Full LeCrae Interview - The Hitman and Carla 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th

LeCrae talks with Hitman and Carla about his way of handling everyday chaos, the love for his fans in Kansas and the inspiration behind his new album All Things Work Together. 

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I've got to tell him a lot of great start and I am pretty certain I come to me and right now. Taylor okay you're on which they hit man and Carla KDJs and which stopped they were score wrong. Good morning you look Craig how you who want to you don't. Man I'm doing great I'm so happy for you owe him first and foremost before we get into the heart of our conversation. I want to publicly thank you again for making time to come to Wichita and perform for the listeners of power batting 3.5 kids here it is months later and you're what it oddest things in the country is if you walk before. On our crumbling and probably would go yeah. It won't take it it's exciting news for you and your new album is fouled all the things worked together you've already got a couple of hit singles that were huge. A loan or your arm powered battery 3.5. The single would Torre Kelly how far in June blushing it's also was huge here power about a 3.5 to get big huge positive review those. Fourteen total tracks on this album what appeared to some time dollar sign and Torre Kelly. You said it was a journey through chaos and hope broken miss them blushing numbers album. Killer in particular this morning I wanna ask you what about the chaos. Earned yet and having no world does exist then you know chaotic circumstances of the death at any given moment. As boot earthquakes and hurricanes and has shown I mean at this stage will allow us to insult me you know I had. It could be chaotic and there are experienced over the last year put. But again they're a bit this Hoch in the capital over the war people to grow our economy and sort of. Man I gotta tell you I love your music and every time I hear songs that you do and a lot of ways. I feel like guitar gonna meet in his shoulder powerful. And so emotional I think the majority of your fans have the same feeling. Our music that they are here for McRae. Absolutely and let curry I didn't get the ad privilege of meeting you when your hand which atop that I'm a huge fan of viewing you're getting so much a love. And positive feedback on Twitter with a new album I mean literally with the fire in no G saying you're bringing the heat so. I just kind of put pressure and it do you have a personal favorite song on this album. Mean. I'll man that's got on interest kind of like any given moment. It is harming an intro is critical of them you know it's. It's critical favorite just because they couldn't pull down got a mock Gloria come in the about the unique position in our country to have a bit. Autocratic view is that it is portable portable out of a bit of the call it photo you know what it's ridiculous how people kind of walk in truth. You know my call to note silicon although. Whom. Do I remember back in January. I yell at shipman whip Sony music came to Wichita we it was a cold night here in the city we had a great dinner. Afterwards we went into my car she brought your Sean got particularly good track with Torre Kelly that's huge right now impala and -- 3.5 I'll find you. And she played it formerly and as she was listening to a song with me I turned I looked at her she had tears in her eyes. Your music moves people in that way do you know that. What are you not seen a more important. It it it it. Does good for me to see that because you remark it you know I want to my own issues and struggled and this is it reminds me. And everybody else they were all of them is called good as you've been. You know journey together and it you know in people need says you know they need good. So expressed those the most critical comp are allowed to. Did you just coming into power that a 3.5 this morning and look Corey is on the phone his new album is out huh. All things worked together shtick can download it you can all of it fourteen incredible tracks now McRae you've done a ton of albums over the years. And of all the albums you have made what does this album plays on your list of projects. And then I have a follow up question after that. Room I would say this this is probably did the number award this is definitely either the best. Because our industry than in. We've been the most on what a personal so it you know I've got to work with great produces in great artists like toward giving him guard outside the you know that was natural born and in the console also don't believe me that I think the likes of. Did this album close glued telling us your life story is it. Your life story. It is definitely is now opting. It has some regulators put out I think people really really it it would in this. Is there an artist who you've just been dying to work with that you hope to work with in the near future. Argue you know are about like contemporary artist that I OR I wanna work with an iconic artist but it won't work with an up and go. Some of the contemporary resort course so like injure innocent. Do you he didn't bottom. Look economical data or the or army Iconix side at I think though. You know long hill and John Mayer's EU I got used to Bermuda. We'll look to work we've. And you know working hard lately things are he's not for you with the album dropping you can make an apparent shoes and do an album signings in New York City or on good morning in America which is huge and and of itself. And on October 4 you kick up your tour. And minister has. And then you're in Kansas City on Saturday October 7 and did again and Tulsa. On Sunday October 8. We take a little private the fan base that we have for McRae would you say that the heartland is the core of your fans. Oh yeah I mean we're you know. Our our print you know when you start thinking about that. The coastal cities goals are really. Great places where there's so many different views so it was as if because they. You know there's so many different there's a covers these people put that up thank you don't just perfect fit apartment. Is full of people who share. Some commonalities will be here they've been ahead in the debate you know established gods now home ground so. You know I think you know they can they connect Rihanna real low. That I'm known to be true low grades is what my interactions with you as a man first and foremost. And secondly as an artist man it's an honor. To talk to you this morning I'm so happy for you I'm so excited preview. I know the last time you released an album did was number one. On sales chart the week it was released I got to and if you it's gonna happen again. We'll have whatever happens and I'm just glad that the people it to music. I'm glad finally doubt. Off my chest filled and I appreciate all the love and support the hopefully men you know although the supporters out there. Oh people should. There it is we'll pray this morning and onward medical complimentary 3.5. Very familiar busiest day Jamaica in time for us this morning are absolutely and I appreciate some level supported Obama forcing you know again.