Friends To Lovers Part 2

Tuesday, November 21st

The conversation continues with Luis who called in for advice. He's considering dating a life-long friend but worried it may ruin the friendship if things don't work out. Listen to your calls and advice! 


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Hey Perry is simply decided got some advice for my guy Louise I don't know I don't know what he should do on this one. You know I. And then there was Obama a couple of my longtime friend and it did not work out at any pocket anymore. What do you think made it not work out. Even now do you think you just like your two close like there is such thing as being too close and you're just maybe too much alike in your fighting in nit picking at each other and awkward now while so are you guys still friends now even though it didn't work out romantically. Now aren't rock star. See that is the that's like such a big risks to tape you know what I mean. Yes actually you're in a bigger of her friends altogether and they really awkward. Homes right did you Roy have all the same friends. You're talking to Leah thank you so much for listening okay and I. OK so Luisa sites split right now. Should Louis's cross the line he called in this morning and she's like pretty much in love with his lifelong friend and they kissed and things got. Gray area English and he's he's needing advice 8692. In 93 parent any 3.5. Tomorrow is what's unique in the place we carefully sets the moment. But they're too mean.