Game of the Week: Bishop Carroll and Wichita NorthWest Cheerleaders!

Friday, September 2nd

The Hitman and Christina talk to Bishop Carroll and Wichita NorthWest cheerleaders about the football game tonight!

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Married 3.5 now moribund housing demand and Christiane. We have. A high school football gone on Taylor eldredge who want to try Eagles what does this morning as well what's the big deal. Not too much is having me on you're welcome only got them all bush surely doesn't. Rappers and English it's a big one tonight high school football we go to games going on all over the place a full slate of games on the schedule tonight he's in Garden City. North and south we've got a little noise at high southeast and even a Wichita State that should be a good game there also west and Dodge City. So a lot of the severely injured at a little worlds and ideally that's what does legitimize him. And of course we have Andover central led ten bills and the ABC TL Augusta when you feel viewer McPherson campers aren't city. He just goes on and on another you have to look at all these teams are kind of side. As a month before the season started to kind of pick out the one billion dollar work like. Going to be the best teams in the league standing there Anderson train though began as potentially a pretty good game in there central made some good. C championship game last season and now agree tradition so I think that's a pretty match up. All right all right. Well worn the pajamas but yet because we have. Have the bishop Carroll cheerleaders are on the phone. What does this morning edition pearl high school on the west side we have good cheerleading coach that did that day payback. It is yeah. Oh are there any. Becky good morning it's good hit their Christian empowered every 3.5 and my guess we also have our good friend Taylor from the Wichita eagle with dozens well kept the whole squad of yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This should Carroll tonight there's a big game of course last year northwest beat you guys had this year you dazzle them for a little pay back the going to be argue your field and it's got to be big time rumbling on the west side tonight you guys fired up out there yeah. I. Yeah I can tell you you know I was talking to the northwest cheerleaders and they were telling me how much they appreciate your entire cheerleading squad for the way you guys have been so supportive of them first the tough time that they had a losing Dalton over the summer. Out you know army and we sat problematic cute and her last night at night they're going you Wear purple in their here at you honor him well. That's awesome scene tags he has not just about plant on the field it's a dumb people do and arrived in addition Carroll leaves a community what accountants and tax. Spread our way to go guys. Well completely disappear Chile doesn't would you guys do a challenge to wake up everybody when I saw this earlier this morning apparently pretty boys love Craig let me know. I. Yeah. Yeah. This morning and how dramatic 3.5 you guys up front about it now the great game okay. Cat. We are very very welcome Vincent Carroll on this morning and and now the northwest cheerleaders are right handers. Powell. Let's get your can't give up their McNamee did I get it right. Are and I thought I thought I messed it up all right now believe a lot of people may not know or may not understand. How tough of a summer it was for the northwest cheerleading squad you wanna tell everybody. What you guys went through this summer. And we'll ask. Very very dear friend I've done cool he US whenever cheerleaders here on the eighteenth. It was an unfortunate car accident on the way coming back from a a trip in Colorado and I'm sure when you guys got the news you have to be like. Liked and have to be just devastated. It is definitely me and shocking felt very surreal. Yeah I can imagine you guys are nowhere in purple and it says say you have T shirts on this morning when you guys come to northwest ties go your shooter to live is where you left church it's a purple hearts for Dalton could you explain to everybody because Steven bishop Carroll cheerleaders should they're going to be wearing purple ribbons in their hair to to to armor and represented adult this morning. And I go ahead of. Tomorrow I'm the only show I girl. I'm well today she encouraged Katie all right lesser forgot yeah. Right coach K talk to us know what the purple is about bush and stuff but the in my view won't bite you know. The purple hearts for now. Bliss honored Elton. After he had passed away the whole church community came together and he was also a member of the chick that's common and and they shared purple hearts across the nation from Florida and Texas. To California. On the live to Wisconsin. Sharing purple hearts honor. Now that's awesome. That is awesome you know lunch and Lindsay was a heck of a young men and I. I believe you get that many people below realize that you're a heck of a young man that's different alternates yeah. It opens up their lesson do you guys. You gotta do it to him this morning to represent north West High School and and bring it home for our boy Dalton can you guys know. Our rights and wins cheerleaders are allowed ME RI Lanka qualities to delta and let's go wow. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah OZ. It. Yeah. I heard that mom and early but it was not a myself minimum I'm like filming it. Just moments so players mayoral. I think yeah. Enjoy the grizzly bears aren't Taylor eldredge your promised by the U got the eyes on the north course cheerleaders look about two. Now. Right now Taylor. Do you get that didn't who's gonna win this football game tonight between bishop Carroll and northwestern to treat German chemist yeah. There you know lots of sheer force as the U Simeon high scoring game. Lemon natsios Carol palm. Okay. Oh god take care of birds in my in my premiums so that means they have to win the scans I think it is again designs are really down tonight I'll write it all right Sammy still do it purely at the middle of the. Yeah yeah I don't to to pick it does. But did you know that going to SS 24 returning football Letterman yeah. A lot of good players Agile rounds. I mean Julie Gil rescind. Marty small ones I mean have a lot of really gets sounds I think it's going to be a really good game and I mean I've north us up Ivan success so I think they're really good teams do. All right north to west northwest tear tears lol oh man. Our ma'am we yeah we literally laid back guy hey you know don't let you leave earlier 'cause. All right good north west Germany you've got a different idea who's gonna win this game that I. I bet I guess it's aren't there are also the northwest football team you hurt Taylor and there's cheerleading squad you're entire student body a lot of people on the west that are behind you does this morning the post game party going down as time. I go well after the game should we have free hit memoranda water bottles free tacos Taylor. I don't know I got to join. And sorry. But we understood now. I'd like they did know didn't want to go door to us. I'm just more empowered at a 3.5 but it's.