up for an I love you no matter what he doesn't know and she does and she continues to lie to them. He may not have wanted to stay you there if he had known she was paths in an annual memorial last hole how. You. This is a cocktail party with the trade aboard during spring mid may it's just not true. Okay 88692. Batting three do you agree or Brandon should she tell him the truth. Plus I don't know. People think you shouldn't tell if you cheat then think about it she's obviously on the sentence given for this marriage I'm sorry to be brutal but you war. So he's telling the trend of our Larry. 861993. Cold mouth shut did you come clearly until her live this he did that. We're gonna do what she won and now you know how you're 10. I want rebel wanna know so I can tell you before winning we will. Mann act. That's a serious charge she's not mean I'll hurt GO Karl now. How about a 3.5 of Kabul to the White House this man memoranda Desi has a dirty little secret time. If this is bad OK so dizzy we changed the means to protect the innocent yes we have. Dizzy is well in game against Finland should instead super happy news. We're in full wedding planning mode of blacks. This is the problem did he said I love him and I'm so lucky I get along with his parents. His sisters become my sisters she's my best friend. Now the ranking needs to feel like it's time about laying. And I have last summer I slept with another guy often unfurl most of my arm. Both in the night in didn't because I felt so guilty. Thirty whole day it's a whole month instead I'd still like it's time now before we get married it. I'm just worried if I talent he's gonna break up the engagement I'm gonna lose his family Yemen and use him on the lose his sister. I wanna be honest I don't know what do. Hands honey if you've got yourself in a pickle. He sure Villeneuve and just start roaring call you aren't in its. Now I'm guilty conscience isn't going anywhere that's going to be UAQ and a few until now you're gonna tell sometime it's gonna come out here is going to be blurted out he better be honest. 86910113. Woods should she do. She should tell you should she not say anything it. Your calls that a living on the Volvo Edgar what do you think he. Hit screens sheep you just have to tell. You have got to eat and eat at air. Air and they're gonna cause a lot of problems if you made any eyes out. He can't think of Miranda might be right this you don't really leveled do or not. I got it and I don't eat it up like it family. Don't that's what she said yeah when it is and this is. What's weird to me so. We felt as women think that he should tell the truth you tell I'm burning man nursing mean he shouldn't so this is leading me to believe that men cheat when. And I would never said he should. Tell the truth I'm just saying he should assess the situation. Who couldn't and I'm. I I. Thinking. Exactly yeah I mean a lot yeah. Look I don't do you. But she should and should the polls until dynamics. The villain make a decision but Bob Bob Bob. Okay yeah that's. She didn't sell well I think she thought that never came out of it now my night last night I. OK well let me follow that yeah yeah. You know I can't see any irony. How right yeah. I hear the land to beat I'm sure well I. I think and act calling on them I appreciate the call. We toilets around she's the one good shooter and she's the one that has the dirty little secret. Could miss out this will always be a man's thoughts and look okay now he drove her to teach you in love her nap. What just happened and it started. Get married three its parliamentary 3.5. And that's all we have over our dilemma this morning. What that does he lets just colored jerseys for now. I'm engaged to be married that's she did some. I had pain yes she did so they just coming days so there wedding planning to send. Last summer. I T deny and not mine now fiance with a guy. And see when I'm for about a month and I don't know my itself voted thirty days. Senate hynix I just felt so bad and now it's like for a wedding planning and I love is parents and I loved his sister and she's my best friend and I love him like tell it I'm worried you can believe wean help break up the engagement now loses they're only. Like how honey you got a talent. I'm sorry I know you have a lot to lose but this is obviously bugging you and it's bugging you so much. Think if you're not going to be able to handle it unless you tell him. Joseph reminded us this is your life this is your future you're talking about a year. So you should do everything to ensure that their future as a happy one and that's why you should think long and hard before you share. I'm come you know what you're saying hey don't mind I didn't say. And your happiness manner is okay agents yeah don't wanna go to college aged until Matta three go ahead girl I. Here's the thing. If a year ago. And he guilt stayed with him and you know let Annie Le Carre. More than likely he is not alone anywhere how her. How haired people are being correct wouldn't you watch your prayer and everything army cannot. Figure out probably. Never gonna find out. In Italy will it really matter in the long run. I don't know I think it's wrong what it sounds. Disarray with the keys here Shaq Shaq that's why I'm saying you should assess the damage did a simple trip to kind of give us. Yeah their thing you know if she's already feeling guilty and authority debating telling him if she doesn't tell mom and condescending she's gonna blurted out when now when I mentioned. During GAAP. And West. End in lightning beat Lleyton it's gonna pour out of Burgess and and in my. Still there's yeah. But back. Now I find it. An app let out putted it well yeah and this little over the thirty day east thirty days of back and floors down I don't know maybe it's our. I think she's by the Allentown because that she's already feeling super guilty and she's already debating. She needs to tell him calm cool collected before she blurted out after pinning club on their honeymoon now. Yeah don't get pinnacle a lot of it is it. It comes to give more both white Russian you know it's gonna be bad but the. Yeah our current guy. Yeah you guys ask me what are anyway Nelson and walk all right thank you for calling good car. Got us into us those are messy situation and again I never said she should not how you were thinking this lady said she should tell you know you were thinking Izzy dizzy. We wanted to get married cheated on her ma'am last summer feeling guilty and wanted to know did she should come clean before the wedding loves the system loves the family but Miranda you're seeing they'll say that he she should come clean right. Yeah I think you should just tell because honestly like your party in the wedding planning your party feeling this guilt teeth I knew and did it because you're feeling guilty. I just think you're gonna blurted out step at some point because a wedding stratus. And everything that's going on your blurted out you could just sit him down and tellem explain how sorry you are explain what a good thing you guys have. And make it right thing if if you don't tell me you're gonna wonder the whole time your me. Erie Canal. Oh we've had more than one woman called up this morning and say don't say knock it. And I'm just saying I never says she should not tell I said she should assess the situation. We have an ability on the phone please them share your thoughts this morning. I got into it I don't think because. Yeah calendar now because complete I have to go to college they don't. Wanna. Go over sheep sheep don't. So this it's saying you know he's right about anything I'm. Got. The other day at a par with the good. The end goal should the priest and confess and give a couple of old married and you're good Mubarak. God I'm. But I confess I just thought yeah. It's just an older dog comedy no matter who's the father were prescribed combatant and tackle the I. I'm a little cloudy in the morning only you. And there it is. Well Lauren and I want to show me admitted there are some options to him or her opponent and my hope you confront Colleen and I keep it. All right thank you for calling I appreciate. That means that he did she shouldn't talent can I mean think about it do you wanna be married just somebody that just thinks they you don't deserve to have the true it's a metal while. This morning who said don't tell and Murillo and I think you're right I mean they finally got I would want to know what that is some super bad karma and it's gonna come back for you need to be honest in town. Well as you know love and want to cheat always a tee the should she. Should go here again this just come at a time. And sale Mac. Thanks in detail.