Hitman and Carla - Is Chivalry Dead - Friday 8-25-17

Friday, August 25th

Hitman and Carla talk about modern-day manners and being a "gentlemen." Listen as callers offer their opinion on if chilvary is dead! 

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That is imported by the cowboys play houses. Did manage her life. Is going on out there America what is going on Wichita. The amendment of our society lust and do chivalry yeah it is 27. Tee left. We're excited about a command should give up his seat and I'm sitting this I don't think. A man should give up his. See if it isn't able bodied woman who can stand hey if he got the the seat earlier than you know. You are just as so well let him have a seat. You know ma ma ma. Opening pandora's different so bad at all or nothing like getting out of this season you can sit down just I just feel like we've been screaming and now I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm all about equality and so if you sit there and there you're able to stay in its not gonna kill you. That's my take Tony okay it's there eight to nine to 113 layers of Wichita would you be offended if a guy I appreciate our opener dorm. Warrior I don't care rationing hearing a guy that he opened our eyes and again I think it'll be bad on them clues I didn't know hot. Thank you thank you very much. Yes thank ill. Well we need more June 2 men in society. It 100 respect. We've kind of lost that I mean there's there's a little pride that goes one billion men and respecting women is one problem like men thing that we expect plan and anymore. I don't exactly. At L. I love women wanted chosen out of every way possible. All that and it left that script of all right wolf they can so much that you put colleague Carl why are you rolling your eyes at me. My mouse ball stopped and hello. Important but it did. I. Got pregnant I'd panic about safety she. Didn't. Thank you very much for them yeah yeah. That's not the fact that I'm I'm I got. Right. Oil go up converted bug silly. My wife and I go out to eat she tells you what she wants off dominion hope I don't swore yeah. And confinement until hormones that women there I was saying I love the latest quarter first. Hello how many kids anymore. I don't think so I'm what do you say. I flirt aren't going to be quite a bad thing when it. That being back now out perhaps. You eat out right up my act or my arm. Sky response cut now reality yes he had some good stuff on earth is Susan green with me know if you don't Curtis. Well let me do it once I. What do you think. And I've watched your mom. I am eighth female. I have three guns. Right re actually give up their feet for an elderly person and a pregnant woman older woman as us. I would do that fame and. Right or you're hot you're likely act bullying and you can storm that's still there. Thank you I appreciate your call thank you so months pregnant sees the elderly that's different technology diet I quickly put labels on yeah. Man should not give a seat up like pick up 86. Out of three are dollar.