Follow Up With J Part 2 ...The Hitman and Carla 9-19-17

Tuesday, September 19th

Your calls continued about J who called in last week. He needed advice from The Hitman and Carla on whether he should take his 4 month old on date night with him and his wife to see Stephen King's It. 

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I'm at a three point try to power more than Playhouse 747 I can tell you we have had lots of discussions. Here on the power more than Playhouse over the years but this 12 days and Jay who listens to our show every single morning. What he just got through telling us. Both Carlisle I just dumbfounded that they adjust to an end. Well I'm not surprised that. Rated. Is saying it's because maybe. There's like evil spirits in the house an hour there some funky going on because of all the scary movie action going on that's when a baby so are raising our turning the tables on. Analyzing demonstrating that the in grandma's. Grandma's crazy not the first crazy grandma we got a call on the phone she's got a jury about all of this go ahead. They were trying to win and we keyboard thing yeah that would bring the evil spirits. It is yeah really troubled ground to a local sports legends and him parents pick up some white face. For a little bit Mike Pence in the baby will come down offense problem. You can't bring you can't have any hope carried away from the Czech EU external circuitry and wicked and I have known her for a long talk. Yes. OK well thank you looked very good advice thank you very much. Anchor man who woke up one. Point five Schmidt coming out of it won't work this morning or. Go ahead this is they're so do you think right now happening at a power and added 3.5 bully talk until. Hi. Betty I do think that it is absolutely everything. Arm is that he has that he did you list your goals anything to the crowd that this class how could that cause it. Bring your kids here how I do think that. Yeah I'm the last sliver of that call was talk about ouija board team could send needs says yeah I always spirit is love and I. This is getting T yeah this is kind of hidden creepy if you ask me. Is it home here at update clown I mean how could. You could possibly come out of that. He agreed with you look. Polling you're such an intelligent woman thank you for calling. Here are our usual. XP home. Hughes who food then. It was probably didn't. All right maybe even momma model Craig crave a leg issue still is they should have went and saw Stephen keeps it in now the babies drinking on the I used to think and act exit trying to manage Drake.