Follow Up With J - The Hitman and Carla 9-19-17

Tuesday, September 19th

J called in last week to get The Hitman and Carla's advice on whether he should take 4 month old Beckett on date night with him and his wife to see Stephen King's It. Listen as he updated us on how and went and our listeners opinion on the matter. 

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How about a 3.5 to come out and play out say a man and Carla are unbelievable. The radio this morning empower routing 3.5. And it did just to live and yesterday we talked about J&J. Is a guy who called last week with the baby back at him and his wife wanted to die now there's. Good wanna pay for babysitters so they took their four month old welcome to go see the move to new move Stephen King movie there hump. What's it called and this morning he was just army air with those they went to go to the lowly have a good time. But since they've seen the movies little baby Beckett hasn't been sleeping as well at night. Now. The wife's mother Jay's mother in law is going to offer on GA. Blaming him. Saying that because they took the baby to the movie they're fighting evil spirits into their home. And at that. It's just like he told us last year to life wants to go unlike. Work was certainly had the communion enormous smoke and stuff I don't know atrocious I don't know what that. Leading used that term fiance she's kind of trip now but here's the thing now. I get super fussy. At night he's Allstate GD it's that he can't relax and I can see the mom and lost probably. Apparently that's a grand baby you know he's probably got this vision isn't as head at all screaming he heard from the killer clown I mean think do you think that from. The mother in law has a legitimate either can't. Yeah I she's I had a architectural Graham I love how this may be is not the same mind people told Jay my dear sweet karma know. I told Jay don't do it even though. 8692983. Power. I'm just going crazy I don't think there's anybody listen this morning that doesn't banks Jay's mother in law has lost in my what do you say. Can I had gone crazy they have very cheap to the little no no I think some of I understand she is dead. Yeah they have gone crazy you know I think you'll like caller yeah parents had lost my mind not error. Glad I got along he would join launcher is harder because he's off. Like her little children in her hands blue now. Merit without it added I but is it right. Yeah yeah. That's quite the same thing like. TV watching an intern and her killers. Fears of effect this I'll creepy. Apartment pretty good. I. He's breaking news agency did not include. I don't politically harm like I think. And Idaho. Very serious this is going to slide this morning you got to go home to this crazy tonight. In a bus blown off. Apparently they. Picture I gather you were a bit ahead. I think people always. The police did and I agree with 210%. This is absolutely love spent fuel. Guy and beat most people like her delight clearly being serious I love how rapidly growing privately told. I. Don't. Certain that I think that they don't want anything yet but let's be in boosters to sit in them yeah. We'll land and people have been taking Nikki is the gains are here at the Mac saying it is you know her. Actually I thought out and I'm glad that I wanna doughnut that fitting. It is thinking film I'm back was it a Stephen King film then. What. Scary sound that was that was it's very big ball. Yeah I mean there's this is actually crazy that they that they're bad and evil spirits into their home I can't even. Somebody would be that ridiculous to see something like that he wants it lower and if you have some movies can you know there are aware. Well thank you for call in okay. She I don't think anybody brings his mother's got her screws tied down. Correctly core banking you have this is club back to its impact did he asked yeah because of his grandmother. 86910983. Is crazy Carl now as tower and added three point side.