Free Hugs to Stand United in Love

Wednesday, July 20th

We talked to Taishma and Ashlyn about their event happening from 6-9 p.m. TONIGHT in front of the Old Town Warren to spread more love and positive energy throughout the community in light of the recent tragedies. 

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Harry three point try the Hispanic person and then there is something very special happening in old town tonight Christina what is that it's called free hugs and stand united in love and I really have to applaud a couple of Wichita State student who put this all together on our own Tai Collins council good morning trying to morning and and -- and sell them the morning naslund and bringing you guys came in and met with me earlier this week and Ashland new kind of told me this spirit behind this whole thing happens to guys. Come up with this. And we know even watching the media and he'd just been seen so much hate and so much division and so there's a viral 'cause video garner around anti and I got together and you know let's bring this to a stop because we think that would start really need some land right now. She'll try actually comes the only guys who look at this really focus and you guys are bugs and he because we're like yeah that's a good idea right yeah I thought it was a great idea I felt like he was timed fire -- generation and to stop re posting on face like in just do something and there was just as simple where like we have to do something we have to get the community together and it was just that easy for both of us now that's pretty powerful what I like about this hug you than it is today you're at. Actually tonight from 6 PM to 9 PM in downtown Wichita just outside of the old Tom Warren and you guys know when exactly this is going to be and you've got like 900 plus people have already on FaceBook said they're gonna be there as well just to give up hello this. Yet it seemed very exciting and it kind of blew up we're expecting maybe tying Aggies only crazy people well yes yeah it's different. But I believe Ben Seaver blacks are so grateful for the turn out so that's also didn't see everybody tonight. And you got to help from some of community businesses tonight that are going to be helping you out where I understand face painting giant Starbucks yet we're gonna have to freeze face detaining an ounce Starbucks is donating cost means he says sheriff department says they will be there caddies police department said they would try and the mayor will also be there he's going in that council with him very ago nice so it looks like it's going to be another moment of positive relief for Wichita tonight at a course tired ass and I'm sure you guys are aware that the city of Wichita has been trending and on FaceBook about everything that happened American literally on Sunday night with the first steps cookout and now invest. I think we should make this trip numbers but as well what do you think gasoline happening nothing good idea I think it is mean Q go out deposited yeah. Yeah and you don't talk to you I won't we mad if you had moved here from North Carolina new should something very compelling when we first talked about having moved to Wichita from North Carolina and the difference between the two places that you've lived in one is that. Yes I'm from South Carolina and I honestly feel like was top police department is a great police department. On the things I have witnessed here have never seen back home. Usually when protests is to get together. People are police every not amaze are. He now taken them down for stepping off the sidewalk shore and here but it Todd they'd decided to stand with the protesters and I used against examine how to pick out and that was just beautiful to me he. Yeah that is still are some really applaud our new chief Gordon Ramsay and all of the people in the community the general does a lot of people in the community data that we don't want the syntax. And some people in different ways of expressing their emotions and I love the way you guys are gonna express love and positive and you tonight with a hugs can we start now hug. They're artists tonight an all time make sure you live from six preempt an IBM in front of the old Tom Warren theater three plays pending free Starbucks coffee and tea. And it's free hugs to stand united in love and our community unplug do Ashland. And I applaud you Ty thank you guys for doing what you're doing his what are the reasons why would you talk is the greatest city in America at a time and time again Monday guys who do they need you don't. Thank you haven't had your welcome to answer did on this morning and current call is coming up next I'm currently three point side.