Ginette Claudette Interview with The Hitman and Carla 8-17-18

Friday, August 17th

Listen to Genette Claudette live in the studio to talk about the Back to Campus Party at Wichita State! 

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Our average 3.5 and how morbidly housing demand and correlate. Hello Henne yeah. It's happening tonight back to campus party 28 team we've had just. Wow just as the stupendous kind of sinister then this morning your pallidotomy 3.5. Point nine there's been on the air with what she means. Priceline. And has been on the air with us. And now. Jim asked why there is barbaric custom Mormon. How are you were like Thomas and you can go there and then. I have a delegate how cute she is let's Giuliani area and realizes it's really beautiful lady over here that's yeah. True or not flawless like 8 in the morning almighty I'm all right Jesse wakes up like dat. I think let's just decent and. Did at Clark. A lot of people don't realize you actually came and visited us about what a month to go yeah. And we shut down you talk to me and everybody about your music. You know we had a great lunches and got thrown out so good I was talking about that summit yesterday and NATO by the place and then. I was like you gotta come back into a surely like to see win and yeah the New York he's Atlanta nine years. Jet net for people don't know you I tell my little bit about your career home and how you. You've got started this Kris you be successful it's been journey have been seeing since I was three point in raising near city. My mother was a singer so that's kind of I just got into uses music. All fallen off and sounds kind of just followed in my whole life in my own right church. Where all the above high school is always good performances. And now I graduated I think my mom to give me some time. C news tag at a refugee nine out of work and job silence him Friday different feel and I gave blood supply data Pharmacia it was so horrible my iPod. So mean to me I remember I would like to be humming like stacking things I'd be just humming to myself this is tonight. We will host Tommy who's coming who's doing that and I just like hang evil. Yeah you honor I rest I ended up quitting that job and that it actually come. Asked him back I thought I was gonna get sign imagining it signed an beckons my job and they gave it to me. He backed means there's like OK let your son Brooklyn right not from Washington Heights oh yeah all there was to Brooklyn and there are as a right and only fourth street or twelve straight or soccer everywhere and our guys have. Why there isn't there right now lived there and it's so weird because yeah like Dwayne reed Walgreens and Friday he gets all the same thing but yeah all on every corner yeah. Generic club. Well. It's a good thing you kept pursuing your career because initially you did get signed by selling music. In here you are your first goal ever that you offered to the world to trash that you guys in your background true yet. I'm really I know your story office so. I'll wallow in Riegle of why did the record with incredible songwriter and a really good friend of mine. We've always been working throughout the years when I met him in 2010. When I signed to universal Motown you know is their first few years I've never came out kind of did that whole. Being as an artist figuring myself out who we always kept in contact and when I did that the Sony music deal I can't imagine a second coming back to Miami. The weather mainly and because on ice and great music and so we went I went with August is sitting there aren't just sound. When I went to Miami and we just hung out for like few hours that's a cool thing about working with friends is that you can just. Like oh no expectations just hang out and and we were probably like. Just talking and joking for three hours and then Riegle said the first three lines like just out of nowhere and I was like. He got into route you're going out all right now we're like on his Salina and I just had a gut feeling from that moment that got song was imminently because I don't that's our Danny. Yet it was going to be what I wanted to lead in that was last year to anyway so just to give you like a little bit of the timeline of how long kind of think this is to finally get outs in the world yet now look I don't wanna put you on the. But yeah I've got to ask them in August is hard to imagine that he's okay. Would you get me out he was calm to me and singing I'm not snack and that's unintentional and holes that all I have I don't know what I is on my goodness and. And what did I considered us this morning Susan isn't about a young. It's. All right so you don't put out. Wind and we know that the queen Niger travels with a man Clarence loan me how long is actually the executive producer on the album as well as we actually called road true with Mimi hill as well and you know as an hour ask. Let him more than his. Minimum introducing more so you can kiss a black. Just a tie is not even acknowledging I don't his daughter's case and snowman he's I got to go ahead on this and. Gergen has foam loss watching this liven things yeah okay. You know he's got. And you also Obama on Nablus a special person that you brought with us all the way from New York. There might manage there and you like best friends into the it's just really great to travel with Wednesday's move because they're the closest he would soon be at this point and trust them with my. Whole whole life. Six months six months from now look into the future clue what what what's come out feet. Immediate future obviously you performing tonight fortunately it's not Wichita so I let it. The back to campus party but at least six months now. What are we gonna be sent about two met Clark. On the six months from now how. I think. How they just wanna get on the road like Tor yeah I think eight and pretty focused right now and just trying to. To jump on ensor with someone in Kansas continue to spread to music that ways I think six months of pretty good. Good time mine for that end and to get the EP out ranking him after you go to net Claude Arnold does just wanted to hear. Cash flow through until it. Do shall we go boy their tickets just yet. Yes campus Friday lonely little light colored it should trying to landing three because she does beautiful young age and I don't worry August will be watching. Security. Pork projects. I doubt it I don't that is how Versa Asia. But it's out there now I didn't club dead Korea not to bright smile what a show generic. Do you have done so much from me and M I the radio station you're tanks and you guys and foreign goal a lifelong love right now I've known the guy got twenty plus years thank you show Jane Q so excited to be here and think you're nice for supporting so early on the girl's people call him to get those ridiculous. I. They hit man in Carlisle. It is about the campus party genetic clogged up and here's another guy he's onstage tonight drew Barry Moore is to track its price line. Carl let's go giveaways and tickets right now its power about a 3.5.