Dilemma of the Day: What Weird Habit Do You Have???

Wednesday, April 19th

Mike asks Hitman and Miranda about his girlfriends weird habit of keeping her socks on ...


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He says my girlfriend and Wear socks to finish. That's your biggest problem you are so separate lives. She hates when her feet didn't go. I'd thought it was so cute when we first started dating but now I don't know always dream and many thought there was just that she never takes her socks option doesn't imitate. Her socks off toward making love. What does any minute now this is full apparently you're not doing your job. We are living in the demolition stays over allotment I can't handle the weird Sox sex is just a total current office. And the name what do I do. Me neither is teller and just McCain when word didn't down to it do you mind kicking your socks off like it was kind of a turn off for me. I don't think she'd be like heartbroken and it's different if you're not your. Until he might consider himself lucky that she wears a Sox during. Mean maybe she's got jacked up feet yeah. And it's fine talent down there bird claws and you don't want to see it. Then may be I mean. Now the killer my breakfast it not sorry good god let me. Any maybe sky just some straight up crazy looking C yeah I wanted to go one step for. Hang don't people out there to have something weird happens like I know this guy. Endless summer time and he wears a cult of hilly blared outside local two what do you got going and Elsa consume pool. As he's like constantly gets till yeah he's constantly gets chilly he wears a cult. Amazon. I will say this time even in this summer no matter what I will only Wear jeans I Wear shorts ever. Never ever I hate shorts and how they look on me hanging out they feel. And whenever it's summertime people like my parents and still are. I don't Wear shorts. I just don't do it okay ER OCD mom I'm confessing this morning everybody knows the most TV but. I'm meg guy that if I do something and it's not perfect and it's not right I would like rip them all apart and start over again. That is frustrating way to within the. An adjunct. I have always I will start all over again because I have the fund at one point where it's not right to make and fix it. Why that's awful that's an crazy I guess so bad now that sounds terrible I don't want anything to do it. Couple of the but it must be like for my wife ties is still well. Cook dinner and things are right now destroyed out startled. And that's good and it. You just threw out everything you just did okay 86 died two lottery 3 call up this morning. You Lewis or money you know they have a weird had a much. I take it easy on the tee up what the Sox aren't OK she might be saving your huge turnoff verify her feet I mean look. Bust and that he's got to know that already though she's been and I don't I'm glad he's got to the bad boys off to the take a shower. No no whose I don't know maybe there's funding centenary I'll smell. Army on. 8692. And not a during your somebody you know has a weird habit Mike's girlfriend likes to Wear socks and then. He needs a movie. Apparently 3.5. One in my house a hit man and Miranda yeah Sox in bed. So that the minimum remove we are so let's assesses just seconds it's still early games this horrible thing it's not I'm not gonna say what kind of movie but nonetheless. Doesn't sign in Disney movie you know it. Spoiler. It's. Crazies itself. Then as six. Lisa and I just think just those silly OK so might. Messages and he said that his girlfriend wears socks to bed any thought it was cute. You know like finishing its cool like county in his van. And all he's not bothered by saying it's turn off then why is she doing an and it. What what does he need to do to explain to her this Q where she used to ban like it appears she loves her there's the she was once yeah. Only the big deal. And Xavier snow upset about it because you can give busy grand Sox just. Or did a great candidate maybe dreams big. How and why is sensitive dig deep as he's gotten weird quirks no matter who you are. Everyone has something Sicily to keep for Sox sign. Who appears. Known smell that they're not XD eat and you're intuit the full. Yeah. Well it's just acts when he should begin this is real time we should be doing his thing thank you know that the woman even though they don't put them in the first place. I don't sids say he's this he's not. Dilemma I found very anal and you can feel lucky that anybody won't sleep with them period. Yeah like Susie thinking surfer I mean six is the universe. Yes exactly. But you realize you. And crippled me an animal like that yes there are Sox a 192 pumas are a deal news in our group you're. You're not mentally. They're not steamed he an early hole and insisted. Okay she said he should consider himself lucky thank you for calling waking up and listen to us this morning. You're welcome 869 dramatic three pal and added 3.5 bureaus somebody you know got to win and it. Well I'm and I'm out there that comment on this hole but then this morning. You did because well he's going on here don't have that you think it's not let it go where I now. They're not a big fearlessness that's kind of where all squat under but it doesn't think that's a turn off. This is gets turned on by her speaks. You want to see you won't see he's got a big added that all this is. Likely yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I have to grow there grow at least he's a rock star. I think yeah attractive. Nonbinding in his thirty admitted that he sucks tell you. Like man that's what is wrong with you. I don't like anybody yeah brush or June 8. Now it's a gavel over the ads and. I don't I am I got around Lincoln how people's seemed good god agents. Do you tiny startup went through important body or somebody you know. I don't weird habit and added 3.5 get a shellfish a little bit this morning. Mike is he being selfish about the sock a dilemma that he has imposed upon us this morning and empowered every 3.5. As because he's all of sad because he's in his girlfriend and Wear socks to sleep and if they hook up she keeps her son. These and it was huge first announced blogs. Xenia I don't like kid I'm not into it and learn stuff I'm doing my turn don't she know. Breezy when she she just gets cold at night to just really can't rumor handed down to it take your socks up to kick off from. Not that big a deal everybody got like little quirks about themselves and uneven reduced to just mention it pitcher B I don't you heard. I mean super obsessed with why your program witness and yeah just it's such a big deal. It's kind of was quick you know I've never. That's Richard into that time we won't say any thing. I just think it's a little strange pretty comfortable works. It doesn't matter who you are how old you are from everybody. And trust music is everybody's got some some weird that it damp. I don't know what is may be really superstition is. My husband superstition is from so and we are going somewhere and the light flickers like the street Y minus sign in Europe we can't really. I mean we did meet our way to a party in EP season and oh yeah go somewhere first increases here is. Well. And I'm very OCD you guys know Max. And Alex I'm so old she did that define myself enough I don't turn up and start from the very beginning this on our home. Think. The. We try to stay sane that's not normal wedge my wife's sister Rio the target crazy business. My normal behavior I'll cook eggs so they literally listen ingredient. Dumping out start all over him and. Her real big none. There aren't the only one lesson to those let me go ahead. You don't demand you know you'll want to focus a matter of PD my sister did bird CDC is CB Al knows she's yelling this is. Dream and copd in alphabetical order. Can't remember yeah. I legitimately funny things. She had ever closed three fingers was ours. And just real win and I EMI will go in and much overt both. It's it's horrible. To be eaten a slowing. Me and bringing. It on your kids. I'm being sister didn't convert all some. Hello Howard added 3.5. What do you think our I have a friend that his earlier. Error. You re using it like though. Any other play that for his own power and very convenient because. It's our. People. Only the. I don't know who sued GM is duped and then not I you know what I hate. I like that that worked for me wide and he had to go home to use the bathroom. And he took out four showers a day he was bombed earlier about the message cleanest man a lot of. A different weather. You'll reap huge he'll get an alternate late Sunday. Like gosh I would not use something that's not enough to and I'm. No in this challenge to. Make sure warmed over Clemens who was like mood. I yeah. Do the okay. It is yeah and that's over the top and emergence of the day. Going with that thank you for a volatile day as much as. That's crazy worlds of fun hate spoilers so instead of listing out every three X venture a mama's magazine. Then Loretta you're just a minute and craziness this royal power batting 3.5 to extra dude might. It's got this grow he's been seeing for awhile and well she likes to blow sleepless first Sox. And he just really thinks it's clear he's likens her Susan Cuban hours bugs me like what's the deal with your feet out and we got some advice. From everybody but also on FaceBook so I need to stay with the first device lets just. Honest and very real. And I still look. You might be working with some seriously busted feel like I had that you're the man who this woman a panic her get her feet looking good and that she's not insecure about it and it's a. Your socks off well. And then we sort of talk about the boy we're very usual habits and it's no secret that the audience and extremely OCD. About a lot of things that puts my wife she is no you're just crazy yeah yeah. I've got to have things a certain way and if it's not right if it's not perfect I'll just turn the whole thing up and start all over again. Knew the sale does not know her movements have been as cost me a lot of money over the years. Of which I am. Have accepted what what set except for the because it's just it's just that important to me now and nearing count you guys keep quality text I genetic three go ahead. Have to pull my dirty player I can do on yourself and be able but it. Be good. Take muffins there hominem Sherron in the draw here. You know. I just can't they. I didn't I like you. My parents don't know like from there I met the love and I cannot argue they are they're folding eyes organize idol that's money. We need criminal wash your team put him in full clip. Now I am told them that our current red shirt again I don't like they've just up the organ Ryan blew us any lectures are great and third grade eight Jordan granting him. I'm sort of like that whenever we go out of town because I always have to like pack everything in a certain way and we get ready to go home my wife just like take a dirty stuff and shove it in the luggage but I folded up and I have a separate compartment just for the dirty clothes and luggage. I can get that Eric are crazy BSE can see my suitcase is just chaos. We'll be true these dirty club understands there's nary a no no it's an act if he had it would never work Miranda now oh my gosh. It's for Carl and I. I'm not the only time. I appreciate it when it up the listening to us she feels you people went to college unite and come together we can just Deborah grey which probably will never happen. Tell you that does not mean hello not only three players I'm glad. Anchor it's the perfect solution for years thought I. He isn't it funny to think and harder because 150 bike out from underneath here couple's friend you can and sacred. Action helps so this is this is that we. Different. It doesn't feel like she wouldn't complain now I am dead and loving JAMA. Is gonna promote good. Is not doing a write off just make. And now that you mention it your theory is very applicable. And words they are crazy yeah. Yeah. You're right I yeah I. Yeah you look all that okay no problem I love this Ballard added 3.5.