The Hitman and Carla - Are Your Relatives Too Close continued....

Thursday, September 14th

The conversation continues with The Hitman and Carla,  do you have relatives that are a little "too close..." listen to what listeners around Wichita have to say!

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How about a 3.5 you start talking about cousins and family members being a little too close. And I never thought that I would see three action network giving this morning on a power line did 869293. They call work group whom I'm very close with every single warning you its amongst the club that's. The birds and to listen it's not me. I'm about one do in this crazy. Seems. What's why did hit man is talking about isn't in bringing action going on. And I was forget now because on FaceBook I somehow my two cousins were getting married. And then like a few months later they were having babies and now they have this whole full fledged. In breeding of Stanley. Got it and. And they lived down and talk hot stuff OK well then what she searched and where are you. 869. Jim added three in the Carlyle Joseph blow away and I think you're trying to calling you're trying to get through. I promise you were trying to answer the calls as quick as we can. Because some of the stories that we are getting this morning and are amazing. Bank Gil let's go to the power lines and sorry for a long way good morning. Oh my god bachelor's. There and I need to tell us who live. Hope you lose your chocolate in August oh Z it's. I got a story for yeah. Usually my teeth. OK I have I need. You seventeenth. Do you appreciate wanted to merry and eat well no one can I hurt it didn't may have. Our other one is by her other sister except. Brother. Were close for comfort. Mushy at her yeah. I'll have not element apparently had a kind of Nancy at seventeen. She legitimate work. A lot of guys went into one albums but it. I heard her sister's guy yeah the the boyfriend of those guys are backing about it saying that there. I got that in me I don't want it is by wolf morph. Our partner. Daughter or other. We'll speak gone there. Whose daughter had a son and that son is the father and early. Different mother and her mother this community is a series of it yeah it's just an audit bill. It's not like super cousins site. Yeah they're like your experience. All the way up pictures of losses too much status so this is all happening right here in Wichita ten earned him well I think and a good. Flu appeared OK yes thank you ma'am I need to cut you off the week. We Mike thank you put call all month I'll buy the six god did not started. See it again. Yes that's most consistent. They're probably glad to tomorrow listen picabo guerrillas go shop has been completely and rushed into idiots don't know. It's. Mainly as saying you know he's too modest little. Literally a sand music and no doubt.