Friends To Lovers Part 1

Tuesday, November 21st

Luis called in for advice. He's considering dating a life-long friend but worried it may ruin the friendship if things don't work out. Listen to your calls and advice! 


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Karen and a three point by the hit Manning Carla thinks I hang with me and you Tuesday got a phone call. From Luis cord guy he doesn't know what to do. He's wondering if he should cross the line with his life long. Friend they've known each other since day care and they're in college now there is little kiss the other night. Feelings are growing in the wind take the next step but he doesn't wanna sabotage. Their friendship. So we're taking your calls 861993. To see maybe you've been through this or you have some advice for this gas hit. Hey Karen any 3.5 you've got some advice firm my guy Italy's. We have straight arrow it's I mean I of them. I haven't seen president guy for a long time and that we like right now they're back and forth in every here's where it is everywhere else. And then our. We did our global corporate and you let it let it work out we thought. Well see that's what I'm that's my worry about like is it gonna completely ruined all of those years of amazing friendship and you know because there were so close. Okay we'll take you so much for sharing okay you're a parent many 3.5 he got some advice for Louise should he crossed that line with his life long friend and he did you shed. Here. Have you done it before. Yes and I ended up being married that keeps you here. Paul was it the best like friendship and relationship ever teach you guys were so close and knew each other so well. Yes our parents were flattened and they had at we did complete burlap better heat and air. Out Matt thank you so much for Collin OK bear and they're bad you should I. Hurley is slowly east. We're asking should he crossed a line with his childhood friend they're in college now. And things have Mindy in a little cheated he's an accidentally kiss I don't think that was an accident.