Ex Confessions Part 2 - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, January 23rd

The convo continues about if you could confess one thing to an ex, what would it be? Listen to your calls! 


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The power play calcium and a Carla we are really reeling with some of the compression that we're getting this morning you know I confessed to kiss my and Texas cousins and I was getting there sorry. I'm just telling a business. To weigh in on yours. That's a match is started and loudly during your confessions as more in the long lasting this thing that your asks what is it. I hit. Let me east side years ago that would have been a lawyer a lot less. Still it's okay well how its highest. Yeah I. What do you do you will cause the alternative would mean even longer prison sentence. And Corey. So you wouldn't even an environment in the Jordan's work through that should. Mike are. He pleaded. It. Out of there right yeah I blew it by chimps. You have a sister to you throw. Do you. Yeah I still can't believe that yeah. I have. The backs up and carry. You've got submissions go and I'm embarrassed. Or no word nasty yeah. Way Oakland and Cleveland did you don't blow it okay the UK army come on. She was sick he was going to go up by imposing the sentence that's crazies aren't you 3.5 confessions. To know. Our backs this morning.