Dilemma of the Day: Weird Food Habits

Monday, August 22nd

What are your weird food habits?

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Power and every 3.5. Kevin go weekend Christina. I can my darnedest and you drink and have whiskey. Lipsky. Really I really can still I don't know liar really wanted to drink and then why do you drink something that you hate I think it's. Just we didn't know us and I just I just saw I was there. And next thing and now it's game over yea and Canada to do in a whiskey thanks. Always a good mile corners when I think of whiskey. Really attitude of those like whiskey commercials on TV she's dismayed stricken west he looks so good. I don't. Just hang it around a luncheon and oak barrels yeah I guess so fossil makes it look good that's on sale. Barrels they make you look again that's not the battle I believe this morning Leslie personal thanks for writing to us we appreciate it our listeners reach out to a certain number of ways email phone calls. A Twitter FaceBook. I should actually services message on FaceBook. She said man this is quite possibly the dumbest argument I've ever gotten into with my roommate and now I want to move out. And this is an ugly. You can sell trees Syracuse good the other day I was make it a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I used to night. One for the peanut butter. The other for the jolly. I don't like the peanut butter hitting and all mixed in with the jelly. My roommates army doing those and he freaked out. Okay. She said you only need to use wanted to answer. Related to the girl. You spread the driver on. Why put on the other piece of bread and that the life into the generally. Can't we just how I do I mean that's I needed to she was actually upset with me for using more drugs and I need to because she uses too much water for the win. Series is come on the water bill is no joke I'm just saying at. So she wasn't an issue and saying don't most people used to love to make PB and and look who else had some some weird usual fooled habit. Like my my oldest daughter she cannot let. The other crew touched the other through it has to be perfectly separate I've had so many friends that do that and on my age. What is your deal age. What is what what's wrong with having your food touches Shealy Mac like a nightmare for number something. You know what I I tell my kid on the comets and doesn't matter if it touches or not it's all mash it up to get the want to get too excited you. This just expressed yeah. What cannot. It'll teach us different felt like it used to everything that you have for dinner into a blender and many drinks as Ali that's exactly. Well here essentially say there are certainly no. They played some guy of the senior nursing facility that does that every morning at all our football great Clinton is tees. Okay 86910. Matting three what do you guys think of citizens say they used to lunch at a PB and. But you don't and it didn't do you know or somebody you know have some weird food habits. That's that's. Kind of yeah other experiment that's fair I mean with the with them. Nice thing like it's not really that big of a deal I don't think you have to it's not insist it's not that here is this too close I will not touch. Broccoli and sour cream and after anywhere in my food I freak out there. Was very intense otherwise I won't sleep I'll show that we had did her belief is on the west side over the weekend in the server we've got a miserable time she goes. No sour cream Radisson you've got a budding. I'm never gonna run into addiction that has both of those things. So I just enzymes may soon to guard Tim about it there is this where it and do you know somebody you know have some weird and unusual. Pulled habits we wanted to hear you lose more anxious parent at a 3.5. However I think 3.5 of the top forty play housing demand in grew still and I am the PB MT dilemma I'll. It's the that theory is. Kimi in Geneva alama that's a way to start out doing this one million gallon at a 3.5 somebody's got to DB to intercept a lot senator and that's what I'm talking about him. Seat I love peavy and Jay leno's got up like I'd go every day to school in Evian PB and making it to where the jelly didn't like soak into the red and it was discussing later computing isn't too much Kelly girl. I'd like jelly. Let's talk about our grow as we laugh at herself and she's got a dilemma however remain got into a big old fight over PB and JD Aubrayo lake apparently Leslie issues make it peavy in today. She used to unite slumber peanut butter and jelly and I guess it kind of makes sense if that's what you're saying is. She doesn't like the remains saw her doing it that way kind of slipped Alitalia and Austin and ended up in just looking huge argument. Dayton now Leslie wants to move out from her roommate that's how nasty this thing yeah. Instead of sending Kansas June 5 place I mean she didn't. The army was obviously really upset about it but she really says that it was. Because he's too much water for the wash yeah there's united says okay Blake you're not gonna be using that much for an extra nice. 8692. Mandatory you wanna know you're somebody you know I have some weird food habits I mean look he's got two nights of Abidjan today. That's a little different controversy good explanation as to why go ahead man. My arms like that there's you have you play. We have to do much there is she to have Herbert Dutch and either. I don't get that he did. I mean this is there a reason why our kids are like that I don't know my group or used the push it all in the middle of play one big file. At. The box. Let you know I didn't do it I just pushed it won't follow with the oh yeah grandpa out of figured out that brought you a ticket for all the awful everything and it would get hurt frankly everything. There's some good SpinRite good do you. Couple of my daughters who are that's pot yeah exactly that that's a great prison all of the little I love the bodies to Colin. Back you know I don't go to residual income up listen to a solo powered Audi 3.5 you or somebody you know that aware of food added. I have actually I'm caught about that kid that. But throwing out my grandmother is not highly alert but here that they do not what we always. Options. He's chosen. Candidate but I think that it's good isn't he issued the alert. Inning and it's now. It makes sense to me writes Goodell is I am I understand that you. Gas but I don't know it's been so nobody got out of it flatter I don't I've always done that it you don't like it that's fine but I'll watch. Yeah it's gonna do is move the mouse over the incident Jeanne. I think. Those people you that this water use and water every time you. If not more or less water. You don't put what you said makes perfect sense peanut allergies and I know that those few and analogies are no joke they can cause some real problems well. Yeah yeah ID it CNN that he got a product that we're. They ate the peanut butter cookies and get it got a lot. Horrible. And canceled or is a great reason as to why you she used to not be in today. You never hell yeah. You're absolutely right. It's it's nice to not lead three we're appreciative Colin appreciate you could capitalist who has ever morning. Our board our. You're the best we love you doll. It just so much more calls this morning it's 692 mandatory it's apparently 3.5 power. The 3.5 PM the engine drama. I hope this is not a couple of new roommates that are livery limbs and dormant Wichita State's you know our rates go worst way to start out are you okay I'm good. Let me go oh my goodness let's talk about Leslie and the peanut butter fight going or not. Okay let's here's the thing. Heard her roommate got into a big old slaying lowered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Apparently Leslie was make it 11 day and that she was making and it. No big deal remain comes eras like you do in Iran this insulin is likely talking about she said. You have chewed Knight is out right now one for the peanut butter one for the jelly kids just need wine and you know he didn't. Don't demand all in the night game is quite a bit on the bread after your dome of the peanut butter and your fine. So I don't have a problem with that logic then Clinton maybe don't freak out about it. Threw me Blake got all sorts of men saying it wastes too much water. And she completely flipped out Milosevic would not. Gotten to such a huge argument. Muslims telling us this morning and now she wants to move out. She doesn't love being Romans with this person whom I wouldn't either to be honestly is that. Person is gonna freak out that much over some missiles small imagine if something big actually. You guys or call 186910. Out of 32 Edgar what do you think that. And I had a and the lady with the current law that makes it. But that's an anti and other outlets I have I thought their defense and remains it was fortunately when you're married Annan piper and I. I. I never make it though there are other docket it. I did shift this. This whole roommate being I mean first of all I move out to just because I think the rumor it's a little bit whacko. Asia action an outlet will match and we want to achieve that delicate that area. Bubba broke don't action or fight it. Love the way this is all the problems like it's five dollars I'll shut the hell out. It's not that there is that walker. Has definitely been hit my boyfriend he asked the one thing at a time but look the other prized bird that helmet on this thing much I think that's good that's the thing and I am hungry. That's how I wanna taste everything like pasting things together. Sorry Hamid them all together it's like that it comes out like the beautiful and pretty clinical instrument and listened making warm beautiful and delicious feeding song. Yeah. Yeah I've got overdid it do you have. Now yeah. Yeah our right all right you forgot I'll eventually get up and listened to us I agree would you just not that big an ideal. I'm. Nearly alliances with the immediate effect. Until Carl and okay. Yet that you do our listeners are ensemble. Power and average three point assignment.