First Steps Cookout Interview

Monday, July 18th


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How about a 3.5 of college Playhouse and then I appreciate. I was really proud of my shipping yesterday. And meg Adams park beat the tar out. The number of people that showed up at the Sheehan you know all the elected officials over there. To Sheen. You know although the community leaders are where there engage in talking all the citizens that were there. And it was a very diverse crow now I mean it was a one way or the other you know what I mean there were people localism. And races and religions and backgrounds and it was still very very awesome and that's relatively cheap and should do it. We did do this around town go to different neighborhoods and stuff and do this around town. It was really really positive yesterday what happened in mcdannold spark. And I kept seeing pictures posted it could seen be as close it and there was nothing but happiness. At all that you and there are a lot of people. Just interacting with those that he normally wouldn't and the situation so it was it was real nice justice seat analysts and officials. And chilled with the common people and Dawson. OK we told you we're gonna have a money here what this is one empowered at a 3.5 and they are here let's welcome back to the station that they did Bohannon. The one wants a friend don't typically. I wanted to wanted to. Well tomorrow let's go to you first yesterday and they Cameron's part what a huge crowd that I'd probably anticipating anywhere from two to 3000 people show and happens is that what you thought the number or com yeah -- it was definitely in the thousands Nam you know really happy about the town yesterday yeah and are the police chief Gordon Ramsay I urge you speak and introduce and you made a lot of positive comments about the chief. So the next question is is what are we go from here. Where we go from here is his holding feet to the fire now to life the life madness ever made on those things are still good game. Your mom image is important for the community to support. Chief Ramsey Indian at his efforts to create some change for city Wichita so the next steps for Mears is continue to support him continuing to talk make sure to return to our City Council by this review board. On the entire trial legislators about independent investigation and I'll send Rashid. Yeah that sounds good not AJ let me come to you. Now I know there's not an official black life chapter here in Wichita black lives matter chapter here in which is W kind of taken up the Emmental if you will not leading the way. What was the motivation behind you getting involved in this. So what we've been doing this for oh about five years now address some issues that are in our community. That we see them you know need our attention mum so that thing about our community is that when we try to address these issues is only one or two of us. At the most probably twenty those who wanted to devise a plan that would allow everybody come together at the same time may come out in numbers. You know so we will hear from a community cookout. And Indian that we had it too and they session I saw that a lot of questions actually a lot of relief for answers that people have been born you know harsh for years now. They had a chance to address those issues. And so you know other thing that that I really look forward to the wall for his help my community out. A moment disagree equal place for everybody and their might have that same opportunity as the minutes of standing next to no matter the color or the race yeah. And so that's what my really that's Margolis. I'm Brandon Johnson let me have you jump in here. I know you have been involved in the community and a lot of ways. What do you hope does achieve bring TON I know that you have enough perspective to know that it's bigger than just to cheat it's it's the City Council this is set to county commission is to state representatives. And ultimately all the way up the state government so. Kind of give me your priest. Active on average I think there's chief assume that he's definitely willing to listen in the conversations that we had you know we've talked about some of those other things. When it comes to union contracts can negotiate some of that hopes to hire and fire you know someone obviously some mistakes so. I think last night was definitely a great first we do have elected elected officials there to see the needs of the community to see with the community really wanted to. Bills will be introduced. So I'm hoping that you know with the community seeing that initial first that they stay engaged in voting CM was going on on the state level. I've talked to our county commissioners the other can support the sheriff he needs more support as far as doing what he wants to do get mental health reform's going to jail. And also support our police chief because of we can give more officers are way better community policing instant repeats of what we saw last night. Sounds good to want. A final question are you guys former waiting like a master plan if you will. Like what brand with starts in on all these different layers of government and politics of course of course is so important now all we actually win visited congressman Mike Pompeo was off this year marines' office tonight at Harvard's office. We did get a response from Pat Roberts led. There's been legislation introduced an early to attempt to do a lot of what the chiefs is talking about in terms of cultural competency diversity training. I gained. Mohammed. Officers are getting in the NBA out of the investigative process are a lot of those bills have been introduced fairly and we've had. Our federal elected officials that if failed to act almost itself. You know on part of did the next answer is make sure that we address and it's on both the local state and national level. On so that we can get some policy changes that the at the end of the day you know low we're being affected by bad policy bad. Legislation you know on the illicit hasn't addressed it to be and he uses of the same opinion there's some bad policies go well absolutely you know and so we're really thankful to have a progressive chiefs like chief Ramsey. Com who can recognize and talk about a lot of economic conditions and this is success in two important northeast community. Army and in what we need to do the work together to address those insistent systemically. Through policy through legislation and so I think a lot of our efforts are gonna focus. On hold in our elected officials accountable so we do have some meetings set yeah we Jay marine and we have some meetings that are with Mike Pompeo sick probably sometime in August. On to begin dancing with they're going to do. Very IOS is not article one yesterday on Kansas dot com about the city of Wichita during the seventh most economically depressed city in that you. Each in the nation that's that's my boy. Here and it's really care I don't think anybody which draws proud of that statistics so I appreciate what you guys who do order sounds like he knew desert focus she got a plan got a mission and and we apply what you do until god bless you man and then to be an English usage to thank you. You for being an armed Brandon thank you as well. Good stuff this morning AJ Bohannon who want to wash and Brandon Johnson this morning are with the Atlanta Kristina have power about a three point side.