Fred VanVleet Interview

Wednesday, July 27th

Fred VanVleet sits down with the Hitman and Christina to talk about what's next after his graduation from the WSU Shockers.

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However every 3.5 to come ought to play Palestinian man a Christian and I went to OJ he was gonna be army air what does this morning he's in the studio right now former shocker legend friend's employee. Good Mormon friends. Man is good to see you man we ran into each other Saturday night in Kansas City at the Drake concert. It was actually UNICEF did I got to come on the I appreciate to think about that and and your man you worried that's in the last night you like a murder let's go. A look at morning look different now. This could never be reduced over the years ago. I don't really go oh is due to be very sound it's the. Well live tell it tell us every tell everybody what you've been doing I mean that we have the run in the NCAA. Heartbreaking game to end the season both of you guys fought hard. And then after that what happens after that that final game I mean nobody likes I love winning culture Marshall says that every team wants to sinister she's with the wind. Felt what was it like because obviously disappointment. You knew what was the last time you walk about the court the shocking uniform what do you feel about that. Moment. Opposes. Happy. We leave not not there we've lost it is not so good about what we have done over four years the body the body of work. In a moment you're mad that you love seeing him play events. No we keep convincing keep climbing mountain hood. You know has been. Looking at the big picture ages knowing that you left and after every time you stepped on the court you know you can live with an inclusive so does mean guy's card and you know we we Austin that are on deuce and on into the air at the end of a run was over it was over finally yeah. Well looked around for about 34 humans and then something Mitterrand locations. It's time for the next season we had immediately. We'll start looking forward. Meanwhile let's talk about that because she's an end and we were talking last year about how does the professors who would you tell us they were were great they work would you want to listen up your degree which you did you graduated. You were big fan you knew this was coming. I got a lot of stuff on line. Start working out. What the NBA players MBA similarly what was that like for you when you first got there and you solve these amazing basketball players because every guy his fight until the same thing that you want. Did as far as this competition you've got guys who and is just pure competition. You are reduced east lead during basketball and at this point plan for allies most guys so I'm used in their script and in his plan have fun in China vetoed the next room for further its. And just when you just know full forward in terms and that over time moves so. He ended up with Toronto he decided MBA contract with them congratulations. Plans for the raptors now I'm trying to think. Whose arm Toronto's team that we may or may not know 'cause I'm really fold the raptors on that much that's gonna change should well there remains stars Kyle Lowry. Evens. All star in the Eastern Conference known players who know when New England DeMar DeRozan those that are two all stars this year but a great team it. They're better with the cavs spurs you know. Eastern Conference finals and I think they were to seek issues so yeah. They're really really good this year and on this exciting be a part of organization. My that's going to be exciting commuted Melvin chip a you're playing in the NBA NBA you're going to a team that's a winning team so you think you're gonna have an opportunity to have the full NBA experience meant so you go into the summer league and in your friend how many different teams kind of light called her two sons and I can we talk to you. Yeah I mean well go into the process of travel and into work cross that everybody to know those are visited you know more than half of the league saw a man a lot of people. And you did that yourself all the products and the team should return and thanks wouldn't end. Ford let. But you know you mean a lot of different tees and there are some of the UConn at confided in in your team that's your plan was so you don't branch so much but. Everybody's who watching why you Clancy and I just auditioning for the Toronto Raptors you're auditioning for a and tired MBA protesting case you know if directors didn't pick up. And say we want or maybe somebody else with a silent Smart yeah that's the case and in turn to audition you know everybody is watching. Yes Fred Friendly arm with the Atlanta Christine new this morning of power and added 3.5 inch so you're in the NBA summer league indoor guitar until thing. Ed what it was her time before the summer league and then that you knew you were going to be signing with the raptors who wasn't until. It if you didn't find out until it was over. What kind of knew before going into week you know we had talked about some things they talk from my agent and it's not a fully guaranteed do so I didn't really put much stock in Baghdad and I'll try not to over celebrate yet because there's knows those census. I can't make hitters that sense that I can't make sure the going in today unknown known then going into us on my game ahead of months of this. Amazing accomplishment I'm blessed. Noted I got a lot more work to do. Yeah that's for sure let's talk about your buddy your friend your partner for four years of Wichita State Ron baker. I saw an article like today where he's going to be planned for the mix or at least try and alpha women this kind of essentially tuition you're. Yet similar situations. You know both guys who went undrafted. With teams picked up on news and have a chance to play and ammunition a Saudi peninsula so he had a grace are really down in Orlando within minutes. On this plan really well so I'm excited to see how that pans out for him. Don't put you know we just we just don't know we do win. Hopefully it'll work out. And ticket so I was with the pistons. He's Cameron and not doing much now but don't Darius got to play in European ball you know. And let's talk loudly and clearly easy unrestricted free agent for the knicks he could go back to the mixers you shop around. Did he can he can do you as a little bit of flexibility there so and I think he's just talking with team agency who's got the best off reform before training camp. I think there are five sharpest and in the summer we nine include include. Of these dogs there is to care run a victory was with the timberwolves through so. Sort of a six simply wasn't hurt so I assume that's at least a. Lynn has got to be awesome for you you got members summer league yeah you got all the big boys schools and they got a lot of of their players out there to the gym look around and he's got now 123 by the F five former shot goes out there on the court that's a great testament to coach Gregg Marshall the program. And all you guys quite frankly do not I'm sure who's prone on social dimensions grown and we don't get to put the film black on any more move. Hillis needs duress and I am sure yeah okay you're going to be in town for the week you working out with this year's team and we will talk a little bit about those some of the players on this year's team can you kind of give me a little inside scoop. I'm on the new addition of the shock is that we're we're gonna get our first look at next month when they go to Montreal. They're got a good group and really talented group adjustments to Glasgow today is going to practice in Washington guys and he's been around in trying to meet the new gather on though everybody that's. Returning birth. Mean new guys again in the home. And just watching as a talented group. Pretty young you know immature foot there really talented and I think maybe have a good year. Don't ever want to put any expectations or anyone. They won't put on themselves so I'm not gonna speak up too highly on mr. yeah. I think that's true yeah no doubt. But we're all support element and you know looking forward to see that they can do. I tell you this and I'm not gonna tell you is chamber whether the new players ran into him at the barber shop over the midwest blends. And that he was talk about how you were with them on a practice session enemies think and I can play with this dude. And it ports by the barbershop you leave it over there were nearly asses. And he goes man threatens these men and I. I couldn't come close about a gonna. Who are they real assault finally let it but yeah. He really went on and on a value and how much he respected your game and and how much he's learning from your so I think it's great to ten and now with the new guys and helping them learn to. You know development and that's the thing I oh and his policy don't win don't want those guys will be better in the I want to take it to the next level because this is not going. Has gone down so others want those guys to keep growing and building and put in the meantime mobile phone to. Threadbare and slid easily the Toronto Raptors now the NB a it was going to be watching friends when we wish the best of luck you know we love you know you're welcome to be on the air with this anytime your dollar and I 3.5. From thinks he's been around for a Bentley this morning empower and adding three point side.