Empower Wichita - City of Wichita Say YES Program 7-23-17

Sunday, July 23rd

This Empower Wichita: Hitman and Carla visit with Council member James Clendenin to talk about the new SAY Yes program in Wichita. 

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It's been Joe Horn went by and welcome back. The man in Thailand are we can talk this morning on how are you 3.5 caller great conversation we have with Susan about what you thought bubble school's enrollment yes they're big transition things AS program what did. There you go where they get I will lead and you've been hearing us talk alarmed about. Yes program youth enrichment services with the city of what you thought you empowered every 3.5. And we figure we didn't give up a couple of people and just wanted to tell you more about this program because it's that amazing. Let's welcome in this morning district three councilman James. Did a good morning. That is classic router is now they're about that. The morgues our hero Belgrade thank you have really very appreciative here having this morning well we appreciate you get up earlier Sunday morning to be what does your power and every 3.5. Let's talk about the yes program because there was a lot of discussions behind the scene before the senate came to fruition. And kudos to you and the other council members who really made this program available to the young people which is so let's talk about that. But I appreciate that you know there's a great need inner city we don't realize that cause a lot of the need is hidden. Hand. We knew we get to see it every day and we interact with our communities and so we see the need we are always looking for ways trying to address that need. And this is just a very simple thing that we can do it the city which is top. To address that name. What's really cool is that you have all of these services and programs that are absolutely free. For people ages seven to seventeen. I you have free and unlimited bus rides. You look at their library. And of course is definitely fees didn't get those that were removed and taken off. I you've got free admission to flew with some silly which some public pools. Golf and B album you Carlo got hard I mean does he thought about it very. We know these are all services especially youth will be engaged in right and this is really an outreach to youth. With the exception I might try to take advantage of getting rid of my own late fees that the life. But you know of we have to concentrate on our children we have to make sure that. Our children see the opportunities are in front of them and then show them and give them ways. To be able to take advantage of those opportunities. It's just give them a step up. Handout for a later on a life. You know what I really like about this program growing moms and dads. I think is that kids off the street sure does yeah I mean it's good if the mom and dad like I Iran that we get to there but now you got a free bus. She knows go to pull you know we're going to be lifeguards are going to be safe. They go to libraries and Porsche got computers at the library right. It's mostly couch get some awesome phone is right you know I mean guy there and golf. I think that's really cool your encouraging his you're outside and play golf you know golf is one of those things that I'm I'm no good at. It is an MRI. Very frustrating. Even I didn't you know and golf are one of those things. That's how really help our kids with learning the ability beat keep their mental focus. And to be able to get down the outdoors to get exercise to. I'll participate. In the surroundings of their city and we have an amazing golf program. Plug for the steel which tells golf courses here bit of an amazing golf program in the city which top. And we have a lot of golf pros and people on that program want to step up and make sure you get exposed to post something that can be so good form. Get our apologies about that golf club in I've got our good friend of mine who lives in Chicago and he shook me years ago he says you can tell about the quality of life. Okay and every city based on how many golf course is in cash and so are all of life is pretty good. Golf courses it's. And they're pretty busy and if he's a very very reasonable especially for young people right now to the ages of 778 through July 30 trade. You know its interest in golf you can we have that perception of being something this is too expensive for. Those that may not have the means. To play and so this is gonna give great exposure. Two kids and the city which Todd has youth programs that are going all your round. For these sorts of things though. It's the golf portion of this is pretty exciting. What is it. Different called him and I'm from look I'm did you know it wasn't just due to the enthusiasm behind the program but looking at what's really great about this for Randy got a number of city different guys city departments working in Canberra. To make this happen which just goes to show the functionality of Russian government because you've got that housing men that's helping out with that. Parks and recreation and you got trans. All it's also departments got together it is OK guys has made this happen. You know it kudos. Our city manager. Bob Layton who has some a great job with Harry some department heads that are breaking down silos inside of City Hall. You know encouraging communication between new apartments. You know the council and and the department has in the city manager we get to talk about things like this. We get to think outside of the box and see how we can help you how we can help those people that I need services university which time. It really helps fuel that passion for the rest the council members say you know we're able to get some positive things done for her for people. That's awesome you know let's go to the heart of what this program is all about and and the people who realize that most of the young people our community and we're proud this morning we've got a pretty good fourteen year old representative. I'm Tyreke GOP. In the studio what this is war is a freshman at southeast high school the morning Tyreke how are yet thank you are easy undone pretty good measure your first timer on the radio yeah. What he's doing pretty good so far you know not yeah. Let's talk about this youth enrichment services and programs you're talking off Mike there. Some sort of decision actually use what twenty years and how easy was supported my use the bus chassis back and forth to work and so that's in good health for a yankees and community TD to win anything don't. Nice nice and how easy was a bush did do if your mom just called rounded to the number by the way all this information gained about this yes program that we're talking about is on our website right now at power Mac and refi dot com but anyway go ahead Tyreke. I'm actually are only so they'll wait to work program its own ward. Job site for youth in the summer and we deemed free transfer station with the CS program single back and forth to work. Mac show and you're gonna make money this there's no you have to fourteen Arizona oh yeah. Yeah that's awesome and you're up as a mom for printing money for Fries and soda pop for. It. Is great so you've been working to make enough money there's somebody new music loan program and this is. Awesome I'm sure your mom had to be pretty pleased about that yes. You know I've got I got a thirteen year on the perhaps to have you talk started incurred during the work. This is great guard Tyreke guilty what does this morning I was should councilmen are climbed to an end. More about that. And I'm thinking this is gotta make it joke. It is a young man right here who's who's in the program and look at benefits is getting from. You know it does make me proud as you know and I know it makes Terri proud but you know. People may not have the opportunity to be exposed. To some of the opportunities are much stock he's getting a great opportunity this this world is just totally open to things he may not known that he can do and you know he missed the big thing about using the transportation system here which topped. We're the biggest barriers to people kids and others having jobs transportation. So true and that's why am I. Being able to show them the value inch for the transit system. Gambino would get to and from work or maybe tune from the play golf final nominee wants to play golf here embed. Do normally guard Tyreke. Anomaly. I mean either that show. Does not know. You know this is great. Some others listen mr. Moore mom and dad may be a grandmother. Maybe an older brother. They wanna give they're 717 year old involved with the program out what are you need to do. You know you go in Wichita dot gov you can call any one of the neighborhood resource senators the one that. It is a resource center that is a provided for the southeast part of town or really any part of town as the couldn imagery say you're source senator 3038030. Time you can get a hold of us at City Hall they will find you the right person to get to it sure. That's that's great stuff. I wanna give back to. These jobs program I think that's a different component of it that I don't think a lot of people. I have talked about with BS program or read how many days a week do you work there how many hours a day. Omar work four hours a day. Four days a week and on Fridays you can work shut down SH EC wow how cool is that. Carlo workshop teaching and workshops I mean just basic workplace training in how to do it conflicts situations workplace wow. Home that is amazing extent and that's free. Yes wow. That's awesome. Or let that carry guys legitimate America I can tell gluten something's right here. Your momma did something right firms and foremost. Head and 100 TCU in this program is definitely a good thing here he's he's just go look them well polished young man yeah you know Marley yeah. It's got to shoulders astray you know it's heads up go elsewhere. I was like shades on his hands. Well I would let's get back to our city councilman. Clinton dinner. On the program for a slow blue blues are under New Jersey which is a website this is so. You know. I'm gonna tell you we had a lot of complaints about the really old design the only time all so. Part of our REIT departed is an amazing job during the redesign it and that hopefully it'll be done since this is not quite done yet really isn't. I love that I go to all the time I don't wanna know. Athletes are people there which time I go for yeah I'm also you know. I wanted to go back crook if you don't mind to the job program sure please why why it. This is so important so former mayor called brewer yeah did a similar program when he was. The young when he was in his early teens as well and it did something to him. They made him realize you know what maybe this is something and I wanna do in the future maybe there's such an opportunity for me here and you know of course he went into the military and then he. I came back and he decided to hunt served the public just based on his experiences. With the work programs do you wish I had my way back then so. This is a very important program four kids. He ordered an age. Councilman Morton. It seems that go remembers having to move my things around. You know you have to make some tough decisions on where to invest resources. I'll work cut resources. I think it's awesome that. Do all of turbulence. You've had to make those tough decisions that you guys made a very great decision and making sure that this program not only was protected but you. Actually increased. The opportunities with this. Program you know we've done a good job recently thinking out of the box and finding ways to maximize resources. The department's talking together getting together finding out how they can work together to see which started do this. You know has been very important but the big. The big thing to realize is that we need to invest in our kids we need to invest in the future in this really is just an investment. That will pay. Paid dividends beyond we can even imagine and so. We need to remember that that's an important part of what we do with the city which docked. It's also an anti gay if you live in disagreeing you don't know your city councilman as you've got to find out he's he's in good guy James Rendell and what I love about you sir is that I'll wish you well. You're always smile and you're always approachable. And if every politician could be like you I think we beat a really good way genres and bloodshed. And delicate time if you want to do yourself a little bit. Seriously you're you're a great job Britain's junior just. You know because I've got to give Ku actually out to all our council members city which time you know the areas we represent we did very hard we worked very hard at doing it. There are a lot of demands and everybody does really great job shall I enjoy being in the community enjoy talking to people. And he can't always you can always hope you probably want to. That you do you vest and I appreciate your comments as kind of the. Well it's very sincere and and genuinely meant to mr. Clinton and Carlos. Image we've got to get all I know program it is amazing is just a first here. This this is the first UCS program I imagine. That's with the success of the this year that we're gonna continue looking at ways to make sure that states. London I think it's amazing. You know what's really cool if primary season sir I'm John Hall. With a suit which star who I'm really blessed to have gotten to know on a personal level just a good guy. And initially he had called me up and shared with the visa program with great. The message movement who didn't tell people about this. I'm just learning about this what I came onboard within a com would you not amazing and we end I told John as you give me all the information we got a good and on radio. And it's just amazing because we didn't really helps kids and keeps kids off the street keep them busy yeah. You got Tyree he's worked there is no money in his pocket and it looked. I know when I was fourteen I was working a medal or money in my pocket you just feel better when you don't change your pocket there. That the move her around a little bit right Gerri you know they're that's pretty cool and I got free bus ride some lotion this is the free bus rides and all these programs were PS program. Through July 30 disciplines such a success and you're thinking about extending that make it a go longer. That you know we've talked a little bit about that not sure that's going to be possible this year you surely. Who started as a pilot to come to see how would take offense and how would be received good. Honestly it's been a success and so while we are gonna look you know how we can expand or maybe even. Even at a few more things the program next year. All right sounds good to go warrior assistance there guy like that here Booth. She's in the background is working well I better America. Not nicely this is within them as well. Another not on the Mike but we wanna get some recognition what remains is worn so Ryan Henry here and hello Jim Bradshaw. Oh yeah. Email me back and forth follow this great job Logan and you weren't trying to make you don't. It's happen they really are the people literally administering medicine and making it happen now we're getting. You know all the glory being done on the radio but they deserve kudos because there are great examples what time. Other people we have working behind the scenes at the C which you talk. Yeah no doubt about it both search infrared camera and behind the camera city which has got quality people and all stars like you said at the top from probably much as I should be manager thank you for coming in this morning they give us programs. We've been talking about this on radio all the information electricity is on our website and power and I'm 35 dot com you can even go to the city of Wichita website at what she's talking dot com. Can get all this information about this program because there's young people like Tyreke GOP whose arm they're with us this morning who's benefiting directly because of this program. And of course a city councilman James Clinton and an all lose the council members all of the things that you do want to improve the quality of life for everybody must finish we appreciate you and we thank you for making time to be with us this morning. They serious opportunity to let everybody know about it and it's not been an hour thanks you're welcome its power to job in Vietnam and Carla will be back to wrap up the show right after this.